possessive bully by storylistner
possessive bullyby storylistner
Ranked #39 in teenfiction A possessive bully who is madly in love with cute feisty innocent girl. He loves her adore her but still named as her bully. But in Rebecca's...
  • protective
  • cute
  • franciscolachowski
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Everything Has Changed: Book Three by paperandpen444
Everything Has Changed: Book Threeby paperandpen444
I pull open the front door, my eyes wandering around for a moment before I see movement below me. I look down, coming face to face with a little boy with messy blonde ha...
  • marriage
  • everythinghaschanged
  • northcarolina
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The Bad Boy's Thorn by -kxdz-
The Bad Boy's Thornby -kxdz-
Malia Tate returns back to her old town after two years. She was no longer the cute chubby girl with bright pink braces and large black rimmed glasses. She's back and be...
  • thorn
  • revenge
  • lies
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"lo gila ya" ujar gadis itu kesal "iya gue gila karena lo" ujar seorang pria dan menatap gadis yang ada dihadapannya dengan senyum merekah "dasa...
  • rena
  • sweet
  • amandarawles
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Everything Has Changed: Book Two by paperandpen444
Everything Has Changed: Book Twoby paperandpen444
Tears rush down to my cheeks and splatter on the wood floor of Danny's university apartment. He has an imprint on his face from the creases in his pillow and keeps blink...
  • growing
  • together
  • dog
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When it Rains by xKCkay
When it Rainsby xKCkay
Elliot Briar has found herself in a bit of a mess, her parents' marriage balancing on a tightrope and her sister can barely stand to be in the same room as her. A...
  • love
  • romance
  • cliche
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Ice Queen by SiennaSierra1995
Ice Queenby SiennaSierra1995
"What the fuck are you doing, Mason?!" I whisper shout. "Don't pretend you don't like it, Little Ice Queen." a shiver travels up my spine as he finds...
  • love
  • relationship
  • heartless
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Killed by Cancer  by Ikra244
Killed by Cancer by Ikra244
Alexa was just your typical teenager. She was popular, funny, kind and everyone loved her. Her personality made her friends with pretty much everyone. She was happy and...
  • incurable
  • upsetting
  • badboy
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High School Wedding by koyuukichan
High School Weddingby koyuukichan
Aku anak blasteran Jepang Sunda yang sekarang tinggal di Bandung. Ketika Naik ke kelas 3 SMA, aku bertemu dengan seorang gadis yang berpenampilan kuno dan berantakan. D...
  • rindu
  • indonesia
  • jepang
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Saved By Him : Lil Xan by giaxxan
Saved By Him : Lil Xanby giaxxan
I'm 18 . My name is Ryan . My parents are fucked up drug addicts , who couldn't afford their addiction . So they sold me . To the prostitution industry . Now . I'm at a...
  • sold
  • jackgilinsky
  • fan
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what goes around comes back around  by sabrinadiaries
what goes around comes back around by sabrinadiaries
Maya Hart has moved back to England two years later after moving because of her traumatising experience from high school. She was bullied, abused and made fun of. Over t...
  • raya
  • mayahart
  • laya
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CHICLETE by _englantine
CHICLETEby _englantine
Para Antonella Bragança, o seu círculo social não passava de uma mísera bola de chiclete. Todos seus relacionamentos - qualquer um deles - duravam na mesma intensidade...
  • beijo
  • conto
  • amizade
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Crazy And Crazier by Semonical2308
Crazy And Crazierby Semonical2308
Madilyn She's loud, bubbly. She burns her homework at the end of every school year. She yells 'Marco' in the middle of class to see how many 'Polos' she gets back. Sh...
  • extrovert
  • crazy
  • populargirl
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The White Rabbit by No_nonsenceny
The White Rabbitby No_nonsenceny
Jace has a terrible secret. With only his abusive father and a small rabbit given to him from his dead mother, what is he to do when this secret gets out? Who can he tru...
  • comfort
  • suicidalthoughts
  • boyxboy
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Maya's Life by ityagurl_laya
Maya's Lifeby ityagurl_laya
Maya is bad chick. She don't wan to mess with her. She is ready to fight. She crazy, funny, likes to sip tea and hates Alyssa. This is Maya life and she makes new frien...
  • fanfiction
  • myles
  • chosen
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Against The Odds: Guarded  by sabrinadiaries
Against The Odds: Guarded by sabrinadiaries
second book to 'Against The Odds' Maya thought that running away from the pain that she caused for Lucas and herself in London would ease the blow of a broken relationsh...
  • laya
  • sabrinacarpenter
  • girlmeetsworld
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Life With Siblings by EmmaTuerner
Life With Siblingsby EmmaTuerner
Follow the adventure of Austin Hunter through his strangely torturous as well as humorous Life through High School as well as his Home As Summer Holidays arrive ,Austin...
  • wedgies
  • siblings
  • torture
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S A L T Y  | bts [✔️] by BulletproofFics
S A L T Y | bts [✔️]by BulletproofFics
Joohyun (aka reader) decides to show up completely drunk at her ex's, which leads her falling into a love triangle of sorts. ➖START: 01-03-18 ➖END: 19-03-18 ❤️13-03-18:...
  • fanfiction
  • btsxreader
  • bts
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