instagram; ds by wdwseaveylol
instagram; dsby wdwseaveylol
"dani, you got to talk to this girl," angi screams from across the phone. i laugh. "another girl angi? remember what happened last time you tried to set m...
  • instagram
  • daniel
  • whydontwe
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Everything Has Changed: Book Three by paperandpen444
Everything Has Changed: Book Threeby paperandpen444
I pull open the front door, my eyes wandering around for a moment before I see movement below me. I look down, coming face to face with a little boy with messy blonde ha...
  • dannygrey
  • northcarolina
  • sister
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Selling My Virginity to the Tattooed Maniac by Suzidebeer
Selling My Virginity to the Suzidebeer
Alia Dune is just an ordinary eighteen year old girl. Yet, she's a lot different from everyone else in the small town. Alia is a virgin. And everybody knows it. She's...
  • stress
  • virginity
  • love
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Everything Has Changed: Book Two by paperandpen444
Everything Has Changed: Book Twoby paperandpen444
Tears rush down to my cheeks and splatter on the wood floor of Danny's university apartment. He has an imprint on his face from the creases in his pillow and keeps blink...
  • together
  • changed
  • family
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When it Rains by xKCkay
When it Rainsby xKCkay
Elliot Briar has found herself in a bit of a mess, her parents' marriage balancing on a tightrope and her sister can barely stand to be in the same room as her. A...
  • school
  • newgirlinschool
  • teenfiction
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The Bad Boy's Thorn by -kxdz-
The Bad Boy's Thornby -kxdz-
Malia Tate returns back to her old town after two years. She was no longer the cute chubby girl with bright pink braces and large black rimmed glasses. She's back and be...
  • revenge
  • love
  • thorn
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Ice Queen by SiennaSierra1995
Ice Queenby SiennaSierra1995
"What the fuck are you doing, Mason?!" I whisper shout. "Don't pretend you don't like it, Little Ice Queen." a shiver travels up my spine as he finds...
  • fireandice
  • brother
  • fire
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possessive bully by storylistner
possessive bullyby storylistner
Ranked #99 in teenfiction A possessive bully who is madly in love with cute feisty innocent girl. He loves her adore her but still named as his bully. But in Rebecca's...
  • innocent
  • franciscolachowski
  • barbarapalvin
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Mr. Popular's shy girl by coffeelover48
Mr. Popular's shy girlby coffeelover48
"I was supposed to yell at him, command him to quit it. But at that moment I became soft. Damn I hate being soft. I hate him even more. He was so damn hot ugh! I ha...
  • highschool
  • stupid
  • shygirl
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F E I by LadyQueen_lie
F E Iby LadyQueen_lie
Feina Rashella. Satu nama yang orang tau bahwa dirinya adalah sosok cewek cantik. Kehidupannya manis sebagai idol. Dan kisahnya selalu ingin digantikan oleh orang lain...
  • idol
  • teenfiction
  • remaja
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The White Rabbit by No_nonsenceny
The White Rabbitby No_nonsenceny
Jace has a terrible secret. With only his abusive father and a small rabbit given to him from his dead mother, what is he to do when this secret gets out? Who can he tru...
  • brotherxbrother
  • hurt
  • suicidalthoughts
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The Lost Girl : KESSA by lovelykessa_
The Lost Girl : KESSAby lovelykessa_
Tessa is a rich girl who got spoiled by her father but one day he ask her to marry a guy that she don't know then she ran away and met someone..Will her father accept hi...
  • chancesutton
  • bryanasalaz
  • alissaviolet
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the only ones who know. by fairlyfuentes
the only ones who fairlyfuentes
Neve has always been a city girl, born and raised in Queens. Her father, an established director. Her mother, a costume designer. Her parents divorce tore straight throu...
  • netflix
  • dramaclub
  • mcquaid
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Kyle  by MrsRieger27
Kyle by MrsRieger27
Immer diese Badboy Story's but wieso nicht noch eine?😏Kyle, der größte Badboy der Stadt und zu gleich auch ein Mädchenschwarm inklusive auch ein Boss einer Gang. Elena...
  • jugendliteratur
  • geschwister
  • player
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Killed by Cancer  by Ikra244
Killed by Cancer by Ikra244
Alexa was just your typical teenager. She was popular, funny, kind and everyone loved her. Her personality made her friends with pretty much everyone. She was happy and...
  • sad
  • cancer
  • teenfiction
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Жизнь Евы by Ekaterina201888
Жизнь Евыby Ekaterina201888
Рассказ о жизни Евы. Она- обычная девушка из маленького городка, переехала в большой город и пытается найти своё счастье .
  • эмоции
  • драка
  • эротика
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His Slave | #3 SLOW UPDATES by TheLittle_Naga_Girl
His Slave | #3 SLOW UPDATESby TheLittle_Naga_Girl
In which Melody becomes a slave of her rival/bully/neighbour/bad boy who was set to make her realize what she didn't since day one. * "Alohamora." "What...
  • alittlecliche
  • goodgirl
  • possessive
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Power of Love by Mcllkay
Power of Loveby Mcllkay
Keyla Lovely Wenderson Seorang model terkenal yang pindah ke Indonesia dan menyamar menjadi seorang nerd karena ingin menghindari fans.Dengan statusnya sebagai nerd ia l...
  • fakenerd
  • mostwanted
  • backstreet
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