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Chronicle of Nautilus by m4nkind
Chronicle of Nautilusby m4nkind
Nautilus was the last and the largest spaceship to leave dying Solar system. When mysterious terrorist starts wrecking havoc aboard, it is up for the first citizen and t...
A cross between The Bourne Identity, Inception, and The Maze Runner series (minus zombies),The Phase Diaries follows 19 year old narcoleptic Sam Walsch, his sister Maddi...
Hunger by littlereaderscorner
Hungerby Soleil
Myrick is a cyborg, who no longer has blood pumping through his veins, but a motor charging his heart and a pump in his lungs. He doesn't need to eat. He died from starv...
Frau Schwab by Slothspeare
Frau Schwabby Slothspeare
The tag will set you free as long as you surrender your basic liberties and give them to me. Written in the style of Carol Ann Duffy's timeless poetry collection, "...
The Merit by oninz_03
The Meritby oninz V.
In a society that masks inequality with justifications, Takumai is a nation of wealth but with a terrible stratification and a darker agenda. Sonya can finally escape t...
The Virtus Empire by Layrej
The Virtus Empireby Layrej Vrkils
Just the teaser of what this empire came to be. This is what i told to that young engineer that knew nothing about this dimension that our world shares. This is not all...
The Receiver by BrandieMcAllister
The Receiverby Brandie McAllister
Your pain is not your own. It's 2084 Manhattan and uppercrusters inhabit gleaming skyrises while bottomfeeders struggle to survive in a black mold-infested concrete jung...
Element by whenrealityhits
Elementby Aishwarya
Nature is fascinating, constantly changing and varying. No one can control it; it is beyond a human's reach. Of course, humans have tried, but nature defied them vehemen...
Nations of Technocracy by Shadow_spider
Nations of Technocracyby Shadow_spider
After the resource war, people from different regions banded together to help maintain the world. Covered by the shadows, moving in silence controlling the world as the...
Techno  Underworld by DioGnostic
Techno Underworldby DioGnostic
The year is 2050. The world has entered into an Age of Post-scarcity under the influence of a one world government which was forged by a conglomerate of tech companies (...