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Wrong Universe // Pokemon X Beyblade Burst  by DeeKurenai
Wrong Universe // Pokemon X Dee Tanaka
Two worlds with different likings meet eachother. Will they get along?
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Through The Years Of Our Lives by BowserEX
Through The Years Of Our Livesby Bowser EX The God Of Evil
This is a tale about 4 Pokemon. Axel the Axew Raimie the Pichu Hana the Eevee and Flame the charmander. They've known each other since they hatched and are the absolute...
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Red as Blood [A Pokemon fanfiction] by toookao
Red as Blood [A Pokemon fanfiction]by Shiro Johnson
The Elite Frontier starts as Red prepares for his final battle with the Frontier's champion Blue.He got Mewtwo and Charmander in his team and is ready to take on Blue. B...
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I'M Probably A Monster~! But I'm Your Monster~! by Ginersnap2010
I'M Probably A Monster~! But I'm Gingersnap
ash ketchum was a normal boy...well as normal as someone who saves the world constantly.... then one day this cloaked thing swooped in and grabbed him~! appearently huma...
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The Very Strange,Lovable, Miracle, Life Of Ash Ketchum by Ginersnap2010
The Very Strange,Lovable, Gingersnap
One does not simply act calm when a creature taller than you...who has killed who knows how many people....comes to you....and just well.....takes you back to his place...
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pokémon: firered/leafgreen by sahlofolxna
pokémon: firered/leafgreenby sahlofolxna
basically i'm writing the adventures in the games as a more cohesive story; it will involve components that are canon as well as some of my own personal headcanons and s...
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Pokémon: Sword & Shield by Kinako_K
Pokémon: Sword & Shieldby Creator
Ash Ketchum arrives in the Galar Region to explore and catch the Pokémon in that area. On his journey, he meets the Galar champion: Alice Vinton! Since Alice was the cha...
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