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The Legend of Herobrine by Bladewing683
The Legend of Herobrineby Bladewing683
After the creation of Minecraftia, Brine was created. Notch called him his brother, and made him immortal. Brine strived to be as good as Notch, to protect the blocky re...
  • minecraft
  • minecraftia
  • redemption
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Why Should We Hide by _SB_Gamer_
Why Should We Hideby SB
Summary: Sky had a hard time battling Entity303 and a harder time handling his different forms. Cover by: Taxey Cab on Deviant Art.
  • skywolf
  • morethingslikethat
  • enderlox
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Fallen Star by _SB_Gamer_
Fallen Starby SB
Sky is a hero frozen in time but his time to rise is coming. He has to gather a team to help him defeat the darkness that's taking over the world.
  • teamhybrid
  • minecraftuniverse
  • ssundee
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Team Hybrid by SilverScreamer
Team Hybridby Silver or S.S
This is a story about Skybrine, Herobrines son, who goes on a quest to create a team out of young hybrids to help his dad win the war against Notch. But how will he, a 1...
  • teamhybrid
  • skybrine
  • withermu
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Life as Hybrids (Team Crafted/Team Hybrid Fanfic) by PrincessLuna4
Life as Hybrids (Team Crafted/ Luna
  • bodil40
  • withermu
  • deadlox
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OC Fun! by Merlyn_ml
OC Fun!by The Cat From The Unknown
ELLO! I have come to give you info/short stories/any other silly or fun ideas of my Oc's here! This shall be the place of... Stuff? ... ok well it's suppose to be fun...
  • mmxlyn
  • merlyn
  • minesis
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ask Team Hybrid and Kila by ShadowGamerFox
ask Team Hybrid and Kilaby ShadowGamerFox
Here are a list of people you guys can ask Kila Enderlox Skybrine Anti Dark Marimau Yandere Jin Setoblaze KillerJerome killer Canadian Whitchtato And a bunch more
  • creepypasta
  • evil
  • setoblaze
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Brotatomu:Team Hybrid Chronicles by firelavagirl
Brotatomu:Team Hybrid Chroniclesby Team Hybrid
A other story adventure for Team Hybrid but instead comes a different story. Withermu and Brotatobot are in the Team Hybrid and they both love each other. As they got cl...
  • romance
  • munchinguniverse
  • brotatomu
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One-Shots by Yet_Another
One-Shotsby MMX
What else? Look at the title! These WILL be RANDOM. ANYTHING I feel like writing WHENEVER. They DON'T tie into my OTHER stories PLOT LINES- but I WILL use characters fro...
  • theriseagainstall
  • trip
  • oneshots
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Team Hybrid: Ask/Dare Anything by firelavagirl
Team Hybrid: Ask/Dare Anythingby Team Hybrid
Hey guys Skybrine here and all of Team Hybrid is going to take on anything you dare us or ask us. Even Herobrine Notch Jeb or anyone else. So ask us anything and even da...
  • enderlox
  • dare
  • teamhybrid
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The Hybrid Camp **Based Off 'Camp Asino' By Jabbywocky_Slaya** (Seto FF) by KaiIsMyNameAndIWrite
The Hybrid Camp **Based Off ' Call me A
**Based off the story 'Camp Asino' by Jabbywocky_Slaya No pairings. Two OCs. About halfway through editing. WARNING: EVERYONE IS ON CRACK
  • setosorcerer
  • kaiismyname
  • skydoesminecraft
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SkyMedia and Team Crafted OneShots  by MithrossForLife
SkyMedia and Team Crafted OneShots by Wolfy-and-Storm-IFG
We have OneShots of all kinds. there's MEROME, SKYLOX, REDNEY, MITHROSS! And that's not all- We got MIXED UP SHIPS LIKE SETOLOX OR SKYTATO!!! And then there's MUNCHINGUN...
  • corby
  • setolox
  • alternateuniverses
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Five Nights at Team Hybrid's by XoniaRainforest
Five Nights at Team Hybrid'sby Rain
[On hiatus for now] Two best friends, Lynn and Minx, decide to get a job during the holidays. They found a night watch job at a place they've never heard before, a theme...
  • fivenightsatfreddys
  • minecraftyoutubers
  • fivenights
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Different homes, by Vixenthecat
Different homes,by Moved to Willow-the-cat
Author and Anastasia are girlfriends, Lynzi and Carlee are too. But the thing is their pasts are very strange, they come from the the foreign places called. The Pineappl...
  • cookie
  • teamhybrid
  • pineapple
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Thunder Hybrids HighSchool by Cowscantdance
Thunder Hybrids HighSchoolby Cowscantdance
Team Hybrid just got to a new school but they didn't just find a normal School this school has divide into groups if the school goes into war will the Team be able to be...
  • herobrine
  • ml
  • teamhybrid
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Everyone is different. (A Herobrine and  team hybrid fanfic) by EndraDragon
Everyone is different. (A Endra
Meet team hybrid and the others on an adventure to stop the death of hundreds!
  • drowned
  • creepypasta
  • teamhybrid
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Prisoner 3250 ( Hiatus T_T) by Tecknosun92
Prisoner 3250 ( Hiatus T_T)by Teck
" they say a mind becomes fragile when the soul breaks.... well... I honestly belive that's a myth, for our souls have been mutated into hate... " ~ prisoner 3...
  • teamcrafted
  • skybrine
  • minecraft
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Stories, Just Stories by candyflossed
Stories, Just Storiesby (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡
Hey candyflosses! This is where I put (really) short stories that I think of! Enjoy! I absolutely accept requests, from chickens to fights. Do not be afraid to share ide...
  • stories4life
  • steve
  • tags
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book of team crafted x reader smut by NileaFallen
book of team crafted x reader smutby NileaFallen
title says all
  • love
  • passion
  • xreader
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