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Team 10 Imagines by ihaveazeinainmyroom
Team 10 Imaginesby sourstiles
Title says it all. Requests are not open at the moment <3
fallingforyou {e.m} by herecomedatrose
fallingforyou {e.m}by rose
"Elona, I think i'm falling for you" "I've fell for you a long time ago, Emilio" - Emilio Martinez (Team 10) fanfic
"Ugh!! You're so confusing!!" "I'm confusing? Baby, I'm as clear as water." "Then why do you flirt with me, then ignore me!! I love you okay!&qu...
For the summer || I.M by SpanishTwinz
For the summer || I.Mby Hannah
Y/N, 17, Tessa Brooks' cousin from New Jersey spends her summer in the Team 10's House. She had no idea who Team 10 were until her best friend pointed it out two days be...
Everything Everything~ by emberwritesstories
Everything Everything~by embyy🤧💕
• ever since I've met you, I had a crush on you •
who to hate? || Anthony Trujillo (3rd BOOK of Who To Blame? SERIES) by fuegoyeol
who to hate? || Anthony Trujillo ( 𝐯𝐲 🤍
1st book: Who To Blame? 2nd book: Who To Believe? 3rd book: Who To Hate? 💓💓💓 " But the only feeling that keeps us alive and gather all the shattered pieces of ou...
A Fight For Love // Team10/Logan Paul  by sarahmelgraham
A Fight For Love // Team10/Logan Sarah
"Well I think I have a problem..." After the sudden end of your relationship you are left on your own and seek help from some friends. You become closer to Log...
You find an opportunity to join Team 10 and follow your dreams. What are you gonna do?! Is it gonna work?! Are you gonna fall in love?! Find out here :)
The youngest Paul by molliw22
The youngest Paulby 💖holy schnapp💖
Valarie Elizabeth Paul moves in with her older brother Jake Paul to the team 10 house. Will she find love or have her heart broken?????♥️🏠🏙
who to believe? || Anthony Trujillo (NEXT SERIES: Who To Hate?) by fuegoyeol
who to believe? || Anthony 𝐯𝐲 🤍
This is 2nd book of Who To Blame? series✨ The next book: Who To Hate? Gotta check em out fam💘🙌🏻 "Who to believe when it comes to love right baby girl?"
the L.A. experience  by hannahbelleh
the L.A. experience by hannahbelleh
i hope you like this story! btw, your Erika in this and this is all made up, obviously. - - i was walking around and i met this random guy.. he pretty much changed my wh...
X by TeamXForLife
Xby TeamTenIsBae
When Lilia watches a video that tell her what she had won. she freaks as meeting her idols were the last thing she Thaught she'd ever do. But this, this was even better!