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Criminal ||Kim Teahyung|| by musical_love678
Criminal ||Kim Teahyung||by Couch Potato
Book 2 in the BTS series The sadness in her eyes caught hold of his cold, lifeless heart....
Siblings {KTH.ff}  by SRstories20
Siblings {KTH.ff} by SR
In this story...The 13 years old girl who is living with his brother.He is strict towards her because she is such a naughty and troublemaker and also he is overprotectiv...
Mafias Babygirl😈❤🔥🔥 by HuaAkihiko
Mafias Babygirl😈❤🔥🔥by Jay
You are 19 Years old and live very happy but one Day you meet a Man and this Man is....Jeon Jungkook.Your normal life will get messed up and you will get in Dangerous P...
IDOL // JHOPE BTS - (On-Going) by badetskii12
IDOL // JHOPE BTS - (On-Going)by Ms. Choo
An idol met a simple girl from backstage. What would happen if he fell in love with her? --------- Updates every Friday! @badetskii12
ملاكم مكتملة  by saarju990
ملاكم مكتملة by no one
أيعقل الحب من أول نظرة! تايهيونغ :انا ضد العنف والرياضات العنيفة جونغكوك :انا الملاكم جيون جونغكوك
sex education // J.Jk [+21] by park_lilyan
sex education // J.Jk [+21]by 🍻✨
وەرگێڕاوە [ ئینگلیزی بۆ کوردی ] "تۆ دەزانیت چۆن ئەندامت کار دەکات " لە کچە بێتاواناکەی پرسی بە شۆکەوە سەیری کرد " ئۆھـ تکایە پێم مەڵێ کە تۆ نایزانیت ؟...
Mafia Family( Blackpink & Bts Ff) by DcrlingxJess
Mafia Family( Blackpink & Bts Ff)by DcrlingxJess
[Completed] Kim y/n is a 18 year old who lives with her 7 brother's and 4 sister's. The siblings are mafia's they don't know that y/n is the mafia queen what will happen...
Hate the boss {completed}  by mydearestjikook
Hate the boss {completed} by Zieee_Jikook
Jeon Jungkook CEO of the rich company.He is arrogant and cold to all.But his cold heart melt when his personal assistant,Kim Taehyung introduce him to a new secretary Pa...
TOXIC (BTS x male reader) by Dear_TFW2x0
TOXIC (BTS x male reader)by I'm_An_AMAZINGSHANK
They met him by accident. Now they needed him. They wanted to hear him. The world needed to hear him. He was their light. But he was toxic and that didn't bother them.
Bts Badboys Gone soft? ( ⒸⓄⓜⓅⓁⒺⓉⒺⒹ) by Jenny3138
Bts Badboys Gone soft? ( ⒸⓄⓜⓅⓁⒺⓉⒺⒹ)by Jenny3138
Hey guys this is my first fanfic of bts so I hope u enjoy!! Y/N is caught up in a lot of things at school and at home. Going to a new school, Her mothers death, her fath...
❤BRIDE❤ by JullYNa_NaNa
❤BRIDE❤by Lalalalala
ស្នេហា8ឆ្នាំបានត្រឹមតែទឹកភ្នែក សោកស្ដាយ ការឈឺចាប់រៀងៗខ្លួន ចន ជុងហ្គុក x គីម ថេយ៉ុង ជុងហ្គុក top & ថេយ៉ុង bottom អ្នកនិពន្ធ: ជូ លីណា 18/10/2021
Until You Remember Me | JJK ✓ by sugalitude
Until You Remember Me | JJK ✓by ⋆・˚ᗰ𝛉ᵢᴦ𝝏‧₊˚彡
"The sinner of the past and the deceiver of the future, be aware, death is after you!" *** In which a police officer, Jeon Jungkook foresees the death of a wom...
My Mafia Step Siblings by Le123jak
My Mafia Step Siblingsby Moon
This is my first ff story 🙂
Wishing Freedom { TAEKOOK } Complete by quitrian
Wishing Freedom { TAEKOOK } Comple...by quitrian
Jungkook Top Taehyung Bottom Jungkook is the king's son . He is a spoiled ghoul who gets everything he wants . And the strongest . Or was until taehying a " vampi...
لــنــصــنــع طــفــلاً ! « يـُحـزِنَنـِي الـعَـالـَم ويُـرَاضـِيـنِي مُـحِـيط عِـيـنَـاگِ » « شــعـرَها الاحـمــــــر تـــســــجد آلَهِةِ الجَمـال لَهُِ » « هل تــــــع...
Fighting  (For) love-JJK✔️ by Sn2501
Fighting (For) love-JJK✔️by sirisoextra
"I'll protect you."
ILLEGAL LOVER •ᴼⁿᵍᵒⁱⁿᵍ•||JJK Lead|| by Bisiz_Grapey
ILLEGAL LOVER •ᴼⁿᵍᵒⁱⁿᵍ•||JJK Lead||by 𝐁𝐢𝐬𝐢 𝐟𝐭𝐀𝐧𝐳𝐮⤧°ᴱⁿᵃ
සීතල හදවතක් හිමි ඔහුගෙ හදවතේ ඇත්තෙ පලිගැනීම පමණයි නමුත් ඇය.... ඇය ඒ සීතල හදවතක් හිමි ඔහුව ඒ වියරු බවින් මුදවා ගැනීමට වෙර දරනවා. නමුත් දෙදෙනාම අහිමි වීම් වලට මුහුණ දුන්...
/Засварлаж Байгаа/ BTS Бол Миний Сайн Найз |JJK| by youjin_jkjc
/Засварлаж Байгаа/ BTS Бол Миний С...by ~🌙Jkjc🌙~
2022 update: ❗❗Тус өгүүллэгийг засварлан бичиж байгаа болно❗❗ Хан Южин гэх бүсгүй BTS хамтлагийн үнэнч шүтэн бишрэгч бөгөөд тэдний хамгийн сайн найз юм. Южин BTS хамтлаг...
Not quite ready /k.sj + k.nj/ NAMJIN SMUT by hobisduckie
Not quite ready /k.sj + k.nj/ NAMJ...by hobisduckie
Bottom!Namjoon Top!Jin If you are any type of negative being, go away. When Jin takes the pretty boy from the club home, he doesnt expect how.. addict...