Groupchat | Magcon | Editing Now! by HappilyJodie
Groupchat | Magcon | Editing Now!by 👸🏼
EDITING! A Magcon & Team 10 fanfic! Avery gets added into a group chat with a bunch of random boys but she will discover a secret that will turn her whole world around...
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Alone •Shawn Mendes by Sammyiams
Alone •Shawn Mendesby Samantha Webb
Claire Johnson; a smart, talented musician who wants to pursue a life in music, but not only in music. When a huge tragedy occurs, Claire feels like her world is falling...
  • shawn
  • teen
  • jackjohnson
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Running With The Boys{OG Magcon} by NiallsChonce14
Running With The Boys{OG Magcon}by .happy.
Summer is for memories, romance, freedom. For Lauren Bordelon, daughter of Magcon CEO Bart Bordelon, her summer looks like it will be anything but those three things whe...
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Adopted By Magcon (under construction) by paigedallas
Adopted By Magcon (under construct...by paige Brooks
Warning; inappropriate language, sex, sex reference, suicidal thoughts and actions, self harm, cussing, physical abuse, and verbal abuse. Our second life is featured al...
  • adopted
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Magcon's New Girl ♡ (major editing) by latinaxprincess
Magcon's New Girl ♡ (major editing)by —princess adela❥
Highest Ranking Book at #16 In Fan-Fiction on January 10, 2017 -Wattpad _________________________________ WARNING: many chapters to make you laugh, cry, snort, chuckle...
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Instagram ⇒ Jack Gilinsky by HappilyJodie
Instagram ⇒ Jack Gilinskyby 👸🏼
@JackGilinsky followed you
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Sex lessons with Jack Gilinsky by adripatricee
Sex lessons with Jack Gilinskyby Adriana Patrice Lowery-Garcia
Amber: I don't know how to do it.. She said as she looked down embarrassed. Jack: I can show you, if you want? What did I get myself into?
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Best Mistake | E. D.  by dreamyxdolans
Best Mistake | E. D. by dolan af
"Now why were you crying?" he asked concerned. I started to wipe away some of the tear stains left on my cheeks, and said, "It was nothing. Something stup...
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Strings | s.m (✔️) by livemendes
Strings | s.m (✔️)by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Best friends forever, right? Yeah, until one of them gets a record deal. - IG | @smilemendes all rights reserved @livemendes // my first fanfic and I left it on hold for...
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cameron dallas little sister • book 1 of cdls by RidinOnJerry
cameron dallas little sister • boo...by RidinOnJerry
Highest Rank: #19 First Book: Badly Written!! Read at your own risk LOL! Kaye is Cameron Dallas little sister. What happens when a few of the Magcon boys spend summer in...
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Social Media//Jack G by gabbiedouglas6
Social Media//Jack Gby Pimp
A relationship you hear about over social media.
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Magcon Groupchat (completed) by xyuliannax
Magcon Groupchat (completed)by yulianna
You have been added into a group chat. {O.G MAGCON GUYS} Started- October 3,2017 it gets better Ended- March 22, 2018
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the girl in the club • jack gilinsky by heart-strings1
the girl in the club • jack gilins...by heart-strings1
heartbreak, when a heartbroken guy is trying to move on. he stays home. he binge watches his favourite tv shows. maybe even wonder why him and his ex broke up. pitying h...
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Shawn Mendes Imagines - Book 1 *CRINGE* by allsmilez
Shawn Mendes Imagines - Book 1 *CR...by 〽️ads
sometimes i make up scenarios about this kid named shawn mendes. SECOND IMAGINES BOOK IS OUT!! {cringe worthy}
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Twisted Fate // Shawn Mendes by mendestrio
Twisted Fate // Shawn Mendesby shawn mendes
When Brooke Collins goes to her best friends high school party and meets Shawn Mendes, what will happen?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Find out in Twisted Fate // Shawn Mendes
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An Arranged Marriage 2 ❉  j.g by natemaloski
An Arranged Marriage 2 ❉ j.gby Freshlee
A eventful sequel to An Arranged Marriage. Find out if Hannah settles with Nate or if Jack can convince her enough to win her back.
  • natemaloley
  • jolinsky
  • maggielindemann
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The End Results by SavageQueenXx
The End Resultsby SavageQueen
Book 2 of 2 ~ "Please! You know I fucking love you, why would I do something like this, something that would hurt you! I know better than that, I would never put my...
  • fanfiction
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  • hayesgrier
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Instagram; Cameron Dallas by vxmplixr
Instagram; Cameron Dallasby vxmplixr
@camerondallas liked your photo. Highest Ranks: #487 in Fanfiction #36 in Taylor Caniff #6 in Carter Reynolds [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
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Daddy Issues//Magcon//  by WhyDontWeGirly
Daddy Issues//Magcon// by ❤️MAGCON❤️WDW❤️
Liza Tuuka is a 18 girl who lives with poor parents, she is sold to be a sex slave for Magcon and so her parents could have some money. All boys in magcon names are. Cam...
  • camerondallas
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Darkest of Days by BringMeTheSirensX
Darkest of Daysby >•<
Destiny's life has always been... how would you put it? Terrible. She has been bullied, unwanted by her family and has never had friends. It takes just one day for her w...
  • jackgilinsky
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