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Forever & Always by girlwhogotfrozn
Forever & Alwaysby ✨ rayne ✨
Laikyn Grace Zephyr could have a perfect life. That is, if her parents didn't always put her as second place to her younger sister, Jacklyn. And if her parents didn't co...
Merging Mafias by StarQueenDiamond123
Merging Mafiasby StarQueen Diamond
Book 1 in The Mafia Series ------------------------------- Renée Taylor, an heir to the King of the English Mafia. Charlie Rodríguez, the only heir to the King of the Sp...
lovers rock, jeremiah fisher by -EMIZES
lovers rock, jeremiah fisherby Ꮛ.
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ KIZZY FLORES: ❝ missed you, idiot ❞ ( the summer i turned pretty ) (fem oc x jeremiah fisher )
infuriating (colby brock fanfiction) by fakeitilyoumakeit
infuriating (colby brock fanfictio...by saf
"you're insane, i don't know what to do with you." or in which things are hard, and then they get harder.
Rage by MoonshineAndVodka
Rageby Vee
Julio Hernandez is socially stunted, rude, snarky and, in all respects, an asshole. With a penchant for wearing leather jackets and successfully scaring off everyone aro...
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Him (BoyxBoy) by flirtatiousbae
Him (BoyxBoy)by Mintae
[Completed] Christian Blake has issues socializing with people. They still remember what happened at this sixth birthday. He has been isolated and friendless, but that d...
in my wildest dreams - a taylor swift fanfiction by cowboylikebianca
in my wildest dreams - a taylor sw...by bianca🦋
- a taylor swift adoption story - Skye's life was not what most people would consider "normal". She grew up in a city in west Tennessee but had been tossed aro...
roger taylor imagines  by angelina_barnes
roger taylor imagines by :)
My monster husband (Series #1) by KajalPanghal444
My monster husband (Series #1)by Kajal Panghal
He is also the one who is the reason for her Wound . everyone hates her include her family. first she torture by her family now she torture by her husband will she get l...
Starting Over  by _Elizabeth_D
Starting Over by Eliz_
BOOK ONE OF THE UNC SERIES: *Completed. Bonus Chapters are coming.* Taylor Lawson is a Lawson. Being a Lawson comes with responsibilities. For starters never trash the...
Daylight (one shots) by moonlightandpen
Daylight (one shots)by lee
A collection of tricia robredo one shots inspired by taylor swift songs. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The author's portrayal of real characters are purely base...
Jerrie One Shot-ish Stories | Book 1 by LittleRed945
Jerrie One Shot-ish Stories | Book...by LittleRed & Just Gyle
Welcome to our Jerrie One Shot-ish Stories! Oh, and with a fresh look of the cover! There will be slight changes to the first few tales that we've already published. But...
vexatious (infuriating sequel)  by fakeitilyoumakeit
vexatious (infuriating sequel) by saf
he's vexatious, by every definition of the word. he is electricity, and i am water. or in which codependency gets hard, and then it gets harder.
Crazy Beautiful Life || Chris Taylor by DodgersKings
Crazy Beautiful Life || Chris Tayl...by DodgersKings
This story begins after a one night stand. Completed November 1, 2017 ✓
Forced love| Colby Brock  by sarcastic_colby
Forced love| Colby Brock by sarcastic_colby
You are forced to marry the one and only Colby Brock and life does not get any easier with psycho ex girlfriends and so much more There will be talk of self harm and su...
On the run| Colby Brock  by sarcastic_colby
On the run| Colby Brock by sarcastic_colby
Y/n is 20 and lives in LA in an apartment alone. Y/n loves to party with her friend Andrea Russett who she met a year ago to forget about her problems. But can she find...
" drinking my weight in sunny d " " guess i should change your contact to sunny dee " " do it and i'll block you " [jaeden lieberher] [...
Home Sweet Home (mxm) by TheoryKierei
Home Sweet Home (mxm)by TheoryKierei
Having worked his butt off at two jobs since he was sixteen, Taylor was finally able to invest to create his own company, and better yet, buy himself a small house. It h...
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Bohemian Rhapsody  by adhara_potter
Bohemian Rhapsody by Adhara
A book of all my Queen Imagines (both the band and the bo-rhap cast) Series featured in this book so far are: False Truths : Roger Taylor x Reader You're My Best Friend...
TayJoe 's Journey ...Fanfiction by pinkygsp
TayJoe 's Journey ...Fanfictionby Pinky
A compilation of stories featuring Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift as they journey through life with ups and downs , heartbreak, leading to happiness and joy. Some mature ch...