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scribbles | [ merrikat ] by ad_deactivated
scribbles | [ merrikat ]by closed
After an unfortunate incident at school, Jack Barakat is kicked out and moves in with his older sister, May. Deciding it best to enroll early, Jack applies to go to his...
  • lgbt
  • alltimelow
  • gay
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The Woman With You (Taylex) by oddsnendsfanfics
The Woman With You (Taylex)by oddsnendsfanfics
after a rough day you need someone who understands
  • taylex
  • tay
  • alex
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Adrenalize Me || Kellic by JalexUnite
Adrenalize Me || Kellicby Alan
In a world where Kellin Quinn is a prince from a far away land and is taught abnormal things are bad, so when he accidentally meets Vic Fuentes, a beautiful, enchanting...
  • taylex
  • vampire
  • vicfuentes
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Manage Me, I'm A Mess (TAYLEX) by kenfrick
Manage Me, I'm A Mess (TAYLEX)by CJ G
Alex Gaskarth left his home, scarred because of his alcoholic father's violence. Later, his band, All Time Low became popular all over the world. Hopeless found a new am...
  • atl
  • time
  • jardine
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For The Win by amerrickan
For The Winby amerrickan
Tay Jardine has always dreamed about being in the pop-punk scene, and after being discovered by Hopeless Records she and her band may finally have a chance at bringing t...
  • ammerickan
  • low
  • set
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[TAYLEX] I'm A Walking Travesty...But I'm Smiling At Everything. by JustALostFlutterby
[TAYLEX] I'm A Walking Travesty...by JustALostFlutterby
Welcome to my Alex Gaskarth and Tay Jardine story. Well, as you know Tay and Alex are close friends. What happens when Alex attempts a suicide and Tay saves his life? Ho...
  • alex
  • zack
  • jack
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King for a day by layspotatochips
King for a dayby layspotatochips
Kaiden Fuentes's world gets flipped upside down in fifth grade, after his worst nightmare comes true. Everything he's loved and known seems to come crumbling down in fr...
  • bands
  • highschool
  • kelliclovechild
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Never Felt Right Calling This Just Friends (Taylex) by BethLikesBands
Never Felt Right Calling This Just...by Beth
When Tay Jardine's band We Are The In Crowd get a tour with All Time Low, she is excited, meeting one of her favourite bands but what will happen when she starts to have...
  • fanfic
  • atl
  • fanfiction
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trouble by BiersackIsABabe
troubleby Brendon
let's cause a little trouble oh you make me feel so weak i bet you kiss your knuckles right before they touch my cheek tw // abuse, self harm, etc
  • tayjardine
  • taylex
  • watic
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Too Much (Taylex) by Liltayj
Too Much (Taylex)by Brook Smith
The zombie apocalypse has finally arrived, and all Alex has left is Lisa. They still love each other to death, but when he finds himself in a life or death situation wit...
  • wearetheincrowd
  • taylex
  • alexgaskarth
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Hi Preggers. - A Taylex fanfiction. by LuceJones
Hi Preggers. - A Taylex fanfiction.by Lucy Jones!
Tay and Alex's little fling doesn't seem as innocent as they first thought. When Tay finds out she's pregnant, Alex has to choose from his all-partying bachelor life and...
  • labor
  • jardine
  • pregnancy
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Nice2KnoU (Jalex) by kellallyourfriends
Nice2KnoU (Jalex)by Nice2KnoU
Before the car crash, Alex was charismatic, friendly, witty, the whole lot. Now? He can barely stand on two feet. But thanks to a certain Jack Barakat, he's not giving u...
  • taylex
  • carcrash
  • alexgaskarthxjackbarakat
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*DISCONTINUED* The Best There Ever Was (Band Fic) by sainte_loves_axlgram
*DISCONTINUED* The Best There Ever...by Queen of Jardougall
Hayley Williams: head of Renegade's Clothing, one of the most popular companies around. She has two secretaries, Matty Mullins and Jeremy Davis, but there's always an op...
  • wearetheincrowd
  • taylex
  • kellin
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Remembering Vegas by alltimeangy
Remembering Vegasby alltimeangy
Taylex is an old ship, I know but this is an old story I used to have in my account but made it private because I had to check it so I could correct basic mistakes. It's...
  • taylex
  • bands
  • alexgaskarth
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Weird Kids - A Taydan Fanfic (We Are The In Crowd) by Tay4Ever
Weird Kids - A Taydan Fanfic (We A...by J
This story is probably your average band fanfic. It's a Taydan fic, so I hope you like it. Also, this is my first story so yea... - J
  • tay
  • taylor
  • gaskarth
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High School Never Ends (Jardougall) by sainte_loves_axlgram
High School Never Ends (Jardougall)by Queen of Jardougall
Taylor Jardine is popular in high school. And it's not even that she's intelligent; in fact, she's a D student. But with her good looks and rich mom, she can get just ab...
  • jessbowen
  • sierrakusterbeck
  • jaylor
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