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Child Neglect With Kira Yoshikage  by jojo_trash__
Child Neglect With Kira Yoshikage by jojo_trash__
Every Sunday popular tik toker Kira Yoshikage streams on Twitch.
Tax Evasion With Melone by jojo_trash__
Tax Evasion With Meloneby jojo_trash__
Melone steals Risotto's credit card and spends thousands of dollars on body pillows as a result La Squadra is arrested after attempting tax evasion. *Nobody died A.U al...
Tax Fraud With Risotto  by jojo_trash__
Tax Fraud With Risotto by jojo_trash__
Rissoto commits Tax Fraud along with getting into some other antics. *Sequel to Tax Evasion With Melone*
Target Hostage Crisis With Hot Pants by jojo_trash__
Target Hostage Crisis With Hot jojo_trash__
Diego forces Hot Pants to go to Target with him and they end up staying there longer than expected and it turns into a hostage crisis. *Part 7 Spoilers* *This is not mea...
 Reader x Onion boy  by PussyTerminator
Reader x Onion boy by 💿🦋 𝕾𝖆𝖗𝖆 🌸🍼
Y/n has been sentenced to prison for tax fraud, little did she know that her prison mate gonna be her YouTube idol.
tax evasion, firm toenail  by imgayasfuckboiiii
tax evasion, firm toenail by Caden Miller
Tax evasion and toe nails Multiple story based poems by yours truly
Or by vullolopez89
Orby vullolopez89
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Make America  Dojyaaan Again (Valentine 2020) by jojo_trash__
Make America Dojyaaan Again ( jojo_trash__
Every saturday at 4:20 PM or AM (depending on the situation), Funny Valentine breaks into houses of his rivals and possibly kidnapps them to make America Dojyaaan again...
Age by sadyesusskind19
Ageby sadyesusskind19
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Assume by hatfieldklipp43
Assumeby hatfieldklipp43
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Vote by coppingerboardman82
Voteby coppingerboardman82
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Else by webbcamp76
Elseby webbcamp76
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Leading Tax Group by LeadingGroup
Leading Tax Groupby Leading Tax Group
Address: 5901 W. Century Blvd, Suite 750 Los Angeles, CA 90045 Phone: (213) 212-4199 Website: