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okay ; phan | ✔️ by phantrash-
okay ; phan | ✔️by Nikki Minaj
@amazingphil now follows you- texting fic ; copyright © 2018
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Twitter ∞ Dan Howell by _nostalgicturtle_
Twitter ∞ Dan Howellby nostalgicturtle
❝ @danisnotonfire is now following you ❞ A story about a girl who stumbles into an internet friendship with a boy on the other side of the world.
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YouTuber Oneshots by mylifeasidiot
YouTuber Oneshotsby Charzuru
X reader stories with your favorite YouTubers (requests are CLOSED)
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Noir Verta | Dan and Phil fanfic by ToriRose99
Noir Verta | Dan and Phil fanficby Tori Rose
Secrets lie awake at night, waiting and listening to each step you take and each heartbeat that sounds abnormal. Dan Howell, Youtuber of over 3 million subs finds himsel...
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Where Is My Mind? (a Phanfiction) by writing-wolf
Where Is My Mind? (a Phanfiction)by Wolf
Something is wrong with Dan, he can feel it, but he doesn't want to tell Phil. Instead he decides to write down his thoughts, chronicle the changes, hoping it's nothing...
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jealousy ◈ phan by hvrcrux
jealousy ◈ phanby ミ★ n.
jeal·ous /ˈjeləs/ adjective feeling or showing suspicion of someone's unfaithfulness in a relationship. ◈ Isabel never imagined she'd finally get to meet her idols. She'...
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TATINOF by SiriusRemusLestrange
TATINOFby Phillion Howell
A story where nothing goes to plan...
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After the Rain  by Rainyday2003
After the Rain by cece
Bad things happen all the time. We do certain things to numb ourselves. Cry, fake, laugh, be silent. Anything. But there are some things that happen that we just can't...
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discontinued // my winged warrior // phan by thattumblrchick
discontinued // my winged warrior...by ✨
"It's like you're a whole new person when you forget to be afraid. And that person you become, he's free." ☾❀☽ When Phil was ten, he got lost in the woods, an...
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Invisible Magic {Phanfic} by EllieFullOfLove
Invisible Magic {Phanfic}by Hi I’m Ellie
Love is like magic, but it's invisible. Even for Daniel Howell and Philip Lester only the rest of the world can see it but they can't. You can say that they are blinded...
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Enough-Phan by likinglester
Enough-Phanby likinglester
A very short story in Dan's POV expressing his thoughts on Phil durning TATINOF and the Tour.
Phan Hogwarts AU by leeisreallybored
Phan Hogwarts AUby yuccy boye
Slytherin!Dan Hufflepuff!Phil. This is gonna be trash I apologize in advance, but uh, here have some Phan in the amazing HP universe bc I'm trash for both fandoms. Poss...
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beauty blogger \\ phan [DISCONTINUED] by vinyltaylor
beauty blogger \\ phan [DISCONTINU...by *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
au in which dan howell finds phil lester's beauty channel.
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phan one shots <3 by frickinphan
phan one shots <3by lyssa✨
dan and phil cute/angst stories❤️
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Dan and Phil Prefs by philhatescheeses
Dan and Phil Prefsby philhatescheeses
A compilation of preferences (short scenarios) involving Dan and Phil as your lover! Send me some pref ideas!
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Light  by crankthatidkhowell
Light by Chase
Dan wakes up one day to find that Phil has disappeared. After finding a familiar young toddler in Phil's room, Dan's positive that he's gone insane.
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suicidal // phan by Kduypan
suicidal // phanby ✩
phil fell in love with the suicidal boy called dan
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Dan and Phil songs lyrics by mygoodmatetroye
Dan and Phil songs lyricsby Kristen
Protip needs to stop, and this story contains songs that are about Dan and Phil, the phandom, Dan and Phil related things, or songs that remind me of them. [Leave sugge...
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Black and Blue (a series of Phan one shots) by demonetizeddjh
Black and Blue (a series of Phan o...by Des
A series of Dan and Phil one shots- Enjoy fluff and sometimes even tears. Phan is cannon in the majority of these one-shots. Requests are open
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The Stalker (phan one shot) by Sheyanneautumn
The Stalker (phan one shot)by Sheyanneautumn
Dan has been getting random text from unknown numbers,random presents,and been seeing people and shadows in the middle of the night.is it a person or is he going crazy?
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