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militia ( flag. ) by peterpeterpeterparke
militia ( flag. )by ˗ˏˋashleyˊˎ˗
❝ LOVE DOESN'T ALWAYS RAGE LIKE A FIRE, IT CAN COOL LIKE STILL WATER. ❞ in which chandler kemp is shown that not every war is worth the battles. FULL...
  • villans
  • rickflag
  • harleyquinn
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ohana || hawaii five-0 by -VoidMoriarty
ohana || hawaii five-0by Doctor Rodney McKay
"god she looks just like him." "it's almost unnerving." in which steve has a daughter, and she's exactly like him [hawaii five-0 season 3-?]
  • five-0
  • chín
  • danny
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Watchful (L Lawliet x Reader) by MyNameIsUndisclosed
Watchful (L Lawliet x Reader)by Little.sunshine
A 5 part fan fiction about your time under surveillance by L, due to suspicions of you being partnered with Kira. [Mild sexual content] [No smut/lemon]
  • llawliet
  • lryuzaki
  • deathnote
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The Coverup Team by JoseTheKraken
The Coverup Teamby Mother Of Tyler
Aliens aren't real. It was a simple sentence, a stupid sentence. Jason heard it many times from several people. Including his officials at the Federal Bureau of Investig...
  • taskforce
  • secret
  • mcyt
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High School Sweethearts by Alexis_Inthavong
High School Sweetheartsby Alexis Inthavong
Steve McGarrett has always been loyal to his one and only since they were sixteen years old. Two popular kids. No one thought they would last this long together. Definit...
  • taskforce
  • stevegarrett
  • hawaii
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Donald Ressler x Reader by Gryffindorgurl246
Donald Ressler x Readerby Extreme Blacklist fangirl
Y/N L/N is Donald Ressler's new partner. You are an FBI field agent working in the Counter terrorism unit. From what you know about this task force, you know these agent...
  • cooper
  • theblacklist
  • donald
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Jestem w świecie Death Note /Life Note Vs Death Note/ LxOC (Wersja Przepisana) by animelov333
Jestem w świecie Death Note /Life...by animelov333
LxOC Arashi, dziewczyna z ciężką przeszłością.Jest sama, ale jedyne szczęście znajduje w oglądaniu anime.Pewnego dnia umiera w wypadku samochodowym.Jednak nie spodziewał...
  • shinigami
  • lightyagami
  • matt
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A New Chapter by rebotgaming
A New Chapterby rebotgaming
After gaining their positions back, task force 141 was introduced to the new girl mikko 'lynx' carman. When she is fitting in they found secrets about her origins that c...
  • soap
  • ghost
  • modernwarfare
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A Hawaii Five O Story - 'O Ke Ala O ko Makou Ola - The way of our lifes... by XAsunnyAX
A Hawaii Five O Story - 'O Ke Ala...by xa.sunny.ax
A McKono Fanfiction What if our Mr. Superseal and our strong girl fell in love for each other... ❤️ You will see ;)✒️
  • aloha
  • dannywilliams
  • superseal
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Perfect man  by neymar-marco-james
Perfect man by James.Neymar.Marco
Unknown : I never thought I'd say this but you look cute together and James take care of her or Steve and I are going to kill you and I'm not joking . Read the story to...
  • love
  • isco
  • jamesrodriguez
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Danger, Raymond Reddington goes to Hogwarts. by Weasleytwins0102
Danger, Raymond Reddington goes to...by Fred and George
Imagine if it wasn't a task force. Imagine if all of them were children, children who were wizards and witches. Raymond Reddington a cunning 11 year old wizard impatient...
  • meera
  • liz
  • aram
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Impossible: An L Lawliet Love Story by Tukikochan
Impossible: An L Lawliet Love Storyby Tukikochan
When Aurora Hakatashi escapes from her cell in the Diclonius Research Institute, she meets an unlikely group: the Task Force. After moving in with them, L starts to susp...
  • misa
  • taskforce
  • deathnote
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A little trouble a Hawaii 5-0 fanfic by Bankrupedwithoutlove
A little trouble a Hawaii 5-0 fanf...by let my life be the proof of y...
Grace is sick during a storm only to be captured with her dad. Can the rest to Hawaii 5-0s greatest task force find her in time? Read to find out!
  • dannydannowilliams
  • hawaii50
  • hurt-comfort
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The Forgotten(Light's/Kira's POV)(Death Note Fanfic) by Animefreak1145
The Forgotten(Light's/Kira's POV)(...by ѕв χ єveryonє
(((SPOILER ALERT FOR THE END OF DEATH NOTE!!!!))) The thoughts and emotions that passes through Kira/Light during the final episode of Death Note. Where he sees just ho...
  • task
  • oneshot
  • angst
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Killborn by SherriiAmor
Killbornby Sherri Amor
--It's a nightmare, only I'm not waking up. My skin feels sticky and warm. As I stare at my red dress in the mirror, my mind screams that it's wrong. White. It's suppose...
  • supernatural
  • kill
  • murderer
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It's always darkest before the dawn. by ElizabethRosaria
It's always darkest before the daw...by Iza Yaninya
This is a part in a story that I'm currently writing it will not be add to the story it's self and this is a one-shot about Vince (aka Virus-138) and Dante Sparda giving...
  • taskforce
  • devilmaycry
  • dimensional
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The Scary World We Know (SCP FOUNDATION) by GalacticcKitten
The Scary World We Know (SCP FOUND...by Smol Carl
Ivan is a scip at the foundation given the choice to die or serve in the Foundation's military. Being fearful of what comes next he choose's to serve. With the aid of h...
  • military
  • danger
  • taskforce
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The artifact by Dragonfly532
The artifactby Dragonfly532
Rashida is anything but a normal person in fact she not even human after being kidnapped she is asked to join a task force to help save the world read to find out what s...
  • superhero
  • artifacts
  • team
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Battle of Oblivion Pt 1 What to become by jackson54
Battle of Oblivion Pt 1 What to be...by jackson54
See description on prologue
  • soilders
  • army
  • private
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Hands of Empires: Parkouritary #1 by FEELSTHEWRITER
Hands of Empires: Parkouritary #1by FEELSTHEWRITER
We don't like to think about the simple question of"what happens if we don't succeed?" And when we do, there's usually a plan in place for failure. But what ha...
  • secrets
  • risk
  • taskforce
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