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She's No Woman [Inotan] by eatyaheart
She's No Woman [Inotan]by Ҡҽղղվ
"My name is Inosuke..." I noticed her voice sounded masculine. "And, uhm, I'm not, actually a girl..." She confessed obviously embarrassed, or shoul...
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School Lovers {InoTan} by leaitsjustme
School Lovers {InoTan}by lea
Kimetsu no Yaiba modern and school AU !! Main ship is Inotan, only fluffy and cute stuff maybe cringe tho lmao No spoilers ! My first story ever, I'll do my best !! Cove...
Inotan oneshots :)) by ItzMoth
Inotan oneshots :))by Moth
I will bring my favorite ship to you! >:) I will make stories hopefully every 2 days?? Anyways, get ready for terrible writing. Please give me oneshot recemendations...
{inotan} ♡~our first kiss~♡ by theAmazingAizen
{inotan} ♡~our first kiss~♡by theAmazingAizen
NO SMUT|| Find out and readdd🤭🤭🤭
The first time I fell in love {Inotan} by leaitsjustme
The first time I fell in love {Ino...by lea
Kimetsu no Yaiba Modern Highschool AU ! Inotan is the main ship obviously 🥰 This story contains insults/swear words. Might be angst a bit but no deaths Might be cringe...
We'll Get Through This Together.  by StephanieCaricio
We'll Get Through This Together. by Stephanie Caricio
After a terrible accident tanjiro and inosuke grow protective of each other, they care about each other and love each other they want to spend every second with each oth...
"It's going to be ok." InoTan  by steves_secretlover
"It's going to be ok." InoTan by Milo
Uh so like I suck at describing things but bas it's a modern AU because I really like those and like you kinda just have to read it to be able to understand what goes on...
Anime Oneshots by theskullofkenny
Anime Oneshotsby mao
♡ Oneshots because I can't write actual stories ☆ Danganronpa not included, my other book is for that :P ♤ A bit more serious than all my other old oneshots, as they we...
IɴᴏTᴀɴ OɴᴇSʜᴏᴛs (Bᴏᴛᴛᴏᴍ Iɴᴏsᴜᴋᴇ) by xLay_Layx
IɴᴏTᴀɴ OɴᴇSʜᴏᴛs (Bᴏᴛᴛᴏᴍ Iɴᴏsᴜᴋᴇ)by ♡︎𝕝𝕠𝕝_𝕝𝕒𝕪 ♡︎
I am too in love with this ship. this is my first time writing about something other than Bnha. anyways this is just like the tittle said. ❛ 🅁🄴🅀🅄🄴🅂🅃🅂 🄰🅁🄴 🄾🄿...
Inotan and Nezukana😍 by inotanlover
Inotan and Nezukana😍by Inotan lover😈‼️
This is so short its one chapter and basically a one shot (i think i dint even knwo what a oneshot is)
~*Truth or dare*~ (A 💙❤️InoTan❤️💙) by An-anime-addict
~*Truth or dare*~ (A 💙❤️InoTan❤️�...by An-anime-addict
TRUTH OR DARE FANFICTION YASSSSS (there's also UzuZen, KanaNezu, SaneObaGiyuu, and ShinoMitsu! This also takes place in the modern au.)
My Opinions On Demon Slayer/Kimetsu No Yaiba Ships by Hyunjinsbiggestsimp
My Opinions On Demon Slayer/Kimets...by ILoveHyunjin
This is a book about MY OPINIONS so if you like a ship but i disagree don't take it to personal. If you want you can comment your opinions and some ship names :D I will...
he's..wonderful..  by tenjerioneokamedoa
he's..wonderful.. by The Idiot
Under the Stars With You by Bkdk_shiper_andSimp
Under the Stars With Youby Em0_T1ONALdamage
Tanjiro and the others after the entertainment arc! They are in a somewhat modern version of the actual show so think of it as this! - Regular cities, suburbs and ext bu...
InoTan short story by KylisTrangender
InoTan short storyby I'M GAY HAHA
I can't think of any names. But it is a Inosuke and Tanjiro ship sooo. Disclaimer: none of the pic are mine Also Tanjiro is blind. I got this idea from l-sunxflower-l he...
Expectativas [ InoTan ]  by RobyRabbit
Expectativas [ InoTan ] by □ M i n i n a □
Tanjiro tiene la esperanza de que el chico que le gusta es un chico confiado, decisivo, atractivo y apasionado. Pero a Tanjiro le gusta Inosuke. Cr. Portada: (@aosuki88...
♡︎ Forgotten love ♡︎ Inotan ♡︎ by ItzMoth
♡︎ Forgotten love ♡︎ Inotan ♡︎by Moth
⚠︎︎ Manga spoilers ⚠︎︎ This is my 3rd book after my failed attempt at "Dear Brother" I did succeed in "Inotan Oneshots :))". So I'm making this book...
Kōgōsei by ssunji
Kōgōseiby ssunji .
Tanjiro Kamado's college life doesn't go the way he anticipated when his roommate, Inosuke Hashibira, turns out to be the guy he headbutted on the train.
Trust yourself ! - Inotan/Tanino by Laudu972
Trust yourself ! - Inotan/Taninoby madinina_lau
Premièrement, cette histoire sera en ✨english✨ en fait. Mais je vais faire une version française aussi. ☼In this story, in hight school AU, a girl named Himena (that I t...