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☆꧁༒☬Boboiboy Oneshots☬༒꧂☆ by AylaRezha
☆꧁༒☬Boboiboy Oneshots☬༒꧂☆by AylaRezha
🔞The stories im gonna make are smutfictions🔞 DISCLAIMER : BOBOIBOY CHARACTERS IS NOT MINE And the cover and pictures
Mirror [Reverse AU] [Completed] by _Amethyx_
Mirror [Reverse AU] [Completed]by uwu me and i'll uwu your kne...
Boboiboy was hiding something; something that would change everyone's lives for the worst. Maybe their leader wasn't so innocent after all...
BoBoiBoy Galaxy Fanmade Season Three by seraphinalakmana
BoBoiBoy Galaxy Fanmade Season Thr...by SeraTheWriter
The question remains. What happened after BoBoiBoy defeated Vargoba? Sure, they hung out at Tempur-A, but what happened after that? Did they return to TAPOPS? What adven...
Boboiboy Oneshots by lazy_august
Boboiboy Oneshotsby bee
Just random BBB oneshots that I come up with #1 - angin (sept 24, 2020)
Hepta! Love | Boboiboy x Reader by TeamKaizo
Hepta! Love | Boboiboy x Readerby TeamKaizo
An alternate universe in which superpowers and extraterrestrials do not exist in this world; a universe in which each of Boboiboy's element is a separate person of his o...
Our Little Brother by ejenfatini
Our Little Brotherby Tini
💙 [ 🅾🅽 🅶🅾🅸🅽🅶 / 🅾🅽 🅷🅾🅻🅳 ] 💙 ⇛ sᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜ ʙᴏᴏᴋ ⇚ Tanah and Petir were a happy family together with their parents. But, apparently their parents brought someone...
Fangirling Boboiboy Compilations ✔ by floatingheels
Fangirling Boboiboy Compilations ✔by Hiatus bby
literally and solely made for the purpose to lash out my fangirling and randomness that contain this precious human boi cuz WHO DON'T LOVE HIM?! and mostly full of rando...
Tetamu Tuhan 50 Hari by HilalAsyraf
Tetamu Tuhan 50 Hariby Hilal Asyraf
Novel Tetamu Tuhan 50 Hari membawa pembaca meneliti kisah Wasim, seorang pemuda berusia awal 30-an. Walaupun mempunyai isteri yang solehah, dia hidup terumbang-ambing de...
5 Kuasa Elemental [OG] [SU] by aliy_aliyana
5 Kuasa Elemental [OG] [SU]by bby <3
5 kuasa elemental Kisah ini menceritakan seorang budak yang selalu dipandang rendah oleh semua orang.Suatu hari sesuatu yang pelik terjadi... "Abang rasa berape kua...
3 o'clock ➵Coffee Shop AU ✔ by floatingheels
3 o'clock ➵Coffee Shop AU ✔by Hiatus bby
❝ Today's Name is? ❞ She never wished anything eventful in her life. But there he is. Without care. Pulling her slowly, Melting her freezing heart. Everyday, 3 pm (GMT +...
Boboiboy One Shots - The Original Trio by Ais_21_
Boboiboy One Shots - The Original...by וOFFLINE•×
[ VERY SLOW UPDATE ] Sorry QwQ THE ORIGINAL TRIO My favourite Trio in all of the elements A lot of: # Random stories # Sad stories # Happy stories # Stories in Alternate...
United by MidnightMeadows
Unitedby MidnightMeadows
Why did Cahaya leave, but return as Solar after just appearing? (Or, after months apart, the Boboiboy elements are finally reunited.)
Kin by MidnightMeadows
Kinby MidnightMeadows
Family was a concept the Boboiboy siblings were familiar with. Each brother had his own story to tell. (Or, some Boboiboy drabbles, starred by the Bois themselves.)
return of my brother by NurAtika676
return of my brotherby Boboiboy reverse
Di cerita ini menceritakan angin akan berkorban untuk melindungi titisan dari 6 persaudara hanggar tidak terulang kembali dimana angin melihat saudara meninggalkan dia s...
Unison by MidnightMeadows
Unisonby MidnightMeadows
Well, they expected Nut's invention to do something mind-boggling. but not quite like this. (Or, the elementals meet someone quite unexpected.)
Harga Murah !! 0852.1723.4482 Bronjong Kawat Galvanis by BronjongGalvanis23
Harga Murah !! 0852.1723.4482 Bron...by BronjongGalvanis23
TANGGUH PUTRA merupakan perusahaan yang memproduksi dan menjual bronjong kawat berkualitas tinggi. Dengan tenaga kerja ahli yang berpengalaman dan didukung dengan bahan...
BBB Truth or Dare by mAmA_sAkUrA
BBB Truth or Dareby Mama
sᴛᴀᴛᴜs ! ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛʟʏ ᴏɴ-ʜɪᴀᴛᴜs Hi! Ohayou minna! This is my first book, hope you like it. Come and join Boboiboy siblings making Truth or Dare. Readers are welcome too...
My Little Brother by LeeHyuna96
My Little Brotherby Hyuna
[Siblings AU, NO POWER] ..... He almost lost his brother. What would happen if his little brother isn't found? ..... (Okay. I'm suck at writing summary so this may so...
【I am He, He is Me】•••《A BOBOIBOY short story [#NoHappyEndingz2k19]》 by Hello_Im_Crazy279
【I am He, He is Me】•••《A BOBOIBOY...by J the jar
❝who are you?❞ ❛The boy gave him nothing less but a simple tug on his thin lips. For the first time he smiled❜ ❝I am he,he is me❞ ••• Started: || June 28, 2019 || Ended:...
Our Song (Boboiboy Song Reference) by kylie_chan2015
Our Song (Boboiboy Song Reference)by Eroneko_chan
*w/ or w/out reader. Random Musical Scenarios with BaByBois and the gang. Now.... Let's Paaartyy~~