Almost Royalty by whythecliches
Almost Royaltyby tired.
Richmond Academy is one of the most prestigious schools in the world, with the next leaders of the world and the kids of fame's finest walking their very hallways. Thous...
  • love
  • boardingschool
  • private-school
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Colorblind (BWWM) by kalaxis
Colorblind (BWWM)by Esther
Gray, white and black. That's all the shades Alana's ever know. Being born colorblind put a limit on her eyes but never the extent of her ambition. Till she bumps into...
  • romance
  • comingofage
  • colorblind
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✔ DRUNK words, SOBER thoughts ✖ hemmings au by AudreyEve
✔ DRUNK words, SOBER thoughts ✖ Audrey Eve
Luke's ass sits on a throne at the top of the social chain, but with popularity comes limitations. Don't do this, don't do that. As Luke loses sight of who he is, Ari Qu...
  • funny
  • philippines
  • lukehemmingsfanfic
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A Priestess for the Blind God (Legends of Rahasia Book 1) by authorsophiawhitte
A Priestess for the Blind God ( Sophia Whittemore
"The Blind God walks around me, and I feel my mind prodded again like it was in the cavern, a spider weaving a tangled web. "Would you do anything to be rememb...
  • projectwomanup
  • elements
  • talkthepoc
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The Merciless Black List Of Highland High #1 |  TO BE PUBLISHED SOON by moonchildnessa
The Merciless Black List Of nessa
#4| SS 140417 #93| TF 250717 BEST TEEN FICTION & BEST OVERALL STORY IN TFA2017 ❝They will screw over anyone and everyone as long as they get what they want.❞ Highland Hi...
  • wattys2017
  • talkthepoc
  • amazon
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In Full Bloom | COMPLETED by notgonnabailyouout
In Full Bloom | COMPLETEDby Bailey
❀Wattys 2018 longlist❀ ❀Wattpad Featured Story❀ ❝ I like you more than I thought I would.❞ Georgia had made up her mind about David, but when he goes out of his way to...
  • weneeddiversebooks
  • fiction
  • realisticfiction
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Dared To Love by Artemiine
Dared To Loveby فالري
"It Was All A Dare," ________________________________________ Zahra Jones just wanted to finish school, enjoy her life and avoid Levi Karldon completely. But...
  • drama
  • girl
  • interracial
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7:23am | ✓ by bateaux
7:23am | ✓by kell 幽霊
Talia's life just got a heck of a lot more complicated, and the anonymous person sending her text messages at an ungodly hour is the reason for that. Copyright © k.s. l...
  • romance
  • dialogue
  • funny
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Through Your Eyes ✓ by ladyliteral
Through Your Eyes ✓by .
[ A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY ] [ 63 CHAPTERS + EPILOGUE ] → #2 in Teen Fiction ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ❝You're frowning,❞ he murmured, tapping his forefinger on one corner o...
  • art
  • wattys2018
  • comingofage
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1001 Nights by ellechanel
1001 Nightsby elle ™
❝Tell me a story, love.❞ In which, a slave girl tells a bloodthirsty king a story in exchange for her life. [07.15.16] all rights reserved ©2016
  • marriage
  • evil
  • kingdom
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My Monster Mate by Mbalii
My Monster Mateby al.
"Look at me." He demands. "No." I whisper. "Look at me or I swear, I will do it! " He shouts. I slowly remove my hands from my face and...
  • helpfightcliches
  • jealousy
  • fate
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Honor In Blood ✓ (BWWM) by kalaxis
Honor In Blood ✓ (BWWM)by Esther
Highest rank: #1 in blackgirl on 15/Aug/2018 Shauna's a bird with clipped wings tossed into a cage. All she ever wanted was to fly again and, for a moment, she did. Bu...
  • italian
  • wattys2018
  • writteninaction
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The Artist and The Dancer by nikki20038
The Artist and The Dancerby nic
Hamilton Academy of the Arts. The school Sydney Acosta moved to all the way from Toronto, Ontario at some barely known town that should actually be considered a city. Af...
  • humor
  • projectpoc
  • artist
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Zulema h.s. by kanyesdiary
Zulema N
In which Harry attempts to take advantage of a sweet, innocent girl and is shocked to find out she is the complete opposite.
  • talkthepoc
  • romance
  • diverselit
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CLAIRE B. JONES by blissfvlly
CLAIRE B. JONESby - ̗̀ tj ̖́-
He didn't know he loved caramel so much until he met Claire B. Jones. started: december 24, 2017 finished: [ slow updates. ]
  • youngadult
  • poc
  • romance
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Born From Chaos by spite-
Born From Chaosby ♛
2015 WATTY AWARD WINNER || PART OF THE EBONY SERIES || COMPLETED || EDITING || In the old times, all there was were the Necromancers and the Reapers. Perfect opposites...
  • woc
  • halloween
  • weareteenqueens
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Mimeomia | ✓ by violadavis
Mimeomia | ✓by cate
The princess saves herself. Over and over again. wattys 2018 longlist; #8 CL © 2017 caterina george // all rights reserved
  • bxg
  • romance
  • talkthepoc
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(#1) Roommates by Day, Enemies by Night by visheretowrite
(#1) Roommates by Day, Enemies v i o l e t
WARNING: CONTAINING AMOUNTS OF SASS PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN TO MANKIND In the city of NYC--- Ok. Hold up. First of all, New York City. What, are ya gonna assume everyone here...
  • action
  • womenofcolor
  • project
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✔ SLAPSHOT ✖ irwin au by AudreyEve
✔ SLAPSHOT ✖ irwin auby Audrey Eve
❝Be honest. Be brave. And fuck shit up.❞ ◌ In the wake of her twin brother's murder, Karris Villanueva transfers schools. Out of the stressful academia of Brampcrest Aca...
  • filipina
  • poc
  • hockey
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