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Hidden Wings - Part I by Amsrarsma
Hidden Wings - Part Iby Amsrarsma
A young Silverwing is turned into a human to hide from Death Eaters. But by being forced to live as something else, she forgets parts of who she was before... ...
Hidden Wings - Part II [STILL CONTINUING] by Amsrarsma
Hidden Wings - Part II [STILL Amsrarsma
THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF THE FIRST BOOK: HIDDEN WINGS PART I A young Silverwing is turned into a human to hide from Death Eaters. But by being forced to live as somethi...
Raised by Wolves | Completed by idobemissydoe
Raised by Wolves | Completedby Missy
The Adams family is driving home with their newborn baby boy, Eugene Adams. But they crash into a tree while driving in the woods. What happens if Eugene is the only sur...
vampire moon princess  by HeatherBoudreaux0
vampire moon princess by Heather Boudreaux
it's a story about a family of gods who where killed off one by one only three was left out of the family its starts with the three sisters and their story and journey...
Myths are Sometimes Real (Johnny x Human!Reader) by AWSOMEwh69A
Myths are Sometimes Real (Johnny AWSOMEwh69A
In the Sing Universe, where humans are considered a myth and are told to little children as a way of making them behave, saying if they don't, a human will come and boil...
Underworld Office Oneshots by StarSystem8880
Underworld Office Oneshotsby Star
I am appalled at how few GOOD UO stories there are on this app, so I'm fixing it. Requests are open, but this is mainly for my own indulgence. If I do Boss x Readers, I'...
Tourist Trap by Wuckster
Tourist Trapby Wuckster
[A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] Okay, so Dr. Octavius is a kooky but lovable mad scientist. You'd really like him if you ever met him. But one day he disappears through a s...
The Four Elements (A PJ Masks Fanfiction) by stephaniebelynda1224
The Four Elements (A PJ Masks Stephanie&Stefano
The PJ Masks meet ME, and they get surprised that I know about their powers. Read the story for further explanation.
Wanna Hank Out? (Talking Tom and Friends: Becca x Hank) by AlexaDudette
Wanna Hank Out? (Talking Tom and AlexaDudette
Becca being accused of stealing Angela's boyfriend, Tom, confesses that she actually has feelings for a certain little couch potato. After hearing this, Hank rushes upst...
This World Is A Jungle  by Buckets_Of_Stars
This World Is A Jungle by @buckets_of_stars
A Zootopia inspired IronDad AU featuring tiger cub!Peter Parker and his overprotective tiger dad!Tony Stark. REQUESTS ARE OPEN.
The Looney Tunes Show | Bugs x Lola Oneshots and Headcanons by AlexaDudette
The Looney Tunes Show | Bugs x AlexaDudette
There was once a teenage girl who fell in love...with the ship of Lola and Bugs from the Looney Tunes Show. TLTS was scarce in fan content, so the girl sailed across the...
Hara and the Witch by wheretheromi
Hara and the Witchby wheretheromi
Hara and Plim have been questing together for years, adventuring beyond their homes and discovering the world as paid questers (they've also dethroned a few kings along...
Parallels by InkFoxPrints
Parallelsby Wrong Password
Whether or not Theodore Aspen (Theo, to his few friends) wanted to get dragged into the conflict between his old home, Terra, and his new one, Earth, that doesn't matter...
Nico the Intelligent Cat by Zamiote
Nico the Intelligent Catby Zamiote E
Follow the short adventures of Nico the Intelligent Cat! :3
defined by exclusion: a webcomic  by aelliotlee
defined by exclusion: a webcomic by Elliot
they're the protists of the animal kingdom! ** all lowercase completely and utterly intentional. please do not disrespect the lowercase. contains vulgar language and str...
Luna's Life by Twilight_attack
Luna's Lifeby A writer 🤷🏽‍♀️
Aimed at 8-11 year olds [COMPLETED] I like writing animal stories and my favourite animal is a wolf so I came up with this story about a white wolf named Luna and her li...
The Infinity Box  (Tourist Trap Book 3) by Wuckster
The Infinity Box (Tourist Trap Wuckster
The residents of Quartzwater City have gone mad in the hunt for a hidden treasure and Max thinks he can use his "unparalleled" detective skills to get an insid...
BURNING THE OLD YEAR ―― prince caspian by -kazrietvelds
BURNING THE OLD YEAR ―― prince olivine elysium
❝ DID YOU JUST SEVER A HEAD WITHOUT ANY PRACTICE WHATSOEVER ? ❞ ❝ WHAT, LIKE IT'S HARD ? ❞ BURNING THE OLD YEAR, a prince caspian story. fem!oc x prince caspian. co...
Stones of the Heart: Rise of the Dragon Empress by MyKataren
Stones of the Heart: Rise of the Kataren
Dying at the hands of a fire and whisked away by a strange man dressed in an ancient Chinese garb, Lana, a normal 26 year old girl, experienced dying twice as Xiaoxi, th...
Isle of Death (Zoo #2) by AwsomeDragons
Isle of Death (Zoo #2)by jay
Chronicles of Zoo: Book Two Due to their close encounter with Katestra, Queen Persephone has taken special interest our six heroes, but plans drastically change whe...