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Hidden Wings - Part I by Amsrarsma
Hidden Wings - Part Iby Amsrarsma’s Wings
A young Silverwing is turned into a human to hide from Death Eaters. But by being forced to live as something else, she forgets parts of who she was before... ...
Hidden Wings - Part II by Amsrarsma
Hidden Wings - Part IIby Amsrarsma’s Wings
THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF THE FIRST BOOK: HIDDEN WINGS PART I A young Silverwing is turned into a human to hide from Death Eaters. But by being forced to live as somethi...
Isle of Death (Zoo #2) by AwsomeDragons
Isle of Death (Zoo #2)by jay
Chronicles of Zoo: Book Two Due to their close encounter with Katestra, Queen Persephone has taken special interest our six heroes, but plans drastically change whe...
Myths are Sometimes Real (Johnny x Human!Reader) by AWSOMEwh69A
Myths are Sometimes Real (Johnny AWSOMEwh69A
In the Sing Universe, where humans are considered a myth and are told to little children as a way of making them behave, saying if they don't, a human will come and boil...
Under the Moonlight by Sweetthecandy
Under the Moonlightby Candy
Sapphire are a small wolf pup who somehow got into a Alternate universe(called Skyria) where she has powers and is in a nation called Moonlight wolves, as she learns mor...
Dear Theodosia - TUA by WolfLover_13
Dear Theodosia - TUAby WolfLover_13
Jade is Number 8 of the Hargeeves family. But not for our favourites the Umbrella Academy, instead, she was adopted into the Sparrow Academy as number 8, along with her...
When Fish Climb Trees... by Squiggles_XD
When Fish Climb Lumine
Listen I'm weird. Don't question it. So yeah, the title explains it all. Fish. They climb trees, but with a twist. Guess you'll just have to find out :)
The Sorceress: Blossoming Power by MaJoanB
The Sorceress: Blossoming Powerby MaJoanB
His sharp eyes glanced at her for a moment. "You are not worthy to stand by my side," said Lei Ming with boldness on their wedding night. Xinyi felt indignant...
Shatterstar and Other Cataclysms (Short Stories) by Olvaaarrdd
Shatterstar and Other Cataclysms ( Olvard Smith
THE SHATTERSTAR BROKE THE WORLD: lives were darkened, devastated, and built anew. These eclectic tales were born in the wake of apocalypse. Each short story features the...
Raised by Wolves | Completed by idobemissydoe
Raised by Wolves | Completedby Missy
The Adams family is driving home with their newborn baby boy, Eugene Adams. But they crash into a tree while driving in the woods. What happens if Eugene is the only sur...
Wonder Park: Fire and Rescue by Maddiebug7
Wonder Park: Fire and Rescueby Maddiebug7
June Bailey cannot wait for the first ever Wonder Festival that she thought of to begin. However, when one of her best friends, Dusty Crophopper, the world famous racing...
Eladea: A Hopeless Age by TimeDoggo
Eladea: A Hopeless Ageby Time Doggo
After a short but hard war that only lasted less than a year, Eladea was split into six parts. With tensions rising between the two sides, it looks like everything's gea...
The cruel world in my dream by marshmallowsnow
The cruel world in my dreamby Haillie Suares
A black kitten gets these weird feelings of the woods that lives beyond the fence of his home.He finally gets the courage to go in.He thought it was a magical place...
Underworld Office Oneshots by HelixicalSystem8880
Underworld Office Oneshotsby Helix
I am appalled at how few GOOD UO stories there are on this app, so I'm fixing it. Requests are open, but this is mainly for my own indulgence. If I do Boss x Readers, I'...
What if Ash was in my life as a teenage robot by AshB_thecoolest
What if Ash was in my life as a
This is if Ash was In the My life as a teenage robot series,(Cannon)
This World Is A Jungle  by Buckets_Of_Stars
This World Is A Jungle by @buckets_of_stars
A Zootopia inspired IronDad AU featuring tiger cub!Peter Parker and his overprotective tiger dad!Tony Stark. REQUESTS ARE OPEN.
Grievances of an Aomori Raccoon by aidanlac
Grievances of an Aomori Raccoonby Aidan LaCroix
Set in the quaint city of Aomori, Japan, this story follows a traveling narrator's fleeting connection with a talking raccoon that calls the city home. The story touches...
The Human Canine by aligonzalezXO
The Human Canineby aaliyah❤️
Meet Avalon. She is a thirteen year old girl who was raised by wolves from infancy. She never knew that she wasn't a wolf until her thirteenth birthday, when her mother...
Talking Tom and Friends: Attack of The Witch by Rajatava77
Talking Tom and Friends: Attack Rajatava77
Talking Tom and Friends - The Attack of The Witch! A mysterious witch named Redina has attacked Talking Tom and Friends, and she is messing everything up for Tom, Angela...
The Looney Tunes Show | Bugs x Lola Oneshots and Headcanons by AlexaDudette
The Looney Tunes Show | Bugs x AlexaDudette
There was once a teenage girl who fell in love...with the ship of Lola and Bugs from the Looney Tunes Show. TLTS was scarce in fan content, so the girl sailed across the...