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PURE LOVE by Aleja13051
PURE LOVEby Aleja13051
Since they saw each other there was an immediate attraction, neither of them knows what love is. Through this story they will discover that it is love and the obstacles...
A Loud Silence by lilgrandmama
A Loud Silenceby ICE
Ram can only stand frozen when a handsome stranger runs to him and hug him. "Save me! Save me!" The handsome stranger shouted. By the frantic looks of the stra...
The Seed by weatherman_08
The Seedby weatherman
~A RamKing Fanfiction~ The story starts after their scene on the campsite where the supposedly first kiss happened between Ram and King. What if the kiss didn't happen...
I LOVE YOU perth Talay by stewartkookie
I LOVE YOU perth Talayby zee<3
it is about an actor Perth and Talay. They both were selected to be in a BL series called my engineer which the other 6 friends of Talay . But Perth was a new guy . They...
Codename 0010 by mauiseens
Codename 0010by Bambi
Faye a mysterious Agent who Was assigned to find her missing mother , will she find her? Or will she find something else?
King Of Engineering  by lilgrandmama
King Of Engineering by ICE
"Hey cool boy! Be my boyfriend." Ram just gives his senior a blank look. "If you don't respond then it's a yes." Ram again just gives his signature...
Underwater by naruxsasumi
Underwaterby naruxsasumi
Y-Destiny rewritten. disclaimer: I own nothing. I simply manipulated the existing plot for my own enjoyment. I hope you will enjoy it too. After watching Y-Destiny (Yoo...
Do You Love Me     by Oo_Nge
Do You Love Me by Oo_Nge
အင်ဂျင်နီယာကျောင်းက ကောင်လေး လေးယောက်ရဲ့ အရှုပ်တော်ပုံ အချစ်ဇာတ်လမ်းလေးတစ်ပုဒ်....
Who || Ramking ¶ Nottpun by koko14min
Who || Ramking ¶ Nottpunby r a m k i n g
RAMKING ¶ NOTTPUN You can love two persons at the same time, but never at the same level. In a world where King is Pun.
The Reason Why by somethingrings
The Reason Whyby somethingrings
Short story about Talay falling in love with Perth in another universe 🤟
100 Reasons by JennyGrammar
100 Reasonsby Jenny Grammar
"I don't love him! I can think of at least a hundred reasons why I shouldn't love him." Start: 12/09/2020 Finished: 26/01/2021 My Engineer Fanfiction
New Love :: BounPrem :: LayPerth by bOunprEm_3
New Love :: BounPrem :: LayPerthby ♫MinTae
«-•-»••Book 3 of 4••«-•-» Reincarnation is when you are reborn into another body and have a new life. A fresh start. But wait... does that mean that you need to have a n...
On track by somethingrings
On trackby somethingrings
Another Perthtalay short story but this time is angst time 💀
Pedals by dreamerstay
Pedalsby Lala
My Engineer- Thai BL - Ram- King ff Ram is a college freshman who tends to keep to himself and his close friends. King is a rowdy upperclassmen who has a deep love for...
The Seven Continents Of gods (BXB) || English Version by kristankrian
The Seven Continents Of gods (BXB)...by The_Sinner
Many years ago, a group called "The Seven Continents of gods" appear and became famous in the underground Society and different places in the Philippines. They...
This is what I've been reading and watching during quarantine! If you love BL and read YAOI MANGA, this are lists of my favourites! Feel free to scan this. Xoxo
Tickles at the Treehouse [RamKing][One-shot][ENG and PT-BR] by naru_oliveira
Tickles at the Treehouse [RamKing]...by Naru
King was visiting his treehouse after a long time and ends up finding a boy hiding there. What can happen when two completely different children meet during the summer? ...
Never the same (Ramking FF) by AnimeS-J
Never the same (Ramking FF)by AnimeS-J
Story is set after chapter 25 of the novel. Space: the gap between us (english translation by taynewlovebot) Warning: Gonna be sad