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Everything Has Changed by kiki0626
Everything Has Changedby Cal💙
Maisie Clifford had the perfect life. She has her dream job as a freelance photographer, the perfect apartment in the heart of San Francisco, her favorite city in the wo...
Take My Hand|| Ricky (ZB1) Fanfic  by xmoonlight_dahyunx
Take My Hand|| Ricky (ZB1) Fanfic by Helly 💖
Helly and Ricky were in a relationship for 5 years. They are completely and deeply in love until tragedy strikes one day and Helly's love is taken away from her in a dis...
Struck From The Sun: By Nightmare Nathan by creepypastasforlife
Struck From The Sun: By Nightmare...by Nightmare Nathan and Bleeding...
A series of poems about depression, anxiety, love, murder, suicide, and plenty more.
Take My Hand by adoringjinhwan
Take My Handby adoringjinhwan
"I've never forgotten him. I miss him. I still see him in my dreams. They are nightmares mostly, but nightmares tinged with love. I still cannot understand how he c...
Best Books On WattPad by ANON_2017
Best Books On WattPadby ANON_2017
ALL the great books i've read on WattPad.
5sos images by 5SOSover1D
5sos imagesby 5SOSover1D
Short images of your favourite boys from 5 seconds of summer
TAKE MY HAND by PaulaElena12
TAKE MY HANDby PaulaElena12
They have been togather has friends for a year. He has feelings for her and she does too, but none of them now. This is going to be a romantic story.
the chance of choice by TatumBall
the chance of choiceby Tatum Ball
she sits as she waits for no longer pain. after everything is taken from her All Is Lost and she feels she can never have that love back, but once one person trys to cha...
Hҽɾ Gɾҽҽɳ Eყҽʂ (S.Rσɠҽɾʂ) by kahnnie
Hҽɾ Gɾҽҽɳ Eყҽʂ (S.Rσɠҽɾʂ)by ✨the fanfictress✨
Sequel to Take My Hand(L.Lauefyson) After killing her husband, Loki, Kabria is finally free to be herself. She's found herself falling in love with Steve Rogers and him...
Nothing but scars by deep_society
Nothing but scarsby moonwolfcub
Dove has a secret. A secret that means her past has left her with scars physically and mentally. She lives her life ashamed and hidden. she chose at a young age not to l...
The best Version of You by ImHaejin
The best Version of Youby ImHaejin
Our past is passed... ... be the best version of you today!
Take My Hand{Completed} by RubyThu16
Take My Hand{Completed}by RubyThu16
Give me your hand before I old Show me what love is Show me that wonders can be true Mingyu & Eunbyeol
Take My Hand (Escareal Series #1) by sincerelyalys
Take My Hand (Escareal Series #1)by ayla
Veronica Prince Escareal used to hate this self-assertive, sarcastic, prideful, and notorious playboy named Blaine Joaquin Villanueva back to their high school days. Eac...
The Way He Looked At Me  by Poetictiye
The Way He Looked At Me by Sugasfinger
"I didn't want to do it without you." "Wait so what were you doing all that time?" "Ummm..... nothing." "what d-" "Are you...
Take my Hand (One Shot Story) by karezziii
Take my Hand (One Shot Story)by karezziii
Naranasan mo na ba ang maisayaw .? Maisayaw ng taong mahal mo .? Yung tipong hahawakan ang kamay mo tas ang bewang at sabay kayong gagalaw sa saliw ng musika .? Yung pa...