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➳ t ᥲ g s by little-chu
➳ t ᥲ g sby Juro ^-^
υwυ a вooĸ oғ тagѕ
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Tags & Answer by tiny_little_ifrit
Tags & Answerby Priya Mehrotra
It basically contains the answer of the questions in which i get tagged, so yea its also hold a lot of info about me so go check it out if you want to know something abo...
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Aphmau OneShots! by cbuugdrama9
Aphmau OneShots!by Cbuug
In a world where oneshots exist and are actually pretty good, one author aspires to do the kinda-sorta-maybe possible, and write! This should go well... Updates not very...
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Tags by sweggy_saegin
Tagsby Call_me_D_Agust_D
Tag and stuff
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Some Shturfsh (sh-ter-f-sh) by EmmaChoi
Some Shturfsh (sh-ter-f-sh)by Emma Choi
This is a collection of things I'm tagged in with some rants and birthday wishes for idols...ik boring but, whatevs!✌️
Vytal Snyfer by NKLNapoli
Vytal Snyferby NKLNapoli
Vytal Snyfer o per tutti chiamato "il povero"era un ragazzo che amava giocare a calcio ma con le difficolta del suo paese e della sua vita gli inpedivano di re...
The ♥ OF RENA&REMI by Lintangayumawar
The ♥ OF RENA&REMIby Lintangayumawar
Hay guys disini gue akan nyeritain tentang kisah seorang pelajar yg bernama rena dan remi yg tengah bercinta monyet di sekolah tetapi cintanya itu terhalang oleh sumpah...
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The Thief and the Babana Girl by cbuugdrama9
The Thief and the Babana Girlby Cbuug
He was just a prince turned thief. She was just a babana merchant/great sage's daughter. After Oliver left, they parted ways, and hadn't seen each other since. When they...
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Random Crap ヾ( ' - '*)  by thedustydaisy
Random Crap ヾ( ' - '*) by (」゚ペ)」
凸(`0')凸 This book is me saying stupid crap and its cringeworthy and pointless and stupid I swear here I don't care ヘ('◇'、)/ This book is bad for your health
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Tags by KaoruandHikarumine
Tagsby Erza Scarlet
I HATE ALL OF YOU! Not literally but still. WHY TAG MEH?!? What did I ever do to you!?!
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Broken Town by BouncySeel
Broken Townby NadNad
In a war zone, drained of hope, there is nowhere to go. Staying is a guaranteed death sentence, fleeing is forbidden- even so, almost 5 escape daily. But is there anywhe...
LOVE, ADMINS. (OPEN) by happyluvs
LOVE, ADMINS. (OPEN)by 💕ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍᴇ(ᴍᴇs)💕
applications open to join our group! LOVE ME(MES) is a non-profit orginasation based on spreading love to those in, and not in, need. spreading love is a favorite pastim...
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Book of Tags by PartyFor0ne
Book of Tagsby S. Jello Reed
Self explanatory book of tags
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Tags by Kaemii-
Tagsby ғℓσσғү тsυη∂εяε
Every time I get tagged ^^
PETALS - An Undertale AU by Spparki
PETALS - An Undertale AUby The Brightest Bulb In The Shed
Flowey steals all 7 souls of the children who fall down, becoming the god he's always dreamed of. He slowly kills off all the monsters in the underground one by one as h...
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Tags/Questions by CEDELAINE
Tags/Questionsby Rick
Annoy your friends and tag them, or answer these questions yourself in this amazingable (yeah I just made up a word, y'all can use that all week) Tag/Question Book! ***S...
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I can't think of a name by Themajesticaldonut
I can't think of a nameby Themajesticaldonut
I'm not sure to be honest, I just felt like writing a book so this happened
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Tagged... Your turn... by Yuko-kyun
Tagged... Your turn...by Yuko(??)
Tags from people... I'll post this drawing after Suki Kirai don't worry. And I'll accept tags by anybody.
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Tags by Magic_of_Juniper
Tagsby MOJ
Basically anyone that tags me with something to do I'll put in here. You can tag me in anything, I really don't mind, it's fun! (But legit this will never happen!)
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Glitter Force Ultimate Dare Book! by LucyE117
Glitter Force Ultimate Dare Book!by Glitter awesome
It's me, back with dares! As Glitter Awesomeness, I will use 5 dares in each chapter. It is your job to Dare the two Glitter Forces: Glitter Force and Glitter Force Doki...
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