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Vampire's crazy love  ✔ by Lekha_Log
Vampire's crazy love ✔by RJ's Caretaker
Will the great Vampire king's only son be able to find and cherish his soulmate???? Let's see Published: 30th December 2020 Was #1 in vampire
Soulmate | Taehyung  [COMPLETED] by writefully_
Soulmate | Taehyung [COMPLETED]by writefully_
Highest Ranking: #402 in TAETAE #4 in Ghost Love Soulmate: When soulmates turn into lovers... [Soul(ghost) + mate(friend) = soulmate] A friendship between Taehyung and...
Forbidden Love by Kim_Chilicious
Forbidden Loveby TaeMinKook
"The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have"
Like a dream {TAEHYUNG×Y/N}✔ by Taewaaaa
Like a dream {TAEHYUNG×Y/N}✔by Sallie :)
he was still cold as frost quake and you against him felt as warm pillow sheets, where he craves to burry his soul and find his warmth in frosty nights💫.
we are the same- kthxreader by taehyungpouts
we are the same- kthxreaderby tae’s wife
*SMUT WARNING* (🍋18+) You met a boy who was just like you. What happens when a shy boy gets a girlfriend? Will he change? KTHxREADER BOOK TWO: It's Always Been You is...
Taehyung: Hot Love Story by Anjgrande12
Taehyung: Hot Love Storyby Anjgrande12
When you first meet Taehyung at a Starbucks store, you 2 form a close bond of friendship. Until revealing something on a FaceTime call, that changed everything and ended...
Can you let me in? // KTH by malikjeon
Can you let me in? // KTHby malikjeon
*Updates daily* The story starts when you run into a clueless guy standing in front of the door to your dorm floor. You let him through the door, but what you thought w...
Heartless "Taehyung" by JiVkookBTS
Heartless "Taehyung"by Juwairiah C. Khan "Jiji"
I saved him.......I did the right thing right? I died for him. I didn't want to......but my heart is saying to save the person that I love. But......how can I love him n...
opposites attract by thoughtsofZaZa
opposites attractby zaza
Jimin is a perfectionist. He will do anything to achieve his goal and won't be satisfied when he has achieved it. He pushes and pushes himself until he collapses. When...
Should've Let Go! ||KTH|| by C_rememberray
Should've Let Go! ||KTH||by raysoutthehighway
I shouldn't have made you the most important person! I shouldn't have let you in my life! I shouldn't have love you with all my heart! I Should've Let Go! 🖤
Married To The Cold Guy  by ttaeffs
Married To The Cold Guy by bts fanfictions
A simple girl who really not much interest in love, her boss got arranged married her with the cold guy. Let's see how they gonna end up together!♡
 The Girl Will Never Be Mine 💜 by Lily_Love_Bts
The Girl Will Never Be Mine 💜by Lily🧚🏻‍♀️
A/N: I always feels Tae is a possesive lover too. I always feel that because he is so good looking and also an incredible person, he (or people) might think that he will...
It's Not You, It's Me by jinismyspiritanimal
It's Not You, It's Meby jimjams
in which a girl battles with herself to get over her ex
❤️ Our Song ❤️ by Lily_Love_Bts
❤️ Our Song ❤️by Lily🧚🏻‍♀️
Taehyung had two girlfriend , He love the one the most and almost ignored Y/N . Later he realises that Y/N was his Song 😭 *A/N :- While writing it I almost cried my hea...