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OMEGA under the MASK (Vkook/Taekook) ✅ by sugawolfie
OMEGA under the MASK (Vkook/Taekoo...by L.
Taehyung is human in the place full of werewolves. Jungkook is strong and possessive alpha. What will happen when the sleeping wolf awakes with the arrival of the new a...
My Rude Husband  ✔️ by _kookielucious_
My Rude Husband ✔️by kookielucious
Complete ♡(∩o∩)♡ Im kim taehyung. Jeon jungkook is my fiance it is a forced marriage though . ~ taehyung jungkook agree to this marriage because he wants to be the CEO...
Delivered || VKOOK || by jeonjiminiekook
Delivered || VKOOK ||by Jeonfyd
BlankTae?: hiiiiii who is thiiiissssss BlankTae?: i wanna be ya frando BlankTae?: can't believe you're ignoring me.. Delivered ---- ✨This story contains: ✔️VKOOK ✔️EX...
Brothers Don't Cuddle✔️ || Taekook by StarDust48
Brothers Don't Cuddle✔️ || Taekookby 🖤•Taegguk•🖤
"Stop calling me hyung! We're not brothers!" "Why?" "I love you much more than a brother could."
LOVING YOU (Taekook/Vkook) ✅ by sugawolfie
LOVING YOU (Taekook/Vkook) ✅by L.
" And that was the last time I saw him " -Jjk Started: Dec2019 Ended: Feb 2020 Edited-( sorry if there are still some mistakes )
𝐕𝐎𝐈𝐂𝐄 || Taekook by _tae_kookiess__
𝐕𝐎𝐈𝐂𝐄 || Taekookby _taekookies__
Taekook/vkook... Jeon Jungkook is a mafia and doesn't like people getting in between his mission's let's see if jungkook kills that little boy who gets in a accident by...
Love Psycho [Taehyung × Reader] <Comp> by JeonCeline02
Love Psycho [Taehyung × Reader] &l...by Lynne.Dyna
"I kill them because it is not you! You are my lover y/n" "Stop! You're a pyscho. This is not the person I knew a long time ago" "I'm being like...
Married To Rude Mafia - taekook  ✔️ by _kookielucious_
Married To Rude Mafia - taekook ✔️by kookielucious
[Complete ✔️] where taehyung gets married to rude mafia king jungkook because of his family will they fall in love or jungkook will make taehyung life hell find out **...
Married By Accident 《KTH》✓ by lovelieswings
Married By Accident 《KTH》✓by Joanne Lim
The one you love the most could be the one who might 'kill' you from the back. The one you forget most of the time could be the one who will 'stay' with you. A story abo...
I'm Jeongguk ✔️ || Taekook by StarDust48
I'm Jeongguk ✔️ || Taekookby 🖤•Taegguk•🖤
Taehyung is deaf. He isn't that great at reading people's mouths and can't really read Jeongguk's name correctly. "It's Jeongguk." -JK "That's what I sa...
BTS V Oneshots 《COMPILATION》✓ by lovelieswings
BTS V Oneshots 《COMPILATION》✓by Joanne Lim
Oneshot / Short stories compilation of BTS V All of these stories are repost from my imagines account @cypherimagine & @lunafiq | Instagram Stories are original and plea...
II. Should I trust you? | kth✅ by whoareyousir
II. Should I trust you? | kth✅by Laura
"Should I really trust you? After everything you did?" "I-" "I don't want to hear it Taehyung. I don't think it's love what we had. We're done...
Her Bad Boy - jjk by Aisyaholaa
Her Bad Boy - jjkby cah
"Kau nak bawa aku pergi mana ni?!" "Ke tempat yang selamat" "Kejap, aku selamat ke bila dengan badboy macam kau?" (Cover from: @augustdesse...
When You're Just His Fake Bride | KTHxREADER by banqtfics_
When You're Just His Fake Bride |...by banqtfics_
One night of working for a famous artist's wedding was a blessing, but what if his bride runs away and his sister chooses you to be his fake bride so her brother won't b...
21 and Pregnant | K. Taehyung by dandelion_1230
21 and Pregnant | K. Taehyungby Danielle
You're 21 and got pregnant by Uni's famous boy Kim Taehyung. He's not a jerk or a fuckboy like you thought he was hence, he was the opposite of it. Your story with him h...
The Enemies (Taehyung ff) by Anna_Lilly_Kia
The Enemies (Taehyung ff)by 💜Anna💜
She is a cheerful and beautiful girl, who is kind to others. She is very sensitive. She lives with her friends in a huge mansion. She is adored by everyone, except for o...
You Have No Right To DIE .A Taehyung ff//(COMPLETED)  by Taehyung_boxySmile
You Have No Right To DIE .A Taehyu...by BTS💜ARMY
A young musician, turned out as the CEO of highest ranked fashion brand. A simple yet love deprived girl who form a strong persona but deep inside she was so weak. Fat...
Insta Post by Trashkimff
Insta Postby Saba Parveen
When two strangers started texting each other. (idk how to write descriptions) Reader X Taehyung
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫 | 𝕍𝕜𝕠𝕠𝕜 | by -tkalt-
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫 | 𝕍𝕜𝕠𝕠...by 안녕 👋
"Was that a notification from pornhub?" "U-Uhhmmm..." "And also, why does it say 'Go live for your viewers, their needy and waiting.'?" A g...
Can't Help Falling by rosiell4
Can't Help Fallingby ✨✨Rosiell✨✨
Taehyung ff! Idk how to explain this ff lol uhhhhh it's uh... yea 👍 But I mean I update daily so why not give it a try? 🤷🏻‍♀️