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Tadashi and You by Tadashi922
Tadashi and Youby Roxanne
You meet Tadashi in elementary school.And grow to love him.You decide to go to the same college as Tadashi but to get a degree in y/c (you/choose) . The rest is yet to...
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This is Gospel-- Tadashi x Reader(COMPLETE) by Turquink
This is Gospel-- Tadashi x Reader(...by ⚜Deep Jesus⚜
[⚜COMPLETE⚜] (Y/N) (L/N) lost her right leg in an accident, forcing her to use a prosthetic for the rest of her life. Or, so it seems. She applies to the San Fransokyo I...
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[Big Hiro 6 (•-•)] ❃I thought I lost You❃ Tadashi Hamada X Reader  by Mocacchi
[Big Hiro 6 (•-•)] ❃I thought I lo...by Moca Couffaine
You lived with the Hamadas after running away from the orphanage. You grew up with the two brothers; Tadashi and Hiro and they treated you as their own sister. You had...
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My Armor Doesn't Always Work (Tadashi Hamada X Reader) by Chishiru
My Armor Doesn't Always Work (Tada...by Chishiru
A girl walks into the Lucky Cat Cafe one day and a boy spills coffee on her. That boy just so happened to be the kind Tadashi Hamada. The girl happens to be my very bea...
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My Seductive Slave by cutiechubaboy
My Seductive Slaveby Llyca
(Tadashi x Reader)(Set 3 years after the movie)(Tadashi's alive :)) He's the owner of a famous robotics company. You're one of his employees. He used to be so close to y...
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Big Hero 6 One Shots by StarDork
Big Hero 6 One Shotsby Kevin Ampora
You can request any if you like~. I decided to do some of these because why not.
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Dracarys: BH6 & GoT crossover [Tadashi x Reader] by Tadashi-Targaryen
Dracarys: BH6 & GoT crossover [Tad...by Tadashi-Targaryen (Jess)
On the night of his brother's showcase at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, Tadashi Hamada ran into a raging fire to try to save his professor's life. He was to...
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Big Hero Six One-shots by Chishiru
Big Hero Six One-shotsby Chishiru
Welp idk what this is but I haven't posted in awhile so here's something!
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South Park & Big Hero 6 Reader Insert One Shots [REQUESTS ARE CLOSED] by Tadashi-Targaryen
South Park & Big Hero 6 Reader Ins...by Tadashi-Targaryen (Jess)
A collection of one shots for both BH6 characters and South Park, because I don't have enough of either to justify giving them their own collection. Requests are CLOSED!
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Big Hero 6 oneshots (character x reader) by wymkavii_
Big Hero 6 oneshots (character x r...by wisteria
Requests are open! These are BH6xreader oneshots. Hope you guys would enjoy them! feel free to pm me with your requests and i will do them :) Disclaimer: this is a fanfi...
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30 DAYS ~ Tadashi Hamada X Reader Oneshots by KAMRYNIAN
30 DAYS ~ Tadashi Hamada X Reader...by indigo
30 DAYS WRITING CHALLENGE!!! Each One shot is based on the prompts on this list: 1. Getting Lost Somewhere 2. Pet Names 3. Patching Each Other Up 4. Hospital Visits 5...
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big hero six one-shots & drabbles. by granblues
big hero six one-shots & drabbles.by — oliver!
"i would move heaven and earth for you." "as would i." big hero six characters x reader. the gender of the reader varies with each request-- but tend...
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One Shot Files by AGONYZONE
One Shot Filesby Baby-lon
A book of One-Shots of anything from Attack on Titan to DC to Disney, Anime and Cartoons, Movies and TV Shows.
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Ice Cream Ritual by SWindchesterlover22
Ice Cream Ritualby Many Fandom Writer
You're stuck at work during the first snow fall of the year. Wouldn't be so bad if you didn't work at an ice cream parlor. But things start to look up when you get your...
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Existence by allthef33ls
Existenceby allthef33ls
In the news, the recent fire in the famous university by the name of SFIT, resulted in fatal damages. One of the victims of the tragic incident, Tadashi Hamada, has been...
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Unexplainable Science (Tadashi x Reader) by thatgrossfurry
Unexplainable Science (Tadashi x R...by Bunss
Well, i wanted to make one that's all happy and fluffy and non-depressive. Hopefully. It may contain lemon and it WILL make you increase your feelings for Tadashi. Tadas...
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The Masquerade Ball. (A Tadashi X Reader.) by ShayGamer
The Masquerade Ball. (A Tadashi X...by ShayGamer
YN has been crushing on Tadashi Hamada for years, but you barley talk. Tadashi is your sister Honey Lemon's best friend. You get invited to a beautiful dance. What happe...
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Big Hero 6 Our First (Tadashi X Reader) by SiNLordZ
Big Hero 6 Our First (Tadashi X Re...by Jessi J.C
San Fransokyo, it's where all teenagers' dream to go there. Tadashi Hamada X Reader First time going overseas studying alone. First time staying at the family host. Firs...
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