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BOOK OF GAY by Fainted_Angel
BOOK OF GAYby it's just me
Basically this is a book of lgbt memes and rainbows and stuff I have collected from around the internet for your viewing pleasure ITS THE GAY BIBLE BITCH Plus wallpaper...
Fallen Behind: The Eighth Brother  by MickeyIan_Gallavich
Fallen Behind: The Eighth Brother by Hakuna Matata!
Being the youngest out of 8 boys is difficult. It seemed that the trail of good looks and talents and finished it course before it reached me. My brothers who are all go...
You're My Mystery •Dib Membrane x Reader• by MadamSpaghetti
You're My Mystery •Dib Membrane x...by MadamSpaghetti
【Dib Membrane x Reader】 |Slight Various!| ❝It's funny.❞ He laughed. ❝Before, I was only interested in proving the mystery that Zim was an alien, but now-❞, his face clos...
Letters to Snape on how to Save a Life by CoffeeDrinkingNerd
Letters to Snape on how to Save a...by CoffeeDrinkingNerd
Severus begins to recieve letter from a depressed student. Who she is, he does not know. Does he write back to her, and saves her life? Or does he resort to shunning eve...
*True Blood*(Normal or not? [An Eric Northman story]) by Vicki_Mayhem
*True Blood*(Normal or not? [An Er...by Vicki_Mayhem
Disclaimer: I do not own true blood! so this story is about the very sexy Eric Northman whos very cocky and insensitive (Watch True Blood!) well im not going to give awa...
Spideypool  by thinkaheadtosaveyou
Spideypool by ChOke mE
~these don't belong to me~ I just really like them NEW UPDATES COMING !!!
That Guy by dncknh
That Guyby d
A short story about a girl that receives a text from an unknown number and decides to reply. The prequel to That Girl copyright© 2017 dncknh
Once Upon A Time Imagines, Preferences, Rants, Quotes... by TinaBookishFandoms
Once Upon A Time Imagines, Prefere...by Tina
Once Upon A time (tv show) Imagines, Preferences, Rants, Reviews, Quotes, Opinions, and other randoms stuff! TAKING REQUESTS! Inbox or comment requests and I'll do the...
Mrs.Mafia(discontinued until further notice) by LexyGettingLit
Mrs.Mafia(discontinued until furth...by Alexis Forte
"I can make your life hell."He whispers in my ear huskily as he points the gun at my head. "Then I'll be your Angel." I saywith a crazy smile while...
its raining tacos yay!...wait Y?  by klcj123
its raining tacos yay!...wait Y? by Wolf
come along with me and enjoy how crazy and wild I am i don't know why I'm gonna do but join me on this wild ride hehe
Something I wrote in My language arts  by Mommymilkers_1
Something I wrote in My language a...by Idiot
Idk something I laugh at because my humor is broken 🥲
Reader X yandere blueberry by mysticdays
Reader X yandere blueberryby Hiyori-Chan ☆
Hi! My name is Y/N! I recently fell down this mountain called MT. Ebott! I met a cute creature that turned out to be a monster. I stayed with this goat person I like to...
I Spy With My Little Eye by RiamLee
I Spy With My Little Eyeby RiamLee
Eli is a spy working for a top secret agency somewhere in the United States. When he screws up on an assignment and is forced to "babysit" the bosses accident...
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☆▪『 CHOCOLATES || Cross!Sans' M/Bs [Pt.3] 』▪☆ by SpoonfulTears
☆▪『 CHOCOLATES || Cross!Sans' M/Bs...by 💭
Title says it all! Highest rank on Mbs: #1 And Highest rank on CrossSans: #1
Blueberry Sans X Reader by ghostlyEclipse
Blueberry Sans X Readerby ghostlyEclipse
The title says it all. Y/N and her sister grew up hearing the stories of the underground. One day, their imagination may have taken them too far... Note: Underswap does...
The golden pair Goldie X reader by Estherthepiratevixen
The golden pair Goldie X readerby Estherthepiratevixen
It'll probably suck so sorry. I'm dedicating this to my bff @Dextertroll! You get a job at Freddy fazbear's pizza you didn't expect that you'd find love.
The next four years of our lives  by fangirl4life23
The next four years of our lives by fangirl4life23
5 friends go to the same college. One finds love in college. Ones love was in front of her face the whole time. Ones already deeply in love.
A Night at Taco Bell by applefritter007
A Night at Taco Bellby Jess Watkins
Who knew that a simple trip to Taco Bell would turn into a witnessing opportunity? Three teens go to a Taco Bell one Saturday night and change the life of a girl who wil...
All About The Kiss (Jc Caylen) by twitter_flower
All About The Kiss (Jc Caylen)by -Selena 🥀
Jojo has a complicated life until she moved to California it got more complicated than before. But she's pushing through it with her on and off boyfriend Jc Caylen. At t...