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Wall baby  by Yikers55555
Wall baby by Yikers55555
Wall baby
Tacky Love (Tom Sawyer x Becky Thatcher) by lifeinmultifandom
Tacky Love (Tom Sawyer x Becky Tha...by 𝓶𝓲𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓪
This was a dare. And I never back out on a dare. *CONTAINS FLUFF*
Triangle Story by Ryouta-Kise
Triangle Storyby Ryouta-ssu
Sometimes the outcome of love is strange. For Minami-san, it's all just a game of tag, one person after another. Until she meets Ryuji, a delinquent that defends his pri...
Truly Sincere ✔️ by myheadfellof
Truly Sincere ✔️by myheadfellof
An illusion is short, but a misunderstanding lasts a long time. That's why illusions offer freedom unlike misunderstandings which chain you down. Even so, its fine t...
Three Little Words: I Love You by ThatLady
Three Little Words: I Love Youby ThatLady
**Book 3 of a four-book series! A lot can happen in a year... Welcome to John Newton High School where the boundaries of love, trust, and friendship are broken.
Christmas Cats by s080121
Christmas Catsby s080121
A story of when cats celebrate Christmas!
Like another layer of foundation by VBobb135711
Like another layer of foundationby VBobb135711
Nowadays, there is a bigger reason to why girls where so much makeup. It's fine to wear it, until your face goes orange, then it's time to stop. Also I would love to say...
Moe took a gap year after high school and ended up going to college because her parents felt like she was wasting her life away by sitting at home. She started school wi...
Butterflies by chloecarey0603
Butterfliesby chloecarey0603
[UPDATE: I TOLD HIM HOW I FEEL AND HE TOLD ME HES CRAZY ABOUT ME❤️☺️]This probably isn't the best but I have a huge crush on someone at the moment although they ,unfortu...
Tacky  by RH_Fan_Series
Tacky by RH_Fan_Series
"I am sorry. I didn't mean to confuse you."
The Pills by zyzysosexy
The Pillsby Zyquashia Thomas
On day a girl was walking to school with her friend Jo and she told her friend that she did not sleep well last night so Jo said I'll give u some sleeping pills and the...
Under surveillance cameras by moonsnap132
Under surveillance camerasby moonsnap132
Privacy is no longer a word in the world she lives in. She even wonders if such a word existed. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide you have to whisper like she does...
GO F©CK YOURSELF by Vidia_Von_Claude
Vidia Von Claude used to be the girl everyone forgot about, or talked about. She was"that girl who" .The rumor among the crowd.The freak But at least she had f...
My Wolf Story by TEENGIRL1234
My Wolf Storyby ally
Charter 1 *Why am I a weird person around people?...."Oh no" the first day of school is tomorrow and I am not ready at all! I am so sick and tired of kids tel...