To Forgive (Post-TP) ✔️ by Zelinkie
To Forgive (Post-TP) ✔️by Bella
When Queen Zelda's MIA lover, General Link of Hyrule, makes an unexpected return to his kingdom, she finds she has a hard time forgiving him for the reason of his disapp...
  • zelink
  • tloz
  • angst
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Legend of Zelda One Shots (fluff/Smut)  by Sick-Horns
Legend of Zelda One Shots (fluff/S...by Newt
this was just a b.o.t.w one shot but now it's all Loz oneshots
  • oneshots
  • sidon
  • legendofzelda
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Male reader x Zelda Twilight Princess by Simon-san
Male reader x Zelda Twilight Princ...by Simon
You are new to the land of Hyrule. You'll be recruited as a royal guard a first but when a foe appear, you'll be missing. What kind of adventure will you sail? Read it t...
  • twilight
  • midna
  • story
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Numb ✧ Ghirahim x Reader ✔ by MiTO-MaRS
Numb ✧ Ghirahim x Reader ✔by marzi♡
As the Twilight begins to frost over Hyrule, [Name] comes across the shattered remnants of Demise's sword. (Skyward Sword/Twilight Princess x Fem!Reader)
  • readerxghirahim
  • xreader
  • breathofthewild
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The Promise  by starngcgirl
The Promise by starngcgirl
Beth and Alex were best friends. Beth is a kind and sweet person that mother's adore. Alex was the same but now he is a jerk. Alex left Beth when they were 10 year...
  • lies
  • tp
  • past
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Hollywood Undead One Shots by UndeadhuSoldier2002
Hollywood Undead One Shotsby SolarUndead
Requests are always open, and they can be straight or gay, there can be some angst, smut or fluff I have no quims or worries.
  • çş
  • år
  • jd
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Just Say Yes by haleybell16
Just Say Yesby Twilight
Legend of Zelda. OneShot Series. Link x Link. Boy x boy. Don't like, don't read. Rated T. Sometimes it's happy, others sad. Sometimes it's fluffy, others dramatic. Somet...
  • breathofthewild
  • ocarinaoftime
  • legendofzelda
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Heart Piece Hunter (Link x Male Reader) by LostDreamer_of_Stars
Heart Piece Hunter (Link x Male Re...by Jackie
Just a late night idea I had. Thought a walk through on heart pieces for Twilight Princess would be nice, and I haven't seen one as a one shot series fan fiction before...
  • twilightprincess
  • xreader
  • walkthrough
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Legend of Zelda Random by Abrego2002
Legend of Zelda Randomby Abrego2002
《COMPLETE》 Hello and welcome to this random book of pictures from Legend of Zelda. Because why not right? Many random pictures in here, some or oof!! Because of Link...
  • random
  • botw
  • mm
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The Unexpected Heroine by Heartlessthepsycho
The Unexpected Heroineby Zoelle
I'm not sure about what genre, but there's romance, action, and all that.
  • adultlink
  • hero
  • tp
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ARMOR CREATIONS by Starryxnight_
Some immature attempts.!👀❤ If you like any, you can ask for it if it isn't taken❤
  • covers
  • gallery
  • tp
Querido Diario #SummerAwards2017 by Abbc_29
Querido Diario #SummerAwards2017by Abbc_29
ATENCIÓN: Este libro puede hacerte reír, llorar, enojarte o incluso querer matar a un personaje. Yo no me hago responsable de ello u.u Marnie es una estudiante normal y...
  • 1apersona
  • cloudawards
  • gawards
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The Voices In My Head - A Saffy Story by Safriskans11
The Voices In My Head - A Saffy St...by Safriskans11
This is my first story so you can judge, just don't be too hard on me. This is kinda like a Saffy origin story... ...Don't hate me...
  • demmie
  • tamara
  • tp
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J-Dog x Deuce One Shots by UndeadhuSoldier2002
J-Dog x Deuce One Shotsby SolarUndead
So this is something new to me but I'll try my best with this pairing, Like I said won't be updated everyday but I'll give it a go, and this is an interesting pairing to...
  • j-dog
  • jd
  • j-dogxdeuce
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Legend Of Zelda- Flesh (Twilight x Wild) by HylianHeroLink
Legend Of Zelda- Flesh (Twilight x...by Link Hylian
It was time that Twilight goes in heat. But what could he do when craves for a certain innocent and adorable hero. Would he be able to restrain himself for his partner?
  • lemon
  • boyxboy
  • link
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LinkCest: A new Link  by PrincessMazenta16
LinkCest: A new Link by Diamond
There's a new Link in town. The other Links fell madly in love with the new Link so they went against each other to see who will win the new Link's heart...
  • yaoi
  • nintendo
  • linkxlink
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Warrlight Oneshots (LinkCest) by PrincessMazenta16
Warrlight Oneshots (LinkCest)by Diamond
Warrlight stuff. Don't read if you don't ship HW Link x TP Link
  • zelda
  • hw
  • nintendo
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Adam lambert (Oneshots and imagines)💕🌸 by C_glambert
Adam lambert (Oneshots and imagine...by YouTube Addicted
Loads of Adam imagines. Great quick reads!
  • imagines
  • quickread
  • adam
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The Missing Princess Of Twilight (A LOZ Twilight Princess Fanfiction) by IlyaWilson
The Missing Princess Of Twilight (...by Ilya Wilson
This story is about Zant having 3 daughters, Jade,Ruby and Azure, Jade and Ruby are twins who hated ther younger sister, so the decide to get rid of her, link finds Azu...
  • loz
  • link
  • tp
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