Numb ✧ Ghirahim x Reader by MiTO-MaRS
Numb ✧ Ghirahim x Readerby mito♡
As the Twilight begins to frost over Hyrule, [Name] comes across the shattered remnants of Demise's sword. (Skyward Sword/Twilight Princess x Fem!Reader)
  • breathofthewild
  • loz
  • ghirahim
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The Promise  by starngcgirl
The Promise by starngcgirl
Beth and Alex were best friends. Beth is a kind and sweet person that mother's adore. Alex was the same but now he is a jerk. Alex left Beth when they were 10 year...
  • tp
  • past
  • lies
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To Forgive (Post-TP) by Zelinkie
To Forgive (Post-TP)by Bella
When Queen Zelda's MIA lover, General Link of Hyrule, makes an unexpected return to his kingdom, she finds she has a hard time forgiving him for the reason of his disapp...
  • loz
  • otp
  • link
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Legend of Zelda Random by Abrego2002
Legend of Zelda Randomby Abrego
Hello and welcome to this random book of pictures from Legend of Zelda. Because why not right? Many random pictures in here, some or oof!! Because of Link ? but here ar...
  • oft
  • legendofzelda
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Finally Found [Hero's Shade x Reader] by XxInsanity9870xX
Finally Found [Hero's Shade x Read...by XxInsanity9870xX
❈ I'm thankful for finding you ❈ The Legendary Hero of Time, his tale is passed down from generations. His heroic deeds, his adventures, and everything. Except for his...
  • reader
  • tp
  • fan
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Return of the Cyborg (Treasure Planet sequel/fanfic) by StarOfTheCountyDown
Return of the Cyborg (Treasure Pla...by Rosie McCann
It's been two years since the voyage of the RLS Legacy to find Flint's trove. In those two years, Jim Hawkins has rebuilt the family inn (the Benbow Inn), graduated fro...
  • steampunk
  • jimhawkins
  • treasureplanet
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Golden Blue I'll Take Care of You ( Link x Colin) by ViobrantlyMagical
Golden Blue I'll Take Care of You...by The other Hero, Link and Toon...
Link x Colin. Fluffiness ahead !!! Talks about sensitive topics you have been warned !!!!
  • link
  • loz
  • tp
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Stars of Desire by AriettaSerenade
Stars of Desireby Arietta Serenade
Fate raged against the star-crossed lovers, tearing them apart at every twist and turn of time. It was as if it were never meant to be; the Hero scarred and bruised from...
  • tp
  • medieval
  • drama
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His Goddess (Link X Reader X Various) by Emmie_Chann
His Goddess (Link X Reader X Vario...by Emmie_Chann
What would the Land of Hyrule do once you have fallen from the sky? Unknown of your whereabouts, unknown of yourself? Yet you have pure white wings, though unable to fl...
  • link
  • ganon
  • tp
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The Wave Eclipse Ball  by AliceLune272
The Wave Eclipse Ball by Lil’SmolNeptune
Transformers Prime/Robots in Disguise will be included with my Ocs Summary: The Wave Eclipse ball Where They celebrate the Eclipse that happened until Soundwave found a...
  • tp
  • rid
  • transformers
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Looks Dont Matter by Speedyskulls03
Looks Dont Matterby Speedyskulls03
Aron Erlichman was in a band called Hollywood Undead. He was unknowingly in love with a girl named Avril Lavigne. Little did he know she was also unknowingly in love wit...
  • dk
  • dakurlzz
  • j3t
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SHEIKAH by MohammedAliBabaIII
SHEIKAHby Mohammed Ali :v
History of Sheikah
  • zelda
  • ww
  • sheik
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Querido Diario #SummerAwards2017 by Abbc_29
Querido Diario #SummerAwards2017by Abbc_29
ATENCIÓN: Este libro puede hacerte reír, llorar, enojarte o incluso querer matar a un personaje. Yo no me hago responsable de ello u.u Marnie es una estudiante normal y...
  • crystalawards2017
  • sujeto
  • galaxyawards2017
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Ilia, my true princess - a Ilia X Link story by zelinklover3
Ilia, my true princess - a Ilia X...by zelinklover3
Before and after twilight princess. Ilia X Link
  • princess
  • link
  • ilink
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Crimson Love (Lucas Baker x TP) by saltyseamen
Crimson Love (Lucas Baker x TP)by saltyseamen
The Title says it all! NSFW, read if you are 18+ only.
  • abuse
  • baker
  • lucas
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Nothing To Lose But You (Daaron) by Speedyskulls03
Nothing To Lose But You (Daaron)by Speedyskulls03
Danny and Deuce have been together for a few days and things were going fine. All until one found out the other's little secret. What will happen between them? Will they...
  • deuce
  • dannymurillo
  • danny
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The Legend of Zelda: Christmas Day! by Carmencroaby
The Legend of Zelda: Christmas Day!by Carmen crosby
Hey everyone I'm writing a story of mine and I 'Hope' she like it so much and I might add us on there too. idk but I'll try! ;)
  • authors
  • oot
  • botw
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•SuperNatural HighSchool• |Group RP| by RoMorgenstern
•SuperNatural HighSchool• |Group R...by Roslin Sarah Grace Lightwood
a highschool for supernatural beings
  • supenrarural
  • tp
  • stuff
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Rise of Cybertron's Queen of Winter (Transformers Prime story) by Sirenalagirl53
Rise of Cybertron's Queen of Winte...by Siren/Fire
Snow Elara Sunmer is not human and she's been knew that. She lives with her abusive adopted parents, adopted little sister, and two dogs that came with her. Her 'mother'...
  • raf
  • arcee
  • action
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