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Legend of Zelda One Shots (fluff/Smut) by ElectricBoii
Legend of Zelda One Shots (fluff/S...by ⚡️Electric-Tape⚡️
this was just a b.o.t.w one shot but now it's all Loz oneshots
  • hyrule
  • revali
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To Forgive ✔️ by Zelinkie
To Forgive ✔️by Bella
When Queen Zelda's MIA lover, General Link of Hyrule, makes an unexpected return to his kingdom, she finds she has a hard time forgiving him for the reason of his disapp...
  • otp
  • princess
  • zelda
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Just Say Yes by haleybell16
Just Say Yesby Toothless
Legend of Zelda. OneShot Series. Link x Link. Boy x boy. Rated T. Sometimes it's happy, others sad. Sometimes it's fluffy, others dramatic. Sometimes it isn't even abou...
  • skywardsword
  • loz
  • linkxlink
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Numb ✧ Ghirahim x Reader ✔ by marzironiandcheese
Numb ✧ Ghirahim x Reader ✔by marzi♡
As the Twilight begins to frost over Hyrule, [Name] comes across the shattered remnants of Demise's sword. (Skyward Sword/Twilight Princess x Fem!Reader)
  • tp
  • fluff
  • xghirahim
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Male reader x Zelda Twilight Princess by Simon-san
Male reader x Zelda Twilight Princ...by Simon
You are new to the land of Hyrule. You'll be recruited as a royal guard a first but when a foe appear, you'll be missing. What kind of adventure will you sail? Read it t...
  • princess
  • story
  • tp
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Legend of Zelda Random by Abrego2002
Legend of Zelda Randomby SquishySora2002
《COMPLETE》 Hello and welcome to this random book of pictures from Legend of Zelda. Because why not right? Many random pictures in here, some or oof!! Because of Link...
  • mm
  • botw
  • oft
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Loving You Is A Crime by TehCinnamonBoy
Loving You Is A Crimeby Cinnamon Roll
Criminal! Danny x Innocent! Deuce (innocent meaning, doesn't commit crimes) ~ okay, so, since the criminal is the "dominate" one (not in a sexual way) I need...
  • undead
  • criminal
  • dannymurillo
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The Promise  by starngcgirl
The Promise by starngcgirl
Beth and Alex were best friends. Beth is a kind and sweet person that mother's adore. Alex was the same but now he is a jerk. Alex left Beth when they were 10 year...
  • love
  • lies
  • tp
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Heart Piece Hunter (Link x Male Reader) by LostDreamer_of_Stars
Heart Piece Hunter (Link x Male Re...by Jackie
Just a late night idea I had. Thought a walk through on heart pieces for Twilight Princess would be nice, and I haven't seen one as a one shot series fan fiction before...
  • link
  • legendofzelda
  • loz
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tp ||feeldog x euijin by verybinnie
tp ||feeldog x euijinby trashbinnie
in which feeldog toilets papers euijin house and euijin is okay with that because feeldog is cute lowercase intended short chapters feeljin- feeldog x eujin the unit...
  • kpop
  • feeljin
  • daewon
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Promises by Nepheneee
Promisesby Nepheneee
Ike x link ff (all characters go to their respective owners, I don't own anything) mpreg, smut, and a whole lot of YAOI ^^^^^^^ The new smash DLC comes with new changes...
  • ssb
  • linkxike
  • fe10
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SHEIKAH by MohammedAliBabaIII
SHEIKAHby Mohammed Ali :v
History of Sheikah
  • nintendo
  • ww
  • tloz
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Warm by Fireball05
Warmby Fireball05
This is my first T∅P fic, tyjo x reader. Warning, this shit is dark. Not a lot of bad things happen, but it is dark, in it's own way. It's depressing and hopeless, to be...
  • pilots
  • depression
  • sad
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Looks Dont Matter by Speedyskulls03
Looks Dont Matterby Nobody’s Hero
Aron Erlichman was in a band called Hollywood Undead. He was unknowingly in love with a girl named Avril Lavigne. Little did he know she was also unknowingly in love wit...
  • funnyman
  • danny
  • charlie3tears
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Stars of Desire by AriettaSerenade
Stars of Desireby Aɾιҽƚƚα
Fate raged against the star-crossed lovers, tearing them apart at every twist and turn of time. It was as if it were never meant to be; the Hero scarred and bruised from...
  • zelda
  • zelink
  • hardship
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From The Shadows by toast372
From The Shadowsby Toast
(Art in the cover was made by me) The Sheikah are a race of shadow people, forever serving the royal family. This tale follows the adventures of a young Sheikah named Ny...
  • sheikah
  • oot
  • linksona
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ƬӇЄ ԼЄƓЄƝƊ ƠƑ ȤЄԼƊƛ ƦƠԼЄƤԼƛƳby 『 вrαvє-вєαn 』
Whether it be individual or group, here you can roleplay with any character from the beloved Nintendo game series, The Legend of Zelda!
  • link
  • oot
  • zelda
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Mask Discovers Fanfiction?! (LoZ) by WolfyLeopard229698
Mask Discovers Fanfiction?! (LoZ)by Totally_Not_Lesbo
In a land I like to call Void, most of the Links live together! The youngest Link, Mask, is browsing the internet one day when he comes across some interesting things...
  • gay
  • hw
  • link
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Dorl ~Oneshots~ by Violet_Writez
Dorl ~Oneshots~by VVVVViolettttt
This is basically just a bunch of Dorl -DenisxCorl- oneshots that I've decided to write! Also, Denis and Corl are Youtubers... They mainly make videos of themselves pla...
  • braden
  • corlhorl
  • boyxboy
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Un TP de sociología que se me fue de mambo by Winterittle
Un TP de sociología que se me fue...by Winterittle
Literal. Espero que os divierta <3
  • tp
  • lol
  • sociología
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