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Symbiosis{Venom!Reader x Bakugou) by -AVDOLSGIRL
Symbiosis{Venom!Reader x Bakugou)by 𝐴𝑅𝑇𝑍𝑌
Y/n is the daughter of Eddie Brock, a retired hero. Once she was old enough the symbosis, Venom bonded himself to her. Now travel along with Y/n and venom to become one...
Our Nibble by Parker_and_Lee
Our Nibbleby Parker and Lee
You are an ex freelance reporter who was recently hired at. You get partnered with the notorious Eddie Brock, a reporter with no filter and a secret. What will happen be...
Veddie One shots~ by Iron_Ass
Veddie One shots~by Iron_Ass
So, I can take some requests, but I'm also going to just write random stuff.
Sonails: Symbiosis *Book 1* by Hamiltons_Shoes
Sonails: Symbiosis *Book 1*by Silverthesadboyo
"Sonic?" Tails mumbled. "Yeah, lil' bro?" Sonic asked. "What the HECK just happened?" Tails asked with questioning eyes. "I would g...
Symbiosis~Daughter of Venom by Fangirl_of_Anime345
Symbiosis~Daughter of Venomby Fangirl_of_Anime345
DISCLAIMER: THIS IS AN OC STORY! After Eddie Brock had become the villain Venom, he knew society hated him because he was constantly after Spider-Man. Because who would...
symbiotes rise MHA / OC's x bnha by TigersAreNeat
symbiotes rise MHA / OC's x bnhaby Gaming and Cats
10 original characters inside the story of my hero academia (modified version of symbiotes)
Cure Us. by OnyxoblivionWolf
Cure OnyxoblivionWolf
Intended two shot. I'll write more if the story flows. Venom and Eddie look for a mate but can they agree on one? Future mature content and some cuss words thrown in for...
sharpened claws. by adognumber1
sharpened adognumber1
a simple meteor shower, that's all it was supposed to be but a meteor landed near the famous ambidextrous gunslinger, and something not quite amazing or friendly came ou...
Pixie Dust⭒Eddie Brock by mermaidgirl_11
Pixie Dust⭒Eddie Brockby Mermaidgirl_11
Pixie Dust ❝Sometimes belief is all one needs to achieve their goals.❞ BOOK ONE IN THE AURORA FREY SERIES IN PART WITH THE HELIX CHRONICLES MARVEL CINEMATIC UNI...
knowledge of the symbiotes by Wendigo_666
knowledge of the symbiotesby DevilGodVenom_666
Come and learn about venoms species and all about the klyntar race
Naruto found a ... by yeetus522
Naruto found a yeetus522
One night while running from a group of drunk villagers/shinobi he stumbled upon training ground 44 and he found ... I dont own Naruto or Venom and i think i own the ide...
Stimbiotic by phoenix705
Stimbioticby phoenix705
Venom has noticed that Eddie is...different from other humans, and not just because of them. Eddie is Autistic and feels really awkward about how that affects his relati...
Random oneshots by YeetlesWolfie
Random oneshotsby Yeetles Wolfie
**I STARTED THIS WHEN I WAS LIKE 12 SO MOST OF THESE ARE OLD AND CRINGY** Just random fandom oneshots. #92 fgoderror #256 batim #285 aftonfamily
RWBY: Let There Be Carnage by DinoThunder360
RWBY: Let There Be Carnageby DinoThunder360 2.O
Ever since I was a little boy, my one dream was to one day become a hero like the countless huntsmen and huntresses before me. I mean, who wouldn't want to be one, am I...
A Boy And His Dragon by MichaelBowler
A Boy And His Dragonby Michael J. Bowler
Bradley Wallace Murphy just turned thirteen, and he's not happy about it. He doesn't fit in at school, he's no good at sports, a bully torments him, he's a disappointmen...
Silence by RealityGlitch
Silenceby RealityGlitch
Soundwave never speaks. He just works very hard, does whatever he should be doing and never fails anyone. But Laserbeak, his symbiont, knows better than that. He sees th...
AUGUSTA AURORA by LuizBotelho2021
AUGUSTA AURORAby Luiz Fernando Contatori Roman...
Evolution never stops. Actually, it can be far much broader than our thinking abilities could even dream of grasping, as of yet. Evolution in a totally new creative vort...
Bilby's art book by Jeremikeandpuremy
Bilby's art bookby ya gorl Bilby
Some dumb art book of mine lmao. I'll post is occasionally with my drawings in it and sometimes art trades I've done