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My Beginning After the End by Slowcky
My Beginning After the Endby Slowcky
(Could have spoilers from Light Novel) (Some things are changed for the purpose of the story) At the age of eight Luke was diagnosed with a heart disease. After being se...
Early Hatch-TBATE by Not-Hero
Early Hatch-TBATEby Makkuru
What if Sylvie was already hatched by the time Arthur fell off the cliff? Making them childhood friends and bonds before Arthur could meet Tessia. What would happen if t...
My Beginning After the End Downfall by Slowcky
My Beginning After the End Downfallby Slowcky
(Could have spoilers from Light Novel) (Some things are changed for the purpose of the story) This is Novel 2 of this FanFic, Novel 1 is only called My Beginning After t...
marvel one-shots // avengers x reader by yelenabemylova_
marvel one-shots // avengers x .
Ever wanted to know what's in Yelena's vest? Or where Natasha's favourite place to go on a date is? This book is filled with some one-shots I've written about the avenge...
The perfect | TBATE X COTE by harvier_
The perfect | TBATE X COTEby Javier
Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, the fourth generation demon and perfect human, was known by many names, admired by some and despised by others. His abilities were undeniable, but h...
TBATE reactions by Ace0421
TBATE reactionsby Ace
Exactly what the name says. People from the tbate world will be reacting to events in their future timeline. I've seen other Authors do this as well, So I decided to giv...
Grey reaction by Weak_2101
Grey reactionby A7M
What if Tbate's characters teleport to a theater and discover unfamiliar people and a mysterious existence, only to discover that they will react to a young man named Gr...
When worlds collide - Loki X reader by PoeticMay
When worlds collide - Loki X readerby May
You, and the avengers travel back to New York 2012 to gather the stones. While in New York something goes terribly wrong.. This story takes place in the events of the b...
Chaos - Loki x Fem!Reader by lucywhitee
Chaos - Loki x Fem!Readerby lucy
After both Y/N and Loki take the tesseract, they're both arrest by the TVA for Crimes Against the Sacred Timeline. The two don't exactly see eye to eye at first, however...
TBATE Rogue by CozminGluc
TBATE Rogueby Cozma
A mysterious agency with the sole purpose of destroying and disturbing the peace of the Dicathen had risen from the shadows. Due to their actions, many lives had changed...
Seeing Blind by TheQuietHufflepuff
Seeing Blindby TheQuietHufflepuff
She should have died. But instead, a green-eyed man saved her. Alana Thomas and Dean Winchester begin hunting together. He's her sight and she's his tuned hearing. Toge...
TBATE - Accidental Restart by ElusAU
TBATE - Accidental Restartby EluAU
Who knew the Relictombs would have something like that stored away behind some text? Slipping on a rock was all it took for Arthur to be separated from his aetheric comp...
TBATE Back to save you  by HighElf3
TBATE Back to save you by highelf3
After killing Cadell and escaping from Agrona and Cecilia Arthur goes to Relictombs in hopes of reaching Dicathen, when he reached the portal to Dicathen he entered it a...
TBATE - The third beginning by Athener01
TBATE - The third beginningby Athener01
It is a classic time-travel story in the world of tbate. After the war with Agrona and the rest of the Asuras there are only three people and one weapon alive. They prep...
Martini Glass (Kelly Severide Love Story) by RealisticDream17
Martini Glass (Kelly Severide RealisticDream17
Olivia Lewis, influenced by Kelly Severide's words, accepts Camille's offer of training to become the lieutenant of Squad 6. But will she be able to leave Firehouse 51 b...
The Call to War by Azazel0886
The Call to Warby Azazel0886
It's been over two years since Summer Break, since Arthur's friends saw him leave to be trained by the Asura. With an Alacryan fleet approaching to invade Dicathen, it's...
Mastermind by __mastermind__
Mastermindby __mastermind__
Rebecca is just your average TVA agent in training to become an analyst. What happens when you throw Loki into the mix of her normal life? Will she fall in love? Will sh...
TBATE-A New Chance  by NjobuKnte
TBATE-A New Chance by Njobu Kánte
In this story, Grey was a genious prodigy from a young age, hailing from a world just like ours, with no supernatural abilities. But some things are not what they seem...
Marvel Women One-shots by andiiagostii
Marvel Women One-shotsby <3
A book about the gorgeous women in the marvel movies and shows. All of the one shots are gxg. Mostly smut. I started this book a while ago, I promise the last chapters a...
Tbate reaction by Weak_2101
Tbate reactionby A7M
Reacting to arthur vs nico and cadell Completing where @Aryan0987654321 left his tbate react story English is not my first language so sorry for mistakes I do not own...