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A Tale In Session (City Series #1) by sylimansi
A Tale In Session (City Series #1)by syl
City Series #1 Claude Noestro is a famous guy in a small city not only for his skill in sports but also his family background, with that comes a lot of pressure when it...
Wander Over Yonder Parodies? by Animanifan
Wander Over Yonder Parodies?by Hot Russian Drunk
I've earned to like Dominator, I still mildly dislike her, BUT I will admit, she is kinda hot- I MEAN sexy- I MEAN decent. But DON'T READ THIS IF YOU DON'T KNOW WANDER O...
When They Met by JesterOfPestilence
When They Metby JesterOfPestilence
This is actually a romance-action thing, because we met in complete and utter chaos, but hey, this is called When They Met because this story is about before Jhon and Vi...
Devin Townsend Lyrics by MistyAngle2
Devin Townsend Lyricsby Shipping hell
Lyrics of songs by Devin Townsend, Devin Townsend Project and Strapping Young Lad. From Ziltoid to Addicted to Alien. ZTO, Ih-Ah!, Love? and many more! Devin doesn't get...
Les origines du mal by Azalarian
Les origines du malby Azalarian
Voici les origines de Syl Blackmourn, un elfe maudit transformé en démon maitrisant le magie tellurique. Ses aventures prennent lieu dans les terres de Cyrodil (le monde...
OS Myrhavir by anaisvilana
OS Myrhavirby Ana ❤️
Qu'est-ce que Myrhavir ? Myrhavir est un otome game qui sortira fin 2016. Sur leur page Facebook, ils ont organisé un concours d'écrit à partir d'une image. J'y ai parti...
❌[SYL1] WHAT?! I am going to MARRY HIM?! by discontinuinity
❌[SYL1] WHAT?! I am going to Magic Sarap
This book will NOT be updated anymore because I'll make a new version of it. Go check my story [SYL1] TIED TO HIM; it has the same content but a slightly different plot...
Merc Academy: The New Generation by theLaterWriter
Merc Academy: The New Generationby Twsister2361
When a dark force returns and seeks its revenge on the world that imprisoned it, to students enrolled in the prestigious Mercenary School, simply called the Academy, ar...
Imaginary Friends by Bethany_Rendrick
Imaginary Friendsby Nodë Undómiel
Nick's sister gets a knife to her back, his old friend gets a bullet in the shoulder and a knife in her leg, and what does he get? The life of a runaway.
SirenSong by TheShadowThief
SirenSongby Alexandra
A secret high school party in the woods turned bad. All Sam Everday wants to do is tell the boy she likes she's had a crush on him since the third grade before he moves...
I'm fine - Harry Potter - Tercera generación -SyL- sad by DianitaTorres1
I'm fine - Harry Potter - Erza_iloquM
💮Lily luna Potter Weasly 💮 ❌La hija de el elegido ❌ Aunque pareciera que todo era feliz no lo era había perdido a su mejor amiga en el momento en que su vida estaba si...