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The Goddess Rescued The God  by Murdeeinglove26
The Goddess Rescued The God by ♥LexLuthor♥
Guardian Dimitri Belikov has gone on a mission in Russia he is not expected to survive. When he gets captured by his old mentor turns stigoi, only one person can save hi...
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  • rosehathaway
  • issa
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What the Hell! - A VA fanfic (On Hold) by rosehathaway829
What the Hell! - A VA fanfic (On Dhvani
Dear Vasillisa Please open the package that has come with this note with the following people: Rose, Dimitri, Abe, Janine, Sydney, Adrian, Jill, Christian, Mia, and Eddi...
  • aloud
  • reading
  • dhampir
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Vampire Academy & Bloodlines quotes  by koalas_are_cute
Vampire Academy & Bloodlines Isobel
Quotes from Vampire Academy & it's epic spinoff Bloodlines by bestselling author Richelle Mead.
  • vasilisadragomir
  • janinehathaway
  • quotes
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Bound Together by bibliophiliagirl
Bound Togetherby Alirah
Hey lovelies. This is a collection of one shots. I am a huge Sydrian fan so I have done one for them. Please let me know what you think. Please review and like. All feed...
  • bloodline
  • academy
  • sydney
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Sydrian by 0tempera
Sydrianby 0tempera
A collection of Sydrian One Shots
  • sydrian
  • sydney
  • oneshots
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Ten Things I Hate About You by blindwave
Ten Things I Hate About Youby Katie Jones
 (ONE SHOT) A Sydrian Twist on the poem : 10 Things I Hate About You!
  • oneshot
  • sydneysage
  • sydrian
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Sydrian by argent_mccall
Sydrianby argent_mccall
All characters belong to Richelle Mead. Sydney POV
  • fanfic
  • academy
  • bloodlines
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It's All Down To You. by MortalStories
It's All Down To MortalStories
Sydney Sage is a Shadowhunter at the Palm Springs Institute, until another Shadowhunter is sent by the Clave.
  • themortalinstrumentsinspired
  • bloodlines
  • family
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The Ruby Circle: Romitri scenes, Rose POV by igetwronglot
The Ruby Circle: Romitri scenes, Roza Belikova
The special Romitri scenes from The Ruby Circle but in Rose POV. Because let's be honest, we were all disappointed they weren't from her perspective during the book.
  • rosepov
  • happyendings
  • romitri
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I Love You by Mandii6
I Love Youby Mandii6
What happens when you break every rule you've ever known? What happens when you spend a night with someone you love and there are consequences? How do you hide it? How d...
  • pregnancy
  • sydrian
New Adrian by susan126lee
New Adrianby susan126lee
  • bloodlines
  • dimitribelikov
  • adrianivashkov
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True Love's Vow (Vampire Academy) by Modern_Princess_28
True Love's Vow (Vampire Academy)by kyleigh
"Who would've thought it would end up like this?" He whispered in my ear as I turned to smile up at him Five years ago I never imagined this is where my life...
  • bloodline
  • dragozera
  • vampireacademy
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Roles Reversed // Coming Soon by LindsayIsTheCraic
Roles Reversed // Coming Soonby Lindsay (✿◠‿◠)
Sydney and Adrian are at it again. Another day, another adventure. However, their enemy isn't any pushover. Amelia, a powerful witch, knows exactly who she is up against...
  • sydneysage
  • adrianivashkov
  • vampireacademy
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The Third and Final Fandom Games by HStylesLover
The Third and Final Fandom Gamesby Jess
The Third Fandom Games. Hopefully the final one. Everyone wants it to stop but no one will give in that easily. The previous winners are doing everything they can to pro...
  • wayland
  • arena
  • austin
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The Lost Friend (on Hiatus) by RowenaMacleod
The Lost Friend (on Hiatus)by Kayla Jones
(takes place after the events of Silver Shadows) After being busted out of re-education where Sydney's secret of being a human magic user was exposed, she now has to lea...
  • vampire
  • sydrian
  • moroi
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I Couldn't Leave You by ebartlett03
I Couldn't Leave Youby Emily Bartlett
'I Couldn't Leave You' is a vampire academy fanfiction which begins at perhaps one of the toughest times of Rose's life, both physically and mentally. The St. Vladimir's...
  • dimitribelikov
  • dhampir
  • vampireacademy
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