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•••RÚßÂRÚ - Í$H¶•••✓ by EtratEjaz1117
•••RÚßÂRÚ - Í$H¶•••✓by Etrat Ejaz Official
~ ZA¥DAN ~ 'Life is a Game of chess' Move in silence only to say CHECKMATE°°° ~ HA¥AT ~ 'Life can be a game of chess' But with a calm mind, Life ca...
Loving My Mates In The Beast World by GalaxyStars833
Loving My Mates In The Beast Worldby Galaxy Stars
Sheea who was so immersed in the sorrow of the untimely end of her favourite novel with the premature deaths of her favourite characters, blamed the author for the lack...
Dot Of Life [Eng.Vers] by Author_lagibosan
Dot Of Life [Eng.Vers]by Author_lagibosan
Rebecca Swift had a sincere love, but the man left her right on her wedding day. The deep sorrow made her heart fragile and her eyes weak. She finally went blind. While...
I Just Want To Freeload On Your Luck (COMPLETED) by 1m71n3
I Just Want To Freeload On Your Lu...by bukwrm210
Author: Ming Gui Zai Jiu Summary: Despite having found Mingxi, the Zhao family continued to favor the fake daughter, saying that Mingxi was not as kind nor as graceful a...
•••𝔐€ℜ€ Á𝔍ÑÀẞΕ••✓ by EtratEjaz1117
•••𝔐€ℜ€ Á𝔍ÑÀẞΕ••✓by Etrat Ejaz Official
~ ¥ÚHÁÂÑ ~ "Don't mess with me, I can destroy you even before the blink of your EYE°°° ~ Á¥ZÁL ~ "Don't waste your words on people who deserve y...
•••JÚÑÔÔÑ-€-Í$H¶•••✓ by EtratEjaz1117
•••JÚÑÔÔÑ-€-Í$H¶•••✓by Etrat Ejaz Official
« Sequel of RÚẞÅRÚ - Í$H¶ » «Stand Alone Book» ~ ZÁ¥¥ÁÑ ~ "The world is all about give and take, Create your OWN°°° ~ Á¥€DÁ ~ "The world is full...
The Music Club President is Mine by GeminiFourth777
The Music Club President is Mineby GeminiFourth7
An alternative universe, where Tinn might be toxic; So what is he going to do? How will he affect everyone around him? Will he fall for Gun in this universe? Can he chan...
Sing! 2 x child! Fem! reader by AliceAngel5
Sing! 2 x child! Fem! readerby Lil bunbun
You are Mr. Crystal's youngest daughter This is my very first story! I hope you enjoy 😊
Live In The Beast World As I Like by GalaxyStars833
Live In The Beast World As I Likeby Galaxy Stars
"...So you better remember this that I, Edric, will never love a female beast like you, Fawna. You're pathetic and useless." "Yes. Same here. I, Judo don'...
♡First Love♡{Ongoing} by XavierKim57
♡First Love♡{Ongoing}by EunYoung
Unicode + Zawgyi (part(12) ) J 💜 V #taekookfic #Myanmar ဤ fic သည် စာရေးသူ၏ စိတ်ကူးယဉ်အတွေးများကို ဖန်တီးပုံဖော်ထားခြင်းများသာဖြစ်သည်။ပထမဆုံးရေးဖူးတဲ့ fiction ပါ။ဝင်ဖတ်မ...
Together in Berlin by DarknessAndLight
Together in Berlinby Karianne
Her hand in his, he was home... Cole and Beth have known and loved each other for all their lives. During his week off, Cole decides to book a flight and surprise Beth...
Strings of Healing♡; by 0Lilywrites0
Strings of Healing♡;by Lily
Lilac Vixen, a young girl battling with suicidal thoughts and self harm, finds herself immersed in the realm of college. Little does she knows, her path is about to cros...
Story time  by _bae_Maria_
Story time by ᴍᴀʀɪᴀ
Hii! Here iam going to write story about incidents that happened to someone or maybe you ( you can share your story by messaging me personally)
Ashley Gayle was a typical and a transparent girl who had encounter her happy crush; Cleo Maverick. He's an SSG president and a cold-hearted man. But when Ashley saw the...
WHEN WE MET AGAIN by Ananyash33
WHEN WE MET AGAINby Ananya Shivnath
Then: School batchmates; opposite cliques Now: Different colleges; same profession What happens when Vikram and Ananya, school batchmates meet again in a college fest...
Secret of my love NZW by lucashunwang
Secret of my love NZWby အရွှန်း♥️🥹
အသက်20မှာ အချစ်ကိုတွေ့ရှိခဲ့ကြောင်း💙
She's The Billionaire's Obsession Book 1 by RainMaxxx
She's The Billionaire's Obsession...by Reese Huidem
Every moment of her life is like a mystery,like a puzzle piece, magugulo ang dati nang magulong buhay ni heaven ng biglang umiksina ang isang lalaki na nagsasabi na asaw...
My Son's Billionaire Father  by redAnji
My Son's Billionaire Father by redAnji
[COMPLETED] Photo not mine credit to the rightfully owner. Note: Story is not yet edited. Read at your own risk!
~From Haters, To Lovers: Gladion X Reader~ by QueenOfNekoWriters
~From Haters, To Lovers: Gladion X...by DaydreamingNeko
Okay, I just love Gladion so much. So much, that I had to write a story about him. I hope you enjoy! Description-Gladion and Lillie have just moved in. (y/n) tries to be...
The Murderer of All Hallows' Eve: DekuBaku by SugaryGrimmReaper
The Murderer of All Hallows' Eve:...by 🤍~Dramatic Irony~❤️
🎃🎃🎃 When Bakugou was a boy, he remembers someone saving him on All Hallow's Eve. They were a little older than him. But the thing is, he couldn't see his face due to...