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Flying on Her Wings  (Attack on Titan) by _Rainy_Melody
Flying on Her Wings (Attack on ~Rainy~
She's lived outside the walls all her life. When the humans ventured outside Wall Maria, she protected them, and watched over them to the best of her ability. She s...
Hellfire • L.A. by lifeinkalopsia
Hellfire • kirby
*this book is unedited, as well as a work of fiction* To the public, the Survey Corps are the most elite branch of the military, but that's not true. The Phoenix Squadro...
Humanity's Future by _Rainy_Melody
Humanity's Futureby ~Rainy~
»Sequel of both 'Flying on Her Wings' and 'Humanity's Savior'« Spark has been encased within her diamond prison for many years. What the Survey Corps didn't know...
The Hypnotic survey. ✔️ (Editing On) by The_Star_Rie
The Hypnotic survey. ✔️ (Editing Rie
Aikawa is a hard working guy who recently got laied off from his work, he's low on cash and and getting desperate. he's sent a link on his computer for surveys he could...
The World She Laid Eyes On by Th3Walk3rSlay3r
The World She Laid Eyes Onby Annie
Tears slipped past my eyes as I gently touched his cheek, "I just wish 'forever' were a word that could have belonged to us" ...
SimCity BuildIt Cheats free 99999999  SimCash Generator 2020  Android iOS by SIMPU1
SimCity BuildIt Cheats free simpu chauhan
SimCity BuildIt Hack generator can help you receive all the power-ups out there. SimCity BuildIt Hack is the best solution for your needs. You get the perks as you move...
'Why now?' (Oc x Eren) by robot-san
'Why now?' (Oc x Eren)by Father
"Huh? I-it's all most taller then the wall it's self! Eren! Watch ou-" Amani Mikura, A young girl who has the wish and the ambition to kill all the titans and...
STUCK In HELL (AOT) by LeviAckerman__15
STUCK In HELL (AOT)by LeviAckerman__15
SPECIES OF THIS UNIVERSE- This story is just a fanfic written for F.U.N. The story might not makes sense BUT HERE IS THE DESCRIPTION FOR ALL THOSE OUT THERE BORED TO DEA...
[ON HOLD] Shingeki no Kyojin: Death Do Us Part by MasterAttack95
[ON HOLD] Shingeki no Kyojin: Jesse Serene
Allie Thompson, a fellow captain in the Survey Corps, is part of the Special Operations Squad. Being both a captain and part of the Special Ops, there are times when she...
Fight for Love (Attack on Titan/SnK fan fiction) by NeverFade6423
Fight for Love (Attack on Titan/ NeverFade6423
Sakura thought her life was perfect her dad was the Chief Lieutenant of the Survey Corps and she constantly trained with him so she could some day join the Survey Corps...
The Girl Outside the Walls (Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Fanfic) by NaruIshikawa
The Girl Outside the Walls ( Naru Segawe
The Survey Corps went out the walls once again to try and capture The Female Titan. Once they found the Female Titan, they failed to capture it and it escaped even if th...
Warrior cats questions! by Raven-paw
Warrior cats questions!by R-paw
This is not a quiz its a survey that you will love! This asks questions like what would your warrior name be.
Yours Forever (Corporal Levi Ackerman) by alittlebitbias
Yours Forever (Corporal Levi ♛
Verity Abbott grew up within Wall Maria. Both of her parents were apart of the Garrison. Her mother was killed in a freak accident leaving her and her father. Verity kne...
Fight Until the Day the World Stops Spinning (Levi Fan-fiction) by BuryYourHeart
Fight Until the Day the World The Mad Author
Pandora. That is her name. The name of the fourteen-year-old who was abandoned by her parents to the streets of Wall Sina. Levi. That is his name. The name of the fifte...
AoT/SnK One-Shots [ CLOSED ] by microbellamy
AoT/SnK One-Shots [ CLOSED ]by Chenji This or That
Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin One-shots and Imagines // Eren // // Levi // // Jean // // Mikasa // // Armin // // Sasha // ... and more BoyxBoy GirlxGirl AU Read...
the girlfriend survey | exo ambw by yixingsquad
the girlfriend survey | exo ambwby queen jay 🍒
❝congratulations exo-l, you are compatible with every member of the current exo!❞ © yixingsquad
U Prince Series (Sinopsis) by awaniko
U Prince Series (Sinopsis)by Blue Pink
12 cerita dengan 12 pasangan berbeda namun dalam satu lingkup yang sama. Berlatar pada sebuah Universitas taraf Internasional di Thailand. Menceritakan 12 kisah cinta d...
My Protector by Daydream-Syndrome
My Protectorby Daydream-Syndrome
Esmeralda is a quiet timid child who does what she is told but still likes to try and have fun. She is best friends with the little blonde bookworm named armin and loves...
Our Unclean Feelings 『Levi x Reader』 by MidJenny
Our Unclean Feelings 『Levi x 🖤JEN
Clumsy girl, [Name] [Surname] is a new member of the Survey Corps. One day, she breaks her legs on a tragic expedition and can't fight for a whole half year! Plus, she c...
Armin x Reader Fluff  by KaiMichealis
Armin x Reader Fluff by Kai
This is sort of a sweet story with you and armin being a part of the 104th trainee squad. Eren and Mikasa don't have the same roles as in the anime.