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» Names by wratzz
» Namesby wratzz
A book about names. Literally all this is. Sometimes it difficult to find the perfect name for a character so I created this. 9/16/20 edit - I've decided to add in pet...
LAST NAME IDEAS  by hisghostgirl
Popular Last names from different cultures such as, American British Irish African Korean Chinese Swedish French Spanish German Russian Portuguese Greek Jewi...
Girl Character Names by maplefoot
Girl Character Namesby maplefoot
Probably the biggest list on Wattpad of just Girl's names. More than 8800 Names.
BRUTAL! ━━━ names by yelcnas
BRUTAL! ━━━ namesby ‎
god, it's brutal out here.
Avenues of Ideas by aceloquence
Avenues of Ideasby a c e i f y
This is the compilation of ideas/suggestions for your characters name. Feel free to scroll and use it
korean surnames by BrookeyJane
korean surnamesby Brookey Jane
hello~ I definitely can't take all credit for this, as lots of the information and names come from the amazingly helpful Reddit user Ichatdelune. They post a thorough am...
Unique Character Names by bushiroad
Unique Character Namesby bushiroad
Hi! This is my list of unique character names, both from my own and other stories. Feel free to leave a comment if I repeat a name twice or if you want to add some of y...
Suggested Names for Boys and Girls with a Surnames by Irreplaceable_queen
Suggested Names for Boys and Cia
Because I'm a little bored I decided to suggest some names for girls and boys with a surnames also incase you want it you can get it. This is just a suggestions and I ho...
Name Ideas by vanilla-latte
Name Ideasby 𝔧𝔢𝔰𝔰𝔦𝔠𝔞🥀
in which a girl helps you with some name ideas.
Speaking out about Cross by Nanakxumi
Speaking out about Crossby Nana 😧⁉️
This is my story and fuck yall cross followers kys yall ghetto and deserve the hate yall get every day yall fucking live.
Surnames *edited* by MewsKitty
Surnames *edited*by Kitty Perillo
People can't say anyone's given name until they find their soulmate, everyone has their soulmate's hobby as well as their own placed on their dominant arm. That's why wh...
Why Should I Surrender My Identity In Exchange For Marriage? by cssmith
Why Should I Surrender My cssmith
A short writing exercise explaining my views towards people changing their names upon marriage.
The Encyclopedia of Names: Korean by teokbokky
The Encyclopedia of Names: Koreanby elena
A list of Korean given and family names for all your story needs.
Book of Memes by Me_in_whatever
Book of Memesby Me_in_whatever
Hello, this is a book of several memes I found on the internet, yes, everyone has done it on WattPad, but I like it! And some names, if you can't remember your history...
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Titles, Names, and More by OrangeUratix
Titles, Names, and Moreby Uratix
Names, lots and lots of names. First names, last names, nicknames, female, male, neutral, and meanings. A couple of book names once in a while as well. Oh and Alphabeti...
d'ark x lee?? by rainbowoof
d'ark x lee??by Itztheoneandonlyuriahh yuhh
DO NOT READ IF YOU CUM EASILY!!! (i sound like those porn games, dont ask me how i know..)