The Apocalypse the Winchesters Missed by TruthfulNomad
The Apocalypse the Winchesters TruthfulNomad
Set in season 10 after the episode 'soul survivors.' A rogue group of angels got a taste of free will after the fall and they aren't willing to obey. Instead, they're ta...
  • supernatural
  • sam
  • supervolcano
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"My Journal." by cayden66
"My Journal."by ~*Lost Pie*~
My teacher made us read a series of books, the first one being called 'Ashfall'. While reading them he made us make our own journal about the survival of a super volcan...
  • apocalyptic
  • ashfall
  • fighting
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The Last Sunset by _jli41_
The Last Sunsetby Jasmine LI
The soft, amber rays of sunshine glistened on the sparkling snow trails and bare tree branches, welcoming David Bransford as he stepped out of his car and into the pierc...
  • adventure
  • supervolcano
  • yellowstone
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Facts about the Yellowstone National Park Supervolcano by FoxyThePirate147
Facts about the Yellowstone FoxyThePirate147
Just some 'need to know' facts about the Yellowstone National Park Supervolcano.
  • facts
  • supervolcano
  • yellowstone
The Crater Chronicles by You_Were_Wrong
The Crater Chroniclesby Didn't Care Til You Were Wrong
With temperatures averaging 14 below, and humanity only just starting to reclaim the surface, the world left behind after the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano is...
  • crater
  • fiction
  • shortstories
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Sighs of The End:Super Volcano by LKAWESOME8
Sighs of The End:Super Volcanoby Laila
It's in 288887 before the earth gets destroyed.Check out my last book same series except it's is global heating up
  • supervolcano
  • adverture
  • made-by-a-kid
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From Dust by AshesLikeSnoww
From Dustby AshesLikeSnoww
Dallas Colton never doubted his father- not even when he spent the entirety of their inherited family fortune to build a end-of-times bunker. Or when, for years and yea...
  • flashback
  • scifi
  • movingon
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yellowstone by IsobelSinclair0
yellowstoneby Isobel Sinclair
maria likes Joe her long time family friend. but when her mother leaves town and sets Joe as her 'babysitter' shes pissed. little does she know her sunbathing...
  • ormore
  • friends
  • endoftheworld
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When the World Ends by thehelpfulbubble
When the World Endsby thehelpfulbubble
The world ended in ash. The two that walk through the rubble of their world experience both the best and the worst of what humanity has become--when the world ends. <...
  • horror
  • trailblazer
  • postapocalypse
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Fallen Ash by Dolphingirl16
Fallen Ashby Nik
They were simply 4 kids, they were on a school field trip from Chicago, Illinois to Lincoln, Nebraska. It would be a 2 day trip, the three got to share a hotel room. Thi...
  • survival
  • friendship
  • apocalyptic
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The Eruption- Volume 1 by MattEnglish
The Eruption- Volume 1by Matthew English
Jacob Warren and his family move from a busy city in the Midwest to the rural, mountainous areas of Cody, Wyoming after his dad switched jobs. At first, Jacob is scared...
  • science-fiction
  • wyoming
  • super-eruption
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Ashes and Daydreams by herearemystories
Ashes and Daydreamsby herearemystories
Darlena's life is normal. She lives with her mother, father, and sister, Anna, in a small Milwaukee apartment beside Lake Michigan. She remembers a calm, peaceful life i...
  • apocalyptic
  • erupt
  • super
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