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Super Villain by smores05
Super Villainby Sums
• Highest Rank #1 in supervillain • "Do you trust me?" he asked, still staring at the gray door. "Of course not," I said, as if the idea we...
  • girl
  • secretidentity
  • mystery
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Superheroes Suck by Missliteraura
Superheroes Suckby Missliteraura
Nova was never really fond of superheroes. From their capes to the idea that a woman could serve as little more than a device to further the endless conflict of good and...
  • action
  • nova
  • teens
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Even mutants need saving by bellspop38
Even mutants need savingby bellspop38
Nova Summers is a mutant who is adopted from birth she was always different she was an outcast due to her powers. She doesn't even know her parents no identity just that...
  • polaris
  • mutants
  • x-men
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Driving Doctor Mayhem by doctorhorrible
Driving Doctor Mayhemby doctorhorrible
PERSONAL ASSISTANT NEEDED. People skills optional. Ability to take drink orders preferred. Personal mode of transport a MUST. To Reply, Conta...
  • supervillain
  • dry
  • taygetsthegay
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No Heroes Left Behind (Book 1) by scaryberry123
No Heroes Left Behind (Book 1)by scary
[COMPLETED] ••Reached #1 in supervillain on 06/20/2019•• Charlotte Moon has a secret. A secret that, if shared with the wrong person, could get her and her loved ones ki...
  • villains
  • superhero
  • action
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Red Skies (Book 1) by ProjectPr1de
Red Skies (Book 1)by L. D. JONES
When 6 students are gifted superhuman abilities, it's up to them to prevent a bio-terrorist group from releasing a world-changing chemical into Earth's atmosphere. ...
  • action
  • hero
  • superpowers
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Vexed ♡ S. ROGERS by b r e 💫
"Just one kiss." "No." "What? You afraid you're going to catch feelings?"
  • romance
  • villains
  • drama
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(#1) Roommates by Day, Enemies by Night by visheretowrite
(#1) Roommates by Day, Enemies v i o l e t
WARNING: CONTAINING AMOUNTS OF SASS PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN TO MANKIND In the city of NYC--- Ok. Hold up. First of all, New York City. What, are ya gonna assume everyone here...
  • powers
  • fictionincolor
  • characters
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Love-Love (boyxboy) by glassEyed
Love-Love (boyxboy)by glassEyed
"Look, man, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to rob the bank but I'm broke and I need the money." "If you need money, go get a job!" "I have a job...
  • comic
  • supervillain
  • action
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No Capes by joecool123
No Capesby Joe Cool (Elizabeth Seibert)
"Why wear a mask?" I whispered as my fingers brushed the satin garment that revealed only his enigmatic eyes. "No one can find out my real identity,&quo...
  • featured
  • completed
  • noncliché
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Big City Villain  | BC Trilogy #1 ✔️ SAMPLE by peneloperaywrites
Big City Villain | BC Trilogy Penelope A. Ray
Seventeen-year-old Coal Black takes being the bad boy to a whole new level. A super level. Known as the city's terrifying super villain, Headphones, Coal works hard to k...
  • supervillain
  • villian
  • superhero
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Big City Hero | COMPLETED by peneloperaywrites
Big City Hero | COMPLETEDby Penelope A. Ray
~THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO BIG CITY VILLAIN AND CANNOT BE READ AS A STAND-ALONE NOVEL~ Red may be out of the picture now, but that didn't make them forget their plans. They'...
  • hero
  • superheroes
  • newadultreads
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Secret Super by left_andwrite
Secret Superby K.
Kara is training to become a superhero at the Academy of Supers. So far, she's stuck with a snobby sidekick, boring missions, and too many rules. Craving glory and adve...
  • supervillain
  • sci-fi
  • mystery
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Alien hero of Metropolis by Dimitron75
Alien hero of Metropolisby Dimitron75
Dc superhero girls harem x male ben 10 reader. This is my first male reader fanfic i ever made. You will be attended metropolis high school as you try to help save the w...
  • romance
  • omniverse
  • ben10
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Phoenix by sammykitkatcat
Phoenixby sammykitkatcat
[Sequel to Shift.] Phoenix has finally achieved his goal of becoming a superhero, and with a new career and his own office at the Cube everything is going great. However...
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • supervillain
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When Lightning Strikes by AlwaysSunny
When Lightning Strikesby Sunny 🔆
In a city full of villains, would you dare to be the hero? In Lincoln Grove, there hasn't been a hero in 12 years. Villains run rampant through the streets. The biggest...
  • teenfiction
  • lovetriangle
  • adventure
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My Hero Academia Quirk Ideas by _Queen__Vee_
My Hero Academia Quirk Ideasby Lucifire
Just some ideas about mha fan quirks i thought of and some i got inspired by :3 Reached #11 in ideabooks! Thank you so much! Reached #2 in ideabooks! You guys are truly...
  • heros
  • superhero
  • myhero
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What's Your Intent? by Otaku13131
What's Your Intent?by 6[ ' - ' ]9
In a world of powers, there is one hero that stands above all, Hunter, AKA: Gon Freecss. He is mighty, kind, and popular, without a doubt, but little is known about his...
  • hxh
  • netero
  • illumi
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Butterfly Boy by friking-awsom-kitten
Butterfly Boyby Marisa
Paris The city of lights The city of love The city of superheros and especially supervillains The city were people live in fear of their own shadow Who knows who the nex...
  • akumas
  • chatnoir
  • puns
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Average Joe by caleb_stepp2018
Average Joeby Caleb Stepp
Life is hard when your Dad is a superhero and your Mom is a super villain..... <••••> Norman Knight is a teenager with a plan: live a normal life. Of course it's...
  • superhero
  • powers
  • projecthero
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