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under their wings. || jschlatt x reader by vizlore
under their wings. || jschlatt x bonkers
a jschlatt x reader fanfiction. warnings: strong language, mentions of abuse you're an instagram and twitter influencer, but also really enjoy video games. as you play g...
SPARK ; lunch club by lemonadeleaves
SPARK ; lunch clubby cupid <3
a collection of platonic short stories involving the lunch club boys (+ a few other streamers). enjoy! 🎠🍊🏵 if any creator featured is made uncomfortable in anyway my...
incorrect smp live quotes by cscoopp
incorrect smp live quotesby cass
yuh just to be clear: i do not intend to ship any of the characters seriously. these are all jokes. thanks :)
waffle house | traves x reader by gingerdough
waffle house | traves x readerby gingerdough
how does y/n, a waffle house waitress, befriend someone like traves? there are not enough stories showing love to our boy! i decided on a whim to write this. #1 in tra...
🌸 Lunch Club x Reader 🌸 by zomohu
🌸 Lunch Club x Reader 🌸by candy brain
☁·° This book is a drama free zone! Request stories and members for more frequent updates. Let me know if you like it by commenting, starring, or just continue reading...
we are young ↣ lunch club imagines by ozmatic
we are young ↣ lunch club imaginesby ozmatic
requests open! (details in first chapter) will primarily use she/her pronouns unless otherwise requested.
two good things ↳ cscoop by ozmatic
two good things ↳ cscoopby ozmatic
"i'm tryin' hard not to look like i'm tryin' that hard." "yeah, and failing miserably at everything, including that." a boy, a girl, a broken wrist...
Lunchclub/SMPLive oneshots?? maybe?? (discontinued) by picketffence
Lunchclub/SMPLive oneshots?? call me pick :]
discontinued lmao !majority are platonic! there's a couple shippy oneshots, which you can feel free to skip. This probably won't go anywhere, one night i just got really...
smplive oneshots by babyylush
smplive oneshotsby no
leave suggestions I'm just writing for fun.
Incorrect quotes: Lunch Club and friends by spxrk_
Incorrect quotes: Lunch Club and brain
I've been wanting to make one of these for a while now so here ya go!
dream smp and lunchclub x reader by DeadEnby08
dream smp and lunchclub x readerby finnki
It's in the title and I do take requests:) I will not be including carson.
peppermint smiles by autumneneh
peppermint smilesby Autumn~
-lowercase intended *DISCLAIMER* this is not a ship in real life. character heights, ages, and other details have been modified. if any of them want me to take it down...
lunch club // oneshots by jschlattlive
lunch club // oneshotsby em
[DISCLAIMER] to clarify, i do NOT ship any of the people i write about. it's nonfiction. the characters i write about are based off of the actual creators. BASED off of...
|| ♤ Resurfaced ♤ || Slimecicle x Carson || by poopyhole123fartfart
|| ♤ Resurfaced ♤ || Slimecicle poopfartlmao
Slimecicle's struggles become too big to hide and start affecting his relationship with the rest of Lunch Club. It seems as if Carson is the only one there for him anymo...
SMPLIVE High School by Poogchamp
SMPLIVE High Schoolby Poogchamp
Cooper enrolled into Smplive high school with his best friend, Travis after three years of a shitty high school experience at Mineplex. Come along with Cooper as he mee...
the sweet ice hockey player (lunch club) by tr4v1s__LUL
the sweet ice hockey player ( tr4v1s__LUL
travis is an ice hockey player, a nice one at that, noah and carson not so much. one day travis falls in love with a boy hes never seen at the rink before. a lunch club...