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Code Unknown[2]: Unlimited Burst! by SatoshiTadashi
Code Unknown[2]: Unlimited Burst!by Satoshi
A continuation of the book "Code Unknown: Guild adventures in a different dimension?". Ace needed not only to find the books and face against stronger opponent...
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Red and blue (colorverse) by otakugirl406
Red and blue (colorverse)by otakugirl406
In a universe far away the world is run by what color you were born with , it decides whatwhat your personality is, how powerful you are, and even who you like
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The girl from another galaxy by celestine_galaxie
The girl from another galaxyby celestine_galaxie
Stella Caelestis is a young, alien princess living on a planet in the andromeda galaxy called skyros. On her thirteenth birthday she is sent to earth to protect it from...
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I wasn't alone by bella_random1207
I wasn't aloneby Bella Random
Jesse Mallory, a high school chick, realizes a gift (or curse) that she has. She has telekinesis, unlike anyone she's ever known. She thinks she's an outcast, a freak, u...
Eyes That Glow Different by aliyacoskun
Eyes That Glow Differentby aliyacoskun
For Florence life was pretty normal, well as normal as it gets for a teenager, till she realized her dreams were actually real and acted as an entry-way for an evil spir...
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Rise of the Dark Heroes  by SusanWard
Rise of the Dark Heroes by Susan Ward
My name is Stevie Jones. Havenbrook City is where I reside. (Sadly) Population: 7-8 million. Crime Rate: very high. We have Deviants to thank for that. What are Deviants...
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Rebellion (Book One of the Unmasked Series) by tewkie4
Rebellion (Book One of the LegoLordSupreme
When a great evil is unleashed on Earth wanting to destroy the human race, four unlikely heroes team up to save the world. The problem is, none know how to be the hero...
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Mikan's Little Twin by al3m08
Mikan's Little Twinby al3m08
Akako Sakura had to move out of her home town at the age of five. She didn't want to, but it was the only way to protect her older twin sister, Mikan. Their grandpa all...
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Beyond Our Realm by TheWritersRadiant
Beyond Our Realmby A.B. Kinghart
When a machine that can open portals to other dimensions horribly malfunctions, six friends find themselves transported to the Marvel Cinematic Universe- immediately aft...
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WARMTH  by SpringsSlut
WARMTH by l u
yandere male x female reader ---------------------------------------- ❝a man with fire powers becomes crazy in love with a girl with ice powers.❞ WARNING ➯ - smut in l...
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How To Ruin A City by darkestnightskies
How To Ruin A Cityby Bella
I cleared my throat. "So, you're getting paid for all of this, right? Fighting me. Even if you don't catch me?" Ginger narrowed his eyes. "I get paid ever...
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My Fan Quirks by Titantale22
My Fan Quirksby The Idea Man
Just some Quirk ideas I came up with feel free to text me any quirks you may have and I'll be sure to post them also feel free to use these quirks in your own Stories I...
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Aberrants by SpringWolf08
The world had gone to Hell long before the Aberrants started to resurface. Teachers, priests, and parents alike warned their children of the winged people who would come...
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Stockholm Heroes by payton-hayes
Stockholm Heroesby Payton Hayes
Stephanie Powers isn't your average news reporter. In fact, she's far from it. Ever since she was a little girl, she's wanted to be the worlds next super hero, complete...
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Soulflare by Kyoshu_36
Soulflareby did you know
what happens when strange creatures are walking around on the sidewalks? what happens when they are sitting next to you in class? kyo knows what it's like. because she'...
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Our powers combined [BNHA fusion AU] by Heartdrip
Our powers combined [BNHA fusion Heartdrip
Starting out with the normal storyline of BNHA, but averting as more is discvered about another essential part of mankinds transition into a world of quirks: Fusing. As...
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The Quirk Compendium by nopilwp
The Quirk Compendiumby Naufal Wishnuputra
Shiki Nakamiya is an ordinary 18-years old student just like everybody else. Except for the ones that were gifted by "Quirks" from the day they were born which...
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Super High || Group RP by univerxse__
Super High || Group RPby ɪsᴀʙᴇʟʟᴀ
A school filled with all kinds of supers. Heros, sidekicks, and maybe even a few villains. Their abilities can go from Shapeshifting to Healing. What kind of super will...
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Strength In Superpowers by Grey_Ace_Wolf
Strength In Superpowersby LinWolf
Two siblings, Jason and Naomi, get involved in more trouble than they signed up for after a school trip to the museum. A drowning Great War soldier and a sort-of-kidnapp...
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Purgatory // A Superhero Roleplay by Aesthetic_Jelly
Purgatory // A Superhero Roleplayby !¡ Spooky ¡!
. . . TWO ROLES LEFT . . . Mutants. Hidden away from society, they kept their powers a secret from those close to them. That was, until they found those similar to the...
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