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Abnormal (Newt X Reader) by NatashaTasyaar
Abnormal (Newt X Reader)by Natasha Tasyaar
A girl showed up in the Glade, she's different from them all. She has the ability to control elements. The creator is not only able to wipe her memories but suppress her...
Planet Aria C890 by SKZismyulti
Planet Aria C890by Ysabelle Canlas
The year 2321, 300 years after the Earth has been in a dystopian era. A new era begins in a planet called Planet Aria C890, a futuristic city where people is prohibited...
Flames of Frost by UniqueLegend
Flames of Frostby UniqueLegend
Rosie smiled sorrowfully at him. "You won't understand..." She whispered. "Try me, I am your brother after all," he replied with fierce determination...
Anonymous- Mistic-Book one by Mamma_Moons
Anonymous- Mistic-Book oneby MammaMoons
Yozora never expected to end up at Prick Prep, the top school in America for the gifted, she didn't expect to end up in the world of modern tech and people with super ab...
Planets Collide by Joiebean
Planets Collideby Joie Bean
Madison Graves lives in, Venil, a country one wouldn't willingly want to. As such she's never told anyone of the ability she discovered at the age of ten. How will she...
Mind Reader by PenWriter16
Mind Readerby 𝙠𝙖𝙣𝙮𝙞𝙣𝙨𝙤𝙡𝙖♔︎
Denise Easton is gifted. A mind reader, clairvoyant and armed with the power of persuasion. But that's not enough in the battle of the psychic business. The full routine...
The Tales of Thomas Blackwood: Life as a Seer by MatrixGlitch
The Tales of Thomas Blackwood: Annabelle Holmes
Thomas Blackwood is a boy who found himself with an unusual ability; the ability to see things from another world, a dark one. Thomas meets up with Elizabeth Stone who...
Wielders Academy (English Ver.) by MAgapito
Wielders Academy (English Ver.)by M Agapito
Wielders Academy. (The Other Side) Academy for people who are given supernatural ability and talents. People with such ability are called Wielders. Many can pefectly con...