Supermarioworld Stories

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Super Mario and the Champion of Destruction, Vol. 1 by NintendoJedi
Super Mario and the Champion of NintendoJedi
A Super Paper Mario graphic novel! NOTE: The manga reads left to right. In the past, Mario has been called upon to save his kingdom many times before. After all, they do...
The Story of Brown Yoshi by Light-blueYoshi
The Story of Brown Yoshiby Lizzy
(Updates slowing down to when I can for now. I've been busy lately) A long, long time ago... before the Mario Bros. were born and the Yoshi clan was complete... somethin...
The Origin of Yoshi by BakuganEmporer7
The Origin of Yoshiby BakuganEmporer7
This tells the story of Yoshi, about her adventures on her island, and with her temporary son, Baby Mario, and her brothers and sisters will fight Kamek to the end.
*+*~Luigi & Peach's Adventure~*+* by Chili-Fries
*+*~Luigi & Peach's Adventure~*+*by Ian The Hedgehog
Uh Oh! Mario is missing, AGAIN! It's up to Luigi & Princess Peach to save him by running around different locations to try and find where King Koopa is keeping Mario cap...
Super Camp Lazlio Bros by luigicamplazlo1998
Super Camp Lazlio Brosby luigicamplazlo1998
super mario camp lazlo cross over pls enjoy thanks =)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reform World by LappySheep
Reform Worldby Lappy Sheep
The world was collapsed, but there is still hope for Mario as he ascends into the tower of Kaizo