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♢ Carmen SanDiego | Young Justice  by Msfluffyunicorn2
♢ Carmen SanDiego | Young Justice by Msfluffyunicorn2
♢ Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? ♢ Young Justice [Season 2-3] ♢ Rights to Netflix Carmen Sandiego and DC Young ...
  • missmartian
  • kidflash
  • netflix
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SuperFlash: The Quest For Peace by DekeThomas
SuperFlash: The Quest For Peaceby ThisHouseBitchin
The Monitor has returned to bestow one more challenge upon the heroes for the crisis that is coming. Will Barry and Kara be able to express their feelings and defeat the...
  • aquaman
  • theflash
  • greenlantern
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RWBY the one with no limits by engelsvargas
RWBY the one with no limitsby engels vargas
The World of Remnat is full of different things and creatures human, Faunus, vicious creatures call Grimms, maiden's and where every single weapon it's also a gun liter...
  • ruby
  • blake
  • rwby
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anpanman. // co-ed af. by LUNARGGUKS
anpanman. // co-ed   ‍     ‍   
˗ˏˋ you can't just swoop in here trying to save me. ˎˊ˗ ► in which ten superheroes and supervillains bicker with each other. ଓ 0 / 10 slots taken.
  • applyfic
  • supervillain
  • af
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Marvel {Text messages} by _Stories_by_Irene
Marvel {Text messages}by _Stories_by_Irene
As you all guys can see I am doing a text messages story. But hope is NOT lost!! DC vs Marvel official story is coming up soon!!! And no, I'm both DC and Marvel fan. I l...
  • wonderwoman
  • jla
  • blackwidow
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Headcanon Jondami by Meyn-Yuko
Headcanon Jondamiby Fantasma
Se que nadie lo leerá pero me vale verg* -Porque Jon y Damian se aman, aunque a Dc al parecer le cuesta mucho aceptarlo >:"v/
  • kent
  • conner
  • batman
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SuperHeroes Award 2019 by JaniCampbell
SuperHeroes Award 2019by JaniCampbell
This is an award for all the super books, written by those super writers, that haven't been discovered. Haven't you guys seen, the superhero franchises are growing. Woul...
  • comics
  • superman
  • wattpad
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Young Justice Daughter of the hawks by skoch21
Young Justice Daughter of the hawksby skoch21
six year old Alicia has always been on her own as long as she could remember not only that she was different and people don't like different at least that's what the mea...
  • batman
  • aqualad
  • robin
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Tips For Writing The BEST! Super Hero Novel by JaniCampbell
Tips For Writing The BEST! Super JaniCampbell
Here are some tips for writing some great super hero books! Coming from the Super Heroes Awards. Please check it out. And I hope it will help you.
  • hulk
  • love
  • captainamerica
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∭DNA∭ by thesupernaturalTeen
∭DNA∭by the supernatural Teenwolf Mer...
He can not be trusted" "he's dangerous" that's what they all said about Superman,but you couldn't help and feel the opposite. He had saved the planet,he t...
  • clarkkent
  • kryptonite
  • superman
Brainiac 5 x Chuuya's Twin Sister by TayaBacha
Brainiac 5 x Chuuya's Twin Sisterby Taya Bacha
After Chuuya joined the Port Mafia for 6 months he sent his younger twin sister, Nakahara Sunako, to live with the Kent family in America to keep her safe. She becomes r...
  • timberwolf
  • chuuyanakahara
  • lightinglad
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Killer Queen by jotunofasgard
Killer Queenby jotunofasgard
"I'm the killer queen..." She sang, then with the final blow, he collapsed, lifeless, on the concrete. Take a dice, roll a 7, you're dead. All Dr Thomas Karmen...
  • villains
  • marvel
  • batman
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Smallville Clark Kent x Reader by yejikwak
Smallville Clark Kent x Readerby yeji kwak
It was a normal day for Clark Kent. Wake up, eat breakfast, get on the bus-no. Scratch that. MISS the bus and get to school on time using his super speed. Then get home...
  • superman
  • kent
  • clarkkent
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Mistake //  Karamel by _karamelwood
Mistake // Karamelby hannah❤
Supergirl is dead. She sent Kara's fiancee, her daughters father away. In Kara's eyes, Supergirl is a villain. Supergirl was a mistake.
  • sanvers
  • melwood
  • karazorel
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Injustice 3: Rise of the Supervillians by LongShot1225
Injustice 3: Rise of the LongShot1225
War is on the horizon as Superman prepare his army for the invasion against the Green Laterans Corp. With very little hope remaining and Batman under mind control, it fa...
  • action
  • batman
  • dcfanfiction
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Blood Line by Am3thyst1
Blood Lineby Amethyst
"I'm done" "I'm so fucking done" Calla Wayne unbuckled her utility belt and throw it on the ground. With that, she walked away from the scene and did...
  • batgirl
  • nightwing
  • dc
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Shoot a Flash Arrow into the Super Legendary Arrowverse and Beyond by Tatylana1
Shoot a Flash Arrow into the Unnerdyintrovert
Reactions between crossovers of the mains in the Arrowverse. Looks into people's musical past. Watching doppelgängers from other Earths lives. Friendships will be made...
  • olicity
  • oliverqueen
  • teenwolf
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Marvel VS DC (The Avengers fight The Justice League) by Mark_Stybert
Marvel VS DC (The Avengers fight Mark Stybert
Not connected to the MCU or DCEU. Just a dream of millions of superhero fans coming true through my book.
  • wonderwoman
  • thor
  • batman
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Avengers x DC by OnceInYourLife
Avengers x DCby 2999isnotenoughlove.
My other story is from Civil War and past, this is starting with Infinity War. Avengers (ASSEMBLE) and DC crossover. Avengers- set at the beginning of Infinity War with...
  • superman
  • avengers
  • ironman
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Shazam! by SteveV101
Shazam!by Stephen (Steve) Alessandro Vi...
We all have a superhero inside of us -- it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In 14-year-old Billy Batson's case, all he needs to do is shout out one word to tra...
  • supehero
  • superman
  • batman
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