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Spider-Man:New 52 by kindkarma2098
Spider-Man:New 52by kindkarma2098
Tell me Peter, do you want to know the greatest pain you can inflict on a man? It's simple, take everything he loves, everything he's fought for...and erase it" Mep...
  • superman
  • wonderwomen
  • batman
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Marvel VS DC (The Avengers fight The Justice League) by Mark_Stybert
Marvel VS DC (The Avengers fight Mark Stybert
Not connected to the MCU or DCEU. Just a dream of millions of superhero fans coming true through my book.
  • blackwidow
  • flash
  • ironman
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Rude Trio: Ostatnia Prosta by Talbot_Aadamczyk
Rude Trio: Ostatnia Prostaby BREAD Talbot
" - Pamiętasz jak Barry wszedł do Góry i powiedział, że możemy dołączyć do Ligii? - Tak. - Dlaczego tego nie zrobiliśmy? - Bo wiedzieliśmy, że jak w to wejdziemy, t...
  • artemis
  • impuls
  • szybkość
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Gotham Academy ♦ || Harley Quinn story by _goldenbby
Gotham Academy ♦ || Harley Quinn gold ♡
All your favourite DC heroes and villains re-imagined as kids! Crammed into one school, witness all the pranks, drama, money heists and stories that occur when you put c...
  • crazy
  • highschool
  • poisonivy
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Silent Words (On Hold[School]) by CrimsonCheeks
Silent Words (On Hold[School])by Maya✌⚓⚓⚓✌✌✌😋😋😜🤯
There is no way to express yourself truly when speech doesn't allow, Unless there are poems to paint pictures to show you how. All those...
  • lgbt
  • girlpower
  • innocence
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Flight - Vol. 1 (Damian Wayne & Jon Kent) by reedlewisofficial
Flight - Vol. 1 (Damian Wayne & Reed Lewis
Two years have gone by, and the world has been saved countless times by countless heroes. But Robin and Superboy's work is far from over... Damian Wayne struggles with h...
  • robinxsuperboy
  • damianxjon
  • superboy
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Man of Steel: Loving Mia Jones by wattfan18
Man of Steel: Loving Mia Jonesby wattfan18
This is the revamp of Superman Fanfiction. Mia always struggled with her job and her long term crush with Bruce Wayne, who has been her friend since she was a kid. Mia f...
  • dawnofjustice
  • benaffleck
  • bwwm
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Young Justice Daughter of the hawks by skoch21
Young Justice Daughter of the hawksby skoch21
six year old Alicia has always been on her own as long as she could remember not only that she was different and people don't like different at least that's what the mea...
  • hawkwoman
  • superman
  • artemis
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Behind the mask by sweet_candy_bean77
Behind the maskby sweet_candy_bean77
No spoilers Changed the original name 👌🏻 Changed the original front cover 👌🏻
  • redrobin
  • spraypaint
  • redhood
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Izuku The Superman by MarkGibson2
Izuku The Supermanby BaysideComics101
What is Izuku was a kryptonion
  • izuku
  • superman
Tried || Hero Fiennes Tiffin  by gandedolan1999
Tried || Hero Fiennes Tiffin by ❤️❤️❤️
" I tried, I really did!" " don't lie . We both know you left without a second thought." ************************** Sequel to saved
  • fiennes
  • hatred
  • herofiennestiffin
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freak (freddy freeman x reader) by sickney
freak (freddy freeman x reader)by sickney
"i mean come on ! look at me, i-i'm a freak." "hey even if you are a freak, you're my freak."
  • freddyfreeman
  • justiceleague
  • fun
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son of superwoman and tai and son of power girl and ghira by EricCoronado3
son of superwoman and tai and Eric Coronado
i do not own dc or rwby tai had summer ruby and yang leave him because summer wasnt feeling it anymore and ruby and yang wanted to be with .ghira left after kali left hi...
  • taiyang
  • ghira
  • rwby
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Powers Reborn by Dark_Fairy_Stars
Powers Rebornby Dark_Fairy_Stars
What if there was a universe where villians and heroes exsisted? Doesn't matter if you were the Hulk or Joker; just all there. Just after all have died, they are reborn...
  • villain
  • comicbooks
  • blackwidow
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" there's something animal about us. " " then come here and let me devour you. " «•» In which Lawson Hendrix is impo...
  • arthur
  • theaquaman
  • arthurcurry
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Kace 14: The Justice Era by Endgame1999
Kace 14: The Justice Eraby The True Avenger
THE JUSTICE ERA | "How many can this kid turn into?" After a unknown enemy kills the universe's greatest hero, Kace Yeager tries to find his place in a new uni...
  • fanfiction
  • action
  • crossover
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Aquaman Sister by moonlightholland22
Aquaman Sisterby moonlightholland22
Echo Curry is Shy and quiet she of course is Arthur Curry younger sister See how her Journey with Mera and Arthur will effect her and maybe she will find love along the...
  • superman
  • superheros
  • batman
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Just Us Gang by AmeriWryter
Just Us Gangby Amari Morrow
A Justice League Elseworld story I wrote a cartoon script for. If I had to give it a theme I'd say Cyber-Punk Dystopia with Magic. The main 6 leaguers are shown as teens...
  • arthurcurry
  • wonderwoman
  • magic
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White-Hat || YJ X BNHA by XOverMania
White-Hat || YJ X BNHAby Mannie
White Hat {Noun} used in good reference to a good or moral person, especially the hero in a film, novel or play. ============== "Let's take her," The masked ma...
  • izuku
  • yaoyorozu
  • bakugou
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