A Super and a Luthor (Supercorp fic) by that-fanfic-chick
A Super and a Luthor (Supercorp that-fanfic-chick
Kara and Lena fanfic in which Kara is obviously bisexual and Lena is gay and in love. Finished! :-) SEQUEL- A Danvers and a Luthor
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  • lenaluthor
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The Superfriends Chat by beefmince
The Superfriends Chatby beefmince
schottthroughtheheart: i forgot you had long hair lol schottthroughtheheart: also who's the guy next to you gaydanvers: he's my ex gaydanvers: also gaydanvers: STOP MAKI...
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(I Will Fight For You) Supergirl x Female Reader  by YTFoxy101
(I Will Fight For You) Supergirl YTFoxy101
You we're a 'alien' that was much like Supergirl. You had fire powers and Wolverine's claws. You we're born on Neolithic. I planet that was like Earth but was all blue a...
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Supergirl (idk who yet) x fem shy! reader (GxG) by LucWolf4
Supergirl (idk who yet) x fem VultureInAJumpsuit
Marine mammal behaviorist, Y/N, doesn't really have friends, she's very shy around others. That is, until she meets Alex and Kara. The DEO is tipped off about an unknown...
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Super Spidey Romance  by Sunnyshine2004
Super Spidey Romance by Hufflepuffle
When 14 year old Kara Stark And 14 Years old Peter Parker meet during the time caption America starts a war Turing avengers against avengers. What will happen find out n...
  • sabrinacarpenter
  • tomholland
  • karastark
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A SuperFlash Fanfiction  by charliecat13
A SuperFlash Fanfiction by charliecat13
When Barry and Kara met, they were just normal teenagers who met at a reptile camp. But, when Barry and Kara both become heroes, they realize that there is more to there...
  • karry
  • supergirl
  • superflash
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The Kryptonian and Her Kryptonite [Editing] by Kandi_Bug
The Kryptonian and Her Kandi Bug
Kara Zor-El and her older twin sister Bexley Zor-El are sent to Earth at the age of 13. They're sent to protect their baby cousin Kal-El but end up getting trapped in a...
  • winnschott
  • maggiesawyer
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texts || supercorp & sanvers by supersanverscc
texts || supercorp & sanversby Kara x Lena
Story texts between Sanvers and Supercorp (mostly Supercorp). Will also contain some narrated chapter, depends if I want to make it on any caharcter's POV or third perso...
  • sanvers
  • supercorp
  • alexdanvers
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Call Me Kara! by ShubhamKrSingh0109
Call Me Kara!by Shubham kumar singh
Betrayed by her own world and left for dead an old friend arrives to save Kara from death. Deciding she has had enough of risking her life for others, Kara starts a bran...
  • justiceleague
  • sara
  • karraxbarry
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Beloved  | A Supercorp Story by supxrmicrxns
Beloved | A Supercorp Storyby Aiden
A week after lena luthor's intentional break up with james olsen, kara danvers is ready to step up and be a friend. whilst lena had some other ideas. And it goes further...
  • karadanvers
  • lgbt
  • supergirl
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The Secrets We Keep Destroy Us  by Lottie98M
The Secrets We Keep Destroy Us by Lottie98M
It's been 7 months since Mon-El left Earth and fell into the disruption, little did he know he wasn't just leaving Kara behind, he left a part of him too. When Mon-El re...
  • karadanvers
  • supergirl
  • mon-el
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Last Night by lezziemates
Last Nightby lezziemates
After a late night visit to LCorp Kara-as Supergirl- ends up spending the night with Lena. Lena finds out that Supergirl has a habit of talking in her sleep. The morning...
  • supergirl
  • superfriends
  • karadanvers
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Lena Finds Out (One shot) by KaraFanficAndStuff
Lena Finds Out (One shot)by KaraFanficAndStuff
What if when Supergirl saved Lena from Cadmus a tiny bit of kryptonite gas managed to make it's way into her lungs and when the affects start to kick in Kara is forced t...
  • fanfic
  • kryptonite
  • luthor
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Watching Our WHAT?! by blue_dragon_shine
Watching Our WHAT?!by Blue Haddock
When the main cast of all of The CW show's wake up to find themselves in are room where there told by a living computer that they have to watch their future children's l...
  • theflash
  • gay
  • superflash
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DC Females x male reader [18+] by Digit76
DC Females x male reader [18+]by Neo
Read the note at the start for information. All of these are lemons and are not intended for children.
  • ivy
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  • harleyquinn
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Schott  through the Heart by _katiedraws2
Schott through the Heartby Kate
"Winn, remember when your dad got out of prision?" she asked me. "Yeah?" "You gave something to me and I feel that it's time that I return it t...
  • winn
  • winnara
  • friendstolovers
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Supergirl (Jasper Hale)  by user95780262
Supergirl (Jasper Hale) by AnnMarie
Kara is a normal girl well that is what everyone else thinks but she is actually from a different planet. No one knows but her adoptive sister Alex. Kara and Alex are go...
  • supergirl
  • jasperwhitlock
  • whitlock
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BELIEVER || CHRIS WOOD  by kissycurl
BELIEVER || CHRIS WOOD by kissycurl
UNDER EDITING started march 31st 2017 ended -
  • kol
  • tonkin
  • salvatore
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Without You by lezziemates
Without Youby lezziemates
Kara has a three year old daughter that not many people know about. When Lena meets Kara and McKenna out one night, Kenna instantly takes a liking to her. So the three o...
  • supercorp
  • lenaluthor
  • superkids
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The Orphan's Mission by n3rds_alert
The Orphan's Missionby India Faith
Addison Clarke. But she goes by Clarke. An Orphan from the age of five and one witty girl. After hacking into DEO files, Clarke finds herself on the DEO radar and desper...
  • theflash
  • kara
  • alex
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