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Together, we make family. by breebee23
Together, we make Silent.Mushroom_
What if Alex wasn't Kara's only sister? What if Alex had an older sister named Kaelyn? I do not own the characters in this story, everyone (besides Kaelyn) belongs to t...
Supergirl II One-Shots II Requests:OPEN by breebee23
Supergirl II One-Shots II Silent.Mushroom_
Just a bunch of Supergirl stories I had in mind but decided to make into one-shots. If you have any requests, Let me know! I'll more than likely do them if I have the...
To the ones we love by cadee920
To the ones we loveby cadee920
Lena almost died, but she didn't. By some miracle she survived. No, it wasn't a miracle it was supergirl, it was Kara. Tragedy lit the spark of their relationship, but w...
The Loves of Her Life ~ A Karamel Story by wormyy06
The Loves of Her Life ~ A rose
(Complete) What happens when Kara's adoptive mother dies in a car crash, and then Kara finds out that she'spregnant? Can she continue her job as supergirl, and can anyon...
Slow is Not Easy | Superflash by mccnriver
Slow is Not Easy | Superflashby laney
It's Christmas time of 2019 in National City when Barry once again finds himself stuck on Kara's Earth, and when a new villain travels the multiverse to find the fastest...
Beautiful disaster by cheesywriterrr
Beautiful disasterby Emma
Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers are happily married. Except not to each other, but to their husbands. Lena owns a successful business and Kara works for the FBI and uses he...
Danvers Sister Stories (read description) by Haunteddays
Danvers Sister Stories (read Ghost
Stories mostly about the Danvers sisters, non romantic. These are multiple stories, in one book. I am working on the second one. #1 in Danverssisters 15/4/2019 Story 1:...
My Life As Supergirls Daughter by lyfeshard17
My Life As Supergirls Daughterby Taylor
Hi, I'm Kira Danvers daughter of Kara Danvers A.K.A Supergirl and my father, who left us when I was little. He left my mom for some stupid girl that's human, no one real...
Say You Won't Let Go (KaraxMonEl - KIKO Series) by pwettypwita
Say You Won't Let Go ( pwettypwita
It was karaoke night at the Alien Bar. All of Kara's friends were there, including Barry. She hesitated to come, so she decided to just stayed at home. But something cha...
Supergirl Fanfiction by witsendwriting
Supergirl Fanfictionby Lexi Morgan
I enjoy a good scenario now and then, something that isn't real and most likely won't ever become real, but just a scene that I would want to see play out. I write scena...
I can't believe it's come to this by carly_quinn1
I can't believe it's come to thisby Carly Quinn
Cat still believes that Kara is SuperGirl. There's only one way Cat will get the truth from Kara.
[ COMING SOON ] ORPHAN SPECIMEN ▮ Supergirl & Supernatural Crossover by oneatmanyfandoms
"Excuse me?" "You heard me." "Well, how do I know if you're even telling the truth?" "Because we know damn well you're hiding one.&quo...
The Arrow School for Heroes by mccnriver
The Arrow School for Heroesby laney
Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to any of these characters, I have simply changed them a bit in order to fit the plot of the story. In 1991, merely months after the m...
My vow by carly_quinn1
My vowby Carly Quinn
This is my take on what happens after Alex proposes to Maggie.
Laverna Family Moments by FoxesandMagic
Laverna Family Momentsby Foxes and Magic
Just a collection of one shots that surround the Laverna family, their gang (and maybe some other OCs from my Supergirl fanfiction). Updated every other week, running u...
Pathways by FoxesandMagic
Pathwaysby Foxes and Magic
With the line that Sophia walks becoming even more uncertain she needs to pick a pathway, and fast. But things in National City are never that straightforward, and when...
ArrowVerse Generation 2 by Liam_Queen-Allen
ArrowVerse Generation 2by YouTube FanFictions
After the Legacy's Of SuperGirl (Kara Zor-El/ Danvers), The Arrow (Oliver Queen), The Flash (Barry Allen), Criminals and Vigilantes Known as The Legends and These teams...
Looking For You - Extras  by Quinntessence93
Looking For You - Extras by Quinn Rae Bagby
This is a companion kind of thing to a fanfic I'm currently working on! It's a Sanvers no powers alternate universe, featuring Toddler!Kara. Here, I'll post the fanart I...