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flirtfest [superflashϟ] by astronautically
flirtfest [superflashϟ]by annie + willow + ash
When Barry accidentally gets stuck on Earth 3 again and requires Kara's help to get back, she agrees on one condition. He'll take her with him to go visit his friends on...
Lexie Came Back --- Greys Anatomy And Supergirl Crossover - Part 2 by Maries490
Lexie Came Back --- Greys Maries490
Lexie came back part 2, she comes back again but this it's different If you haven't read the first one I would recommend reading it before you read this
Don't Let Go - Supergirl x Reader (f) by Scarslovestory
Don't Let Go - Supergirl x Scarlett 💖
You've always felt the urge to save people, but unlike Supergirl, you're only human or are you.... When secrets unfold about your past and present, all you can do is bri...
Danvers Sister Stories (read description) by Haunteddays
Danvers Sister Stories (read Ghost
Stories mostly about the Danvers sisters, non romantic. These are multiple stories, in one book. I am working on the second one. #1 in Danverssisters 15/4/2019 Story 1:...
Bad at love -Sanvers- by XSanversWES
Bad at love -Sanvers-by XSanversWES
Después de su ruptura hace ya 9 años, Alex Danvers y Maggie Sawyer dividieron sus caminos en busca de nuevas etapas ya que ambas querían cosas diferentes. Por un lado, A...
Say You Won't Let Go (KaraxMonEl - KIKO Series) by pwettypwita
Say You Won't Let Go ( pwettypwita
It was karaoke night at the Alien Bar. All of Kara's friends were there, including Barry. She hesitated to come, so she decided to just stayed at home. But something cha...
Family Reunion // Supergirl // (fanfic)  by JJ_The_Kryptonian
Family Reunion // Supergirl // ( Eva Zor-El
As another Kryptonian escape-Pod crashes to Earth, Kara and Kal-El are alerted by Eliza. Who or what is in the Pod?
Kinetic // SuperCorp by xxCandidFangirlxx
Kinetic // SuperCorpby Mik
Kara Danvers is a sophomore at National City University, studying to be a journalist. In her free time, Kara plays soccer in the fall, and runs track in the spring for...
Jump // Supercorp Fanfiction -- Kara x Lena -- by holy0cheese
Jump // Supercorp Fanfiction -- Holy Cheese
On the edge of the world, everything seems so clear. One step and it's all over. All the pain, all the suffering, all the judging people. None of it will exist anymore...
The Traveler's Time by RaizaOquendo
The Traveler's Timeby Freya Addams 🖤
No matter how much you travel, you always find your way back home.
Lena Luthor joins the Legends by multixlexa
Lena Luthor joins the Legendsby multixsara
Lena Luthor joins the Legends while the tram work on getting there lovable Captain back, but when she returns she's not the woman she was.
You Have Really Nice Hair by fixingiwwithfanfics
You Have Really Nice Hairby Claire
When 6 best friends (not all of them human) come together for a weekend in National City, things start changing. Fast. But maybe some things change for the better.