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Fall Apart (Scömìche) by ptxbrina
Fall Apart (Scömìche)by SCÖMÌCHE
Mitch had his whole life planned out. He knew what college he wanted to go to, where he wanted to work, what he wanted to do, and he had absolutely perfect grades. When...
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Scomiche Sick/Hurt Fanfics by Emmypaige9147
Scomiche Sick/Hurt Fanficsby Emily Fothergill
The following stories are about Scomiche/Pentatonix! This is a sickfic book because I (The writer) Want to be a nurse, in the future. I've just always loved medical show...
Roommates | Pentatonix by PointlessNachos2
Roommates | Pentatonixby PN Second Account
A story about five complete strangers moving in together to afford New York rent.
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Your Biggest Fan [scomiche] by jaceistrash
Your Biggest Fan [scomiche]by Jace
Mitchell Coby Michael Grassi or as most people know him 'Mitch Grassi' is a world famous singer with three platinum albums, a Grammy, a documentary and a lot of fans. Sc...
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Pentatonix sickfics by Raven5555
Pentatonix sickficsby Writer’s block, please send r...
Will be about all 5 members. Please give requests for me to write. I will use a mixture of originals and already existing stories that I will edit to fit this book. All...
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My dad's bestfriend  by iluhyouz
My dad's bestfriend by Bigdaddym~
"W-we can't..." I stuttered while hyperventilating, i can't do this... as bad as I want to... my dad would be furious if he found out.. He steps closer to me w...
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Urge | Scömíche by PLITOS
Urge | Scömícheby alex
Scott is a vampire in the 21st century. While it may be easy for others, he's a celebrity, and he wouldn't go unnoticed. Getting blood is easy, until one day he doesn't...
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Rest Stop (Scomiche and Scott Hoying)  'Moving On' Series Book 4 by SammyDAdams
Rest Stop (Scomiche and Scott ~D~
The whole world knows -- will that free the boys to be the best they can be or make things even harder?
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The Regected Singer  by PTXAlexisGrassi
The Regected Singer by Alexis🍓🍓
Mitch is the most famous Omega singer out there. He has yet to find his mate but is ready for the day that they will arrive in his life. Scott is and Alpha from a very s...
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PTX Problems   by Car-nez
PTX Problems by [>•<]
The struggles of being a PENTAHOLIC I kinda saw this on line and copied it but ya Enjoy!
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his queen (scomiche) - completed by bubblegrassi
his queen (scomiche) - completedby ♡
in which scott is the devil and mitch is his queen. written with the talented @alyssamariewarren lowercase intended.
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I Hope To Die.. [Scömìche Fanfiction] by Sup3rjuicyfruit
I Hope To Die.. [Scömìche Annìe Hìte 🍓
Mitch Grassi, a gay male, in an abusive relationship with Travis Bush. Mitch is over him, he is on his last leg of patience. Mitch doesn't want to be hurt anymore. He me...
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Scomiche Oneshots by Emmypaige9147
Scomiche Oneshotsby Emily Fothergill
Hey y'all! This is my Scomiche Oneshot book! I will take requests so If any of y'all have any please feel very free to comment/message me and I'll respond! Also, If you...
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Soft Boy - Scomiche (COMPLETED) by bubblegrassi
Soft Boy - Scomiche (COMPLETED)by ♡
"I just don't wanna scare him off."
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Twitter ficlets by Ehcimocs
Twitter ficletsby Ehcimocs
Short ficlets from twitter prompts. (Mainly Scott & Mitch)
Mishy (Scomiche) by scoootieboi
Mishy (Scomiche)by scoootieboi
Scott loves his little girl, Bailey, but being a successful manager for a major music label calls for a lot of hours at work. He hires a nanny, Mitch, who is perfect for...
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Scomiche -- Twisted Journey by SammyDAdams
Scomiche -- Twisted Journeyby ~D~
Moving On Series, Book 2 Scott and Mitch are finally together. Can they navigate the challenges and changes that come their way?
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Scomiche Oneshots by breeoc97
Scomiche Oneshotsby 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
A cute collection of Scomiche stories :) This is book 1! Read this one first to understand book 2! Scott and Mitch are happily married! They have three handsome sons...
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Under Arrest (Scömìche) by HaylorMontaylor
Under Arrest (Scömìche)by Hailey Sallee ;)
Two complete strangers, Scott and Mitch, put into one prison cell. Could this be a horrible mistake, or could it kindle true love? *EDITING COMING SOON BECAUSE THIS STOR...
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