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A SuperFlash Story Reborn  by KiritoBinns
A SuperFlash Story Reborn by Kirito Binns
Barry Allen the fastest man alive is going head to head with Zoom, while testing his speed he made a jump to a familiar kryptonian's earth while there Barry starts devel...
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Until I Reach You: Superflash Fanfic by Alaska_Likes_Daisies
Until I Reach You: Superflash Chanmi
Few things are more terrifying than being called to say your goodbyes. Specially when someone you thought was invincible is the same person you're saying goodbye to. Ba...
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Turning Back The Clock {SuperFlash} by Super_flash_writes
Turning Back The Clock {SuperFlash}by SuperFlashBitches
*SET DURING THE INVASION! CROSSOVER* "This sounds like a job for Supergirl" Felicity spoke into the microphone that lead to all our comms. "Thanks Felicit...
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Super Flash | Crossover [1] by mrs__allen
Super Flash | Crossover [1]by - kiki
It's only complicated if you make it complicated. [The Flash & Supergirl Crossover] The Flash is already on the way to victory and with Zoom already on the board...
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Superflash - Crisis on Earth X (Volume 1) by TheAIWriter
Superflash - Crisis on Earth X ( TheAIWriter
Rewrite of Crisis on Earth X. Kara Danvers and Barry Allen have battled and overcome the worst, but what happens when there newest challenge they must face is themselves...
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Supergirl's Daughter: The Lighting and The Steel by ShirleyWashburn
Supergirl's Daughter: The peyton_grace15
I DON'T OWN ANYTHING BUT PEYTON SHE IS MY OWN CHARACTER! The Flash and Supergirl spent a night together after getting drunk but a little problem erupts after Kara is...
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Superflash Love Story by AlexaDiamant26
Superflash Love Storyby Alexa Diamant
Barry is trapped in the Speed Force, Kara is carrying his baby (or babies), and the world is missing their heroes! Read "Superflash Love Story" to find out how...
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Finding out the truth by Evo1818
Finding out the truthby Evo1818
What happens when teams Flash and Supergirl FInd out about the secret highschool life's of Kara & Barry. Plus, what happeneds when The warblers and the New Directions fi...
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The Ultimate Sacrifice | Superflash by Thomas-Marie-Amell
The Ultimate Sacrifice | Superflashby
What if Barry doesn't marry Iris? What if he marries Kara instead? When the day of their wedding comes, will it fo smoothly or will it be ruined?
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I'm a Fool For You » SuperFlash {1} | √ by themiko2
I'm a Fool For You » SuperFlash { em n ms
There was a crime scene for a murder so CSI Barry Allen hurries there but of course being 10 minutes late. At CatCo, Snapper gave one of his reporters a task to go down...
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who (a super flash story) by avid_shipper
who (a super flash story)by avid_shipper
Barry and kara are secretly dating behind iris's back but when iris meets ??? things change and iris caught barry and kara in the act she goes to ??? then...
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The Future - SuperFlash [2] by DekeThomas
The Future - SuperFlash [2]by CrimeFightingSpeedster
Kara Zor-El has lost all of her hope after the death of the scarlet speedster. Death seems to follow her constantly, wandering the ground she walks upon. She never knows...
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Soulmate - A Superflash/Karry Story by CarVie16
Soulmate - A Superflash/Karry Storyby CarVie16
What if something unexpected happened during Barry's first time at Kara's Earth? One year later, Barry and Kara are trapped in a musical fantasy land by the Music Meiste...
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Running Home to You by Swim2520
Running Home to Youby Swim2520
Kara never lived with the Danvers. Instead, she grew up as Kara West, adopted daughter of Joe West, with a sister and the boy that she doesn't know she has feelings for...
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The World's Finest: A Superflash Story by BarryAndKara
The World's Finest: A Superflash BarryAndKara
Barry is with Iris and Kara is with Mon-el, but what if Barry and Kara had developed feelings with each other? This story (unlike many other Superflash stories) Starts r...
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PERFECT TWO *SUPERFLASH* by harleyquinnisthename
PERFECT TWO *SUPERFLASH*by thatstoryteller
A week after kara had helped barry get back to his earth shes left feeling empty without the company of the speedster she had grown fond of. Barry on his earth missing K...
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Supergirl- Love Choice by lollipops1122
Supergirl- Love Choiceby Lolli 🍭
Kara Danvers (AKA Supergirl) has four friends, James Olson ,the CEO of Catco and National City's Gaurdian, Winn Schott Jr, Kara's best friend and new DEO agent, Mon-el...
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The Light In My Dark by NikkiKay88
The Light In My Darkby NikkiKay88
Follow the story of Savitar and Kara and how the they go from enemies to lovers. But with lovealso comes lost will Kara and Savitar live to see their happily ever after...
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Battle of the Worlds by DJLStorme
Battle of the Worldsby David Joy
Barry Allen had just returned from earth 38 and is now waiting for the long awaited battle against the speedster villain Zoom. As they wait there is a sudden breach in t...
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Grelissa: Co-Star relationship by BarryAndKara
Grelissa: Co-Star relationshipby BarryAndKara
What would happen if Grant found out that LA was cheating on him? What if Chris was cheating on Melissa?
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