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Baby Daddy [SLOW UPDATES] by gossipqqueen
Baby Daddy [SLOW UPDATES]by xoxo
#56 in desire - 28/05/2018 "What are you doing, up this late?" "I'm eating. I couldn't sleep" I said; taking a spoonful of my ice cream." You wa...
  • romance
  • ceo
  • fiction
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Another worldism  by XxLuciloveslokixX
Another worldism by Angel
Disclaimer: The art, songs, characters, and webtoon is not mine obviously. (Y/n) makes a wish and yes transported to the world of Lookism. While staying in the world he...
  • cake
  • lookism
  • fanfiction
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Superficial Love. by kvshndiamonds_
Superficial myb.
One of the many things human beings seek during their lifetime is a loving companion. In other words, find real love instead of superficial love. ... Real love is about...
  • beynika
  • beyonce
  • lesbian
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Ambos deben de buscar su propio camino aunque eso signifique que tengan que hacer una tarea juntos o terminen en el salón de castigo.
  • novelajuvenil
  • halsey
  • superficial
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El amor es ciego by CuteCatt
El amor es ciegoby Catrina✨
Dimitri jamás creyó en el amor fuera de lo superficial, hasta que un accidente le quita la visión, solo entonces descubrirá que amar no se trata solo de atracción física.
  • belleza
  • ciego
  • blind
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Love Stuff by anon1955
Love Stuffby X
General thoughts I think when smitten. I just need somewhere to vomit all of those things that keep me up at night and vex me during the day. Hope you enjoy or relate. ...
  • poetry
  • teen
  • messages
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walls and wrecking balls by infantarsonist
walls and wrecking ballsby infantarsonist
  • pony
  • little
  • romance
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ME ODIO by zorro302
ME ODIOby zorro302
Yo no odio a nadie, a la única persona que odio es a mi misma, ya verán el porque.
  • odio
  • mentalidad
  • problemas
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-sᴜᴘᴇʀғɪᴄɪᴀʟ ʟᴏᴠᴇ | P.JM by whipped-for-seungmin
-sᴜᴘᴇʀғɪᴄɪᴀʟ ʟᴏᴠᴇ | P.JMby kpop enthusiast 💍
she loved him, he loved her....nothing's wrong.....right? "J-J-Jimin? What are you doing?" "you were just a bet Jihee, did you really think I like you?&qu...
  • parkjimin
  • bangtanff
  • superficial
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Distracted by DistractedKaty
Distractedby Bibliophile
What will become of you, if you only see the world in 2D? If you don't have any passions? If you ars utterly boring? Rena has no passions, except for filling her life wi...
  • unique
  • yourself
  • interesting
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The Mind's Galaxy Untold by TelleNutella
The Mind's Galaxy Untoldby Chrystelle Estrada
This is Aphrena's story as a woman who dreamed of simpleness. No ranks, no expectations, no special treatments. On her journey to that world she dreams of. There is no s...
  • superficial
  • science
  • genius
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Beyond the moon. by existentialdread66
Beyond the
Poetry for hindered souls.
  • pathetic
  • stupid
  • idiotic
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Classy, Valente ✔️ by tealatheking
Classy, Valente ✔️by tealatheking
Loving someone and being in love with someone are two separate truths of the heart. Or, so Annalisa James will learn on her own path to self discovery. However, this pat...
  • romance
  • ayla
  • classy
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Frozen by La_Vie
Frozenby La_Vie
They live among us. They are monsters, desperate for perfection... Thriving only on claiming new members, on death. They are frozen, immortal, in a world without warmth...
  • death
  • frozen
  • laconception
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Past in present by cathsho
Past in presentby cathsho
I am new to everything in this town, I know nobody. I have no one to call family and my friends? Friendship is something I have never experienced... What will happen whe...
  • new
  • life
  • memories
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Chain Messages by JoanDeArc69
Chain Messagesby JoanDeArc
  • scarry
  • superficial
  • creppy
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Headshot by susanbudetti
Headshotby susanbudetti
When Audrey Brewer is offered free headshots to compete in a magazine cover contest, she is ecstatic. But what will be the price of those free headshots? *Loosely based...
  • modeling
  • superficial
  • beauty
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Friend Zone by Whiterose678
Friend Zoneby Whiterose678
Follow Calvin Grey in his adventure to get the one girl who doesn't like him for his looks. watch as he gets rejected numerous of times. Will he get the girl or will she...
  • college
  • heartbreak
  • hatred
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Superficial by coffee_shop
Superficialby coffee_shop
Annie has always loved mystery, and that's just what she'll get when she moves to Silverwood City. You can't trust what's on the surface; you can't trust the superficial...
  • read
  • woohoo
  • story
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