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You're not Steve by marvelbeans
You're not Steveby marvelbeans
14 year old Peter Parker's had nothing but bad luck, he's been homeless for 6 years. But things start to look up when he gets a wrong number text. The descriptions bad...
Peter Stark Trip To Stark Tower ~ discontinued/deleted  by WhereisCarmen
Peter Stark Trip To Stark Tower Carmen
*started when i was 14...first couple chapters suck. feel free to start from the end and work to the first chapter* *end chapters are when i was 16 💀* Tony stark has a...
Clark's Niece - Damian Wayne x Reader by Batfam-Imagines
Clark's Niece - Damian Wayne x Batfam-Imagines
Y/N is Superman's niece. When she is young she meets Robin, Damian Wayne. Follow them as they grow up together, as they travel the ups and downs of life together. The ar...
Wrong Number Spidey by xSpiderKidx
Wrong Number Spideyby Tate
Peter, is struggling, from an abusive home to bullies, and one day after fixing his phone he accidentally sends a message to a certain eccentric Billionaire.
Hȏṃєʟєṡṡ  SƿıԀєя🕷  by kingsbrewed
Hȏṃєʟєṡṡ SƿıԀєя🕷 by Sunni The Dummi
[ DISCONTINUED ] Ever since Peter lost his parents at the age of 6, he has been living with his Aunt and Uncle. Until his Uncle died while trying to stop a mugging when...
Peter Parkour and the fam//oneshots by goldentrashcan13
Peter Parkour and the fam//oneshotsby Goldentrashcan
Another irondad-spiderson-superfam oneshots book. My other story got to 100 chapters so I wanted a new one. Enjoy. Again, none of these characters belong to me except a...
Basically what happens when you mix Peter Parker, the Avengers and social media together -irondad -spiderson -superfam -ironfam -most importantly No Endgame
bat fam one shots by celestialbronze25
bat fam one shotsby 🪐
A collection of one shots, preferences and imagines, including the Bat Family, and various other DC characters. All characters, their distinctive likenesses and relative...
She's One Of Them by StarkRo
She's One Of Themby ☆
A 14-year-old, witty, sarcastic, and quite a powerful girl, who was tested on by the Red Room from a young age. Finally gets herself free from mind control. After meetin...
Marvel and DC One - Shots by BumbleRex
Marvel and DC One - Shotsby BumbleRex
This is literally just 100% one shots (requests and original). Its 95% Marvel and a smidge DC bc I'm in love with the Batfam. Request info is the first chapter! Enjoy!!
DamiJon Soulmate AU by Rattack
DamiJon Soulmate AUby we_rlly_built_like_that
Damian Wayne never had time for things such as romance. He had to train and live up to expectations. This all changed when Jon came along. (Aged up characters 15 years o...
Blurred Lines by StarbrightHuntress
Blurred Linesby StarbrightHuntress
After defeating a random A-rank boss Jin-Woo finds and odd key in where the magic core/crystal would normally be, but the key wasn't the odd part. The odd part was how t...
Kryptonite and Scooter Ankles ||J. Kent || by stormie_roses
Kryptonite and Scooter Ankles || batarangsky
Concept: Kryptonite is a Kryptonian's weakness, and Scooter Ankle is a human's. Jon Kent is human AND Kryptonian, therefore, vulnerable to both. Concept within a concept...
High By The Beach ++ Damijon by TeaBagsUnderMyEyes
High By The Beach ++ Damijonby spain but without the p
Damian and Jon broke up. After a year of dating, they broke up. And it hits both of them hard. Both are torn apart, depressed, and honest disasters. And the Batfam and S...
DC PARENTS BOOK 1: After the cape! by AmeliaHarris4
DC PARENTS BOOK 1: After the cape!by Lia
"So, what really happened while I was gone?" "You want me to start from the beginning?" "Sure."
Damian Wayne oneshots by trulyalya29
Damian Wayne oneshotsby trulyalya29
Just a bunch of random oneshots about Damian Wayne, the batfam, JonDami and other stuff
The Rising Trinity by the4robins
The Rising Trinityby grayson
Damian Wayne (Robin) and Jon Kent (Superboy) have had success together as the Super Sons. They're friendship and teamwork have grown and their team is unstoppable. What...
Irondad And Spiderson Oneshots And Short Stories Continued!!!! by 0_n_1_x
Irondad And Spiderson Oneshots Onix♤
Irondad And Spiderson Oneshots And Short Stories Taken over from @Antoni_May_Lynn
Spiderman/ Superfamily One Shots by Sold_My_Soul_AgAiN
Spiderman/ Superfamily One Shotsby King JJ
A bunch of One shots based on the MCU - spiderpool - field trips -awkward encounters - irondad - stucky - spiderchelle - other fandom references - LGBT+ stuff ( cau...
Three-D Glasses ~ DamiMariJon by TeaBagsUnderMyEyes
Three-D Glasses ~ DamiMariJonby spain but without the p
~A Damian/Jon/Marinette Fic~ Damian had a problem. As did Jon and Marinette. An oh so complicatedly heart-wrenching problem. Flushed cheeks, faster beating hearts, and t...