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Superbat Smutshots by Bi_baby_T
Superbat Smutshotsby Bi_baby_T
I only do Top!Clark and Bottom!Bruce, if you don't like that then you don't have to read also can take requests 💦- Smut ☁️- Fluff
×One Shots× by fangirltato4life
×One Shots×by Creamo
Read please: Okay so, This collection is currently filled with: -3 Superbat oneshots -2 Tythan oneshot -1 Stony Oneshot -1 Jaylos Oneshot -2 Zalex Oneshot
My little Robin by Whitefox_cx
My little Robinby 😗NO_REGRETS😈
Conner started having feeling for a certain Robin aka Tim Drake. He isn't sure how he can date someone again after what M'gann did to him but with help from his friends...
Bathound x Superdog by GabbieCordy
Bathound x Superdogby Batman and Joker
Superdog/Krypto seems to be acting weird and it completely questions Superman/Clark Kent so he goes and ask Batman/Bruce Wayne for help. what will happened next??!!! re...
The Rich boy and his Farm alien by Supermans_pal
The Rich boy and his Farm alienby Superman36
When Lois and Clark are assigned with an interview with Bruce Wayne, Clark has a strange feeling in his stomach when he's around Mr Wayne. And what do you know? HE'S BAT...
Giving Everything by jh_storybook
Giving Everythingby Jamil Howerton
Some say that in the dark of night he creeps after all that is bad. Others say they saw him first hand, taking down Gotham's enemies. Behind him is a friend, a red cape...
THE WOES OF A SINGLE FATHER ; ❥ 𝕶𝖆𝖎 | 小小的无名作家 (●ᴗ●)
( ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE - please don't expect everything to follow the canon. ) Bruce Wayne; a successful businessman, wealthy billionaire, ladykiller, and the father of...
batmanxsuperman by theark77
batmanxsupermanby A.R.K.
short cute stories about the relationship between batman and superman
Superbat one-shots by Heyheyjay5
Superbat one-shotsby Heyhey jay
these are just one-shots that I wrote in my note book and decided to post them online. hope you like them
Fourth Time's The Charm by MindtheFeels
Fourth Time's The Charmby Annie
Four Times Clark stole a kiss from Bruce: And the time Bruce stole one back
Batfamily vs Superfamily (DC x Marvel) by st3tl33
Batfamily vs Superfamily (DC x STELLA
When the world needs to see the Justice League and the Avengers become one in order to stop the Earth's reoccuring problems and threats things don't start off so well. B...
My World by MindtheFeels
My Worldby Annie
The many first times Clark saw the world. #superbat
The Fake Boyfriend  by KissandTellme
The Fake Boyfriend by Kiss and Tell Me
Bruce Wayne needs a way to divert the media from connecting his alter ego to him, and when a cute but poor reporter stumbles into his life- Bruce makes an offer he can't...
The Other You[√] by KodaLokison
The Other You[√]by koda
Batman got gender swapped by a mutant mishap. He hates it at first but then he thought of Clark.
The Secret Admirer by URCWSrilekhaRRajEng
The Secret Admirerby URCW Srilekha.R Raj Eng
This is a story about batman and superman realising that they were in love with each other for along time .give it a read and I promise you will definitely want more.
Poison's Kiss // Superbat by Shipsforlifelol
Poison's Kiss // Superbatby All of the Ships YEAH
Batman faces Poison Ivy. He can handle her, he has before. What kind of crazy life will he be dragged into when Superman receives a poison kiss?
superbat smut by Bobmcbrittle
superbat smutby Bobmcbrittle
just smut. Bruce's first time as a bottom. ya know.
The poison of love. by SissdeVil
The poison of Siss de Vil
Do you want to know how evil the poison form poison ivy can be with a little mix of kryptonite? If you want to know start reading and find it out. Ps: Sorry is they are...
Batman x Superman fics by Revenge_Parader
Batman x Superman ficsby A Hot Tater Tot (not)
Um... Here's some SuperBat (ahaha or should I say KryptoKnight) one-shot or several part fics, because this ship is taking over my life right now. I don't own the art or...
The Champagne Effect by nabawrites
The Champagne Effectby nabawrites
Bruce gets drunk then goes out on patrol. The results are simultaneously hilarious and dangerous. When Alfred can't get him back on his own, and since Robin's away on Yo...