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Aurora | SUPA STRIKAS FANFIC by Missy-Mischief
Aurora | SUPA STRIKAS FANFICby ४✪Missy/Aia✪४
Aurora's been bullied at a very young age, a few years passed, she joined her dad's football team, about to marry the man of her life. Everything's going to be fine...
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Supa Strikas - COMPLETED by 600000helena
Supa Strikas - COMPLETEDby 600000helena
Camila Jane, Or Camil, is a sweet girl from France, She LOVES soccer with all of her heart, Her favorite team is Supa Strikas. She wants to be in the super leauge but...
Supa Strikas Manager by princessrroxas
Supa Strikas Managerby princessrroxas
Alexa Rosette, childhood friend of Supa Strikas Striker Shakes, manager of Supa Strikas and Shakes girlfriend. Catch her on this story on how her life became so busy bei...
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Jessica -Supa Strikas English Version by writerevans
Jessica -Supa Strikas English Steve Rogers
*This is English version.* One day, well-known Mr. Ledige's doughter, came to America from where she is study at. Her friends are who loves the money and luxury. And she...
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Supa Strikas got a new player!? by RileyBRose
Supa Strikas got a new player!?by
Alright its my first but, Its an original I wrote on quotev since now nobody cares bout it or updates(no offence). ITs not known but everybody else until the player hits...
supa strikas oneshots {requests open} by stantalent_99
supa strikas oneshots {requests ~NCTZen_Otaku_99~
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Supa strikas Short Stories  by Masterofchange
Supa strikas Short Stories by Masterofchange
read the title
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Supa strikas preferences and One-shots (Request Open) by Darkmatter165
Supa strikas preferences and Darkmatter165
read the title You can give me requests if you want Request are open and I don't own supa strikas
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♕️ Supa Strikas Headcanøns  ♔️ by HungryVirus
♕️ Supa Strikas Headcanøns ♔️by Sugaя Teaяs 🍰
Okay so I decided to rewrite this because the last one was terrible! Same characters- Shakes, El Matador, Tiger, Dancing Rasta, North Shaw, Big Bo, Blok, Cool Joe, Klaus...
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Various Writings by Rushiman
Various Writingsby Bernadette Mann
Where I put random stories, fan stories, fan fictions and X Reader one shots from random franchises.
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Supa Strikas x Reader Imagines  by Crispychristy625
Supa Strikas x Reader Imagines by Crispychristy625
Hi! If you are a Supa Fan, please let me know some suggestions on what I should write. Do you have an imaginary world that involves the characters in the show? I am here...
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The Quad Squad | SUPA STRIKAS FANFIC by Missy-Mischief
The Quad Squad | SUPA STRIKAS ४✪Missy/Aia✪४
**A MINI SEQUEL TO "Aurora | SUPA STRIKAS FANFIC"** ~ Harmony and her brother (Nicolas) have grown alot, and also their other teammates...but what they dont kn...
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Nowa trenerka - Supa Strikas by Angela_Lenehan
Nowa trenerka - Supa Strikasby Angela_Lenehan
Trener tuż przed samym meczem o dostanie sie do Super Ligi poważnie choruje, prosi swoją córkę przebywającą w Korei żeby wróciła i poprowadziła jego drużynę ku zwycięstw...
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Supa Strikas: I'm in love. by AniediEdetArchibong
Supa Strikas: I'm in Aniedi Edet Archibong
In this story Shakes is gonna fall in love ( sorry can't say with who ) read to find out.
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Crazy screenshots in action! by NinaNeo_sensei
Crazy screenshots in action!by ニーナ様
Funny screens from Super 4, Supa Strikas and others! ❤
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The woman midfielder  by Darkmatter165
The woman midfielder by Darkmatter165
Samantha needs money to save her orphanage but how is she going to get it join Supa strikas but she is a girl well what the strikas don't know won't hurt them but will it
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Grzeczna ? Nigdy ... - Supa Strikas by Kigu2006
Grzeczna ? Nigdy ... - Supa Strikasby Aligator Bogdan 🐊
Helllow ewry bary xD Mam tu książkę o pewnej panience ... innej niż się wydaje ... Zapraszam !
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Skarra's Wolf Girl | Supa Strikas Fanfic by Alpha_Razor
Skarra's Wolf Girl | Supa Alpha_Razor
Based on the animated series: Supa Strikas. Though the first attempt I made this was slightly unaccurate and I misspelled a few names here and there of the characters. B...
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Swap for a day!  Supa Strikas/ Bratz series s01 crossover by NurBatrisyia1
Swap for a day! Supa Strikas/ Sahiko (Sahara x Miko)
Both are devious, annoying and ambitious. They will stop at nothing to get what they want. No mattter how fail their plans go, they are relentless. Until one day, a trag...
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Supa Strikas  (One Shot) by NurBatrisyia1
Supa Strikas (One Shot)by Sahiko (Sahara x Miko)
Based on animation series and comics, this story gives you curiosity and hope! PS, every chapter carries different situations and different characters..
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